Gangs Drive Surging Homicide Rates

“Gang violence is not ‘gun violence.'”

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Mobs, Jobs, and the Need for a National Gang Prosecution Law

(Loren Elliott/Getty Images)

“Putting Georgia gang membership calculations into chilling context, United States Attorney for the Southern District of Georgia Bobby Christine imparted, ‘Think about that. At its height, ISIS probably didn’t have 35,000 members.'”

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Winning the Sanctuary City Debate Through Passage of a National Gang Prosecution Law

Image via Atlanta Police Foundation

“Most Americans would be astonished to discover that, despite the devastating size, scope, and magnitude of gang crime, no federal statutory framework specifically designed to prosecute gangs exists.”

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How Attorneys May Attack Future Mueller Prosecutions

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“Rarely do media reports focus on the political leanings of prosecutors, investigators, or witnesses. It is, however, often a highly relevant consideration in cases where selective prosecution claims are made.”

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Atlanta Area DA: We Need to Do Something about Gangs

Criminal street gangs are responsible for an average of 48 percent of violent crime in most jurisdictions, yet the mainstream media gives almost no attention to the issue.

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