Social Justice Segregationism: Is Separate More Equal After All?

These claims put forward by critical social justice-oriented scholars and educationists all lead to the same conclusion: educational justice for black and OC students begins with schools or classrooms segregated by race and ethnicity.”

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Finding Value in Diversity Training: the Case of Microaggressions

(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

“That is why in my work with schools and non-governmental organizations I try to model an open and judicious approach to CSJ orthodoxies, one that sifts through the kooky stuff in order to highlight the important parts.”

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A Few Questions for My Social Justice Colleagues

(Lighthouse Bookshop, Edinburgh)

What I left out of that piece are the many questions my immersion has raised whose answers, if I could find them, might help what I’ll call the reasonable unwoke better assess SJ/DEI claims. I would like to air those questions here.”

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Where Social Justice Activists Persuade Me—and Where They Don’t

(AP/Richard Drew)

What follows are examples of topics where SJ/DEI activists have persuaded me, where they haven’t, and where they have led me to fresh, if heterodox, insights.”

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