“It’s the Economy, Stupid”: What Marx Can Teach Us about the Pandemic

(Photo by Hector RETAMAL/AFP)

“Indeed, when COVID-19 hit, the sunny stock market forecasts President Donald Trump boasted of were belied by record levels of corporate debt and a low rate of productivity growth.”

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The Discrete Ideology of Thomas Piketty: Successes and Failures of ‘Capital and Ideology’


Whereas Piketty’s earlier book was often accused of ignoring the role that political doctrines played in naturalizing inequality, he has here devoted an entire text to that very subject.”

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Jordan Peterson Is Fair Game for Criticism

“…where Peterson is fond of citing the brutal nature of chimpanzees as proof of nature’s pitiless character, we should recall that the Left can just as easily cite the relatively co-operative nature of bonobos.”

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What Andrew Scheer Gets Wrong about “Privilege”

“…we have a new entry in the contest for the most craven wielding of social justice lingo in Canadian political history: Andrew Scheer exhorting the individuals aiding indigenous rail blockades to, ‘check their privilege.'”

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A Jordan Peterson Biographer Missing the Mark

Jim Proser’s new biography on Jordan Peterson portrays him as a Christlike figure plagued by personal demons. Yet the real devil here is in the details.  

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