Let’s Require Constitutional Study in Public Schools

Image via National Archives

The Constitution is still relevant today. We should expose more people to it, so they can make up their minds how they want it to be applied, rather than addressing government with minimal knowledge of how it works.

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The Freedom Not To Associate, In Light of Charlottesville


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If the private market decides to flee racism and terrorism, everyone will be better off.

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Mighell: Don’t Confuse “Alt-Right” with Conservatism

Image via ABC News

This idolatry of racial origin as definitive of a person’s worth runs directly counter to the foundational principles of the American Right.

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We Can (and Should) Legislate Morality

We can legislate morality. We do it all the time.

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Keep Money in Politics 

Despite its critics, money in politics is a good thing. Campaign ads, especially negative ones, help voters make better-informed decisions.

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Repeal the Seventeenth Amendment

Image via Huff Post

The House and Senate were always intended to serve different functions.

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