When Criminal Justice Reform Goes Too Far

(Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)

While bettering the criminal justice system is always laudable, measures that benefit criminal gangs run afoul of every principle for which our government stands.”

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Conservative Media Falls Short in Covering Gang Crime

There are white gangs, Asian gangs, black gangs, Hispanic gangs, and gangs of all nationalities. To focus only on illegal immigrant gang members, as many conservatives do, is to take the easy way out.”

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America Is Too Lenient on Gang Violence

(Alex Wroblewski/Reuters)

Much to my dismay, conservative media journalists have conflated political stances against illegal immigration with criminal gang activity.”

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Georgia Life Act Has a Pulse, and It Beats Steady

(Landon Trust)

The larger issues with H.B. 481, such as the constitutionality of the timeframe for an abortion, the extent to which the law imposes an undue burden on a mother, or the attribution of personhood to an unborn fetus, have regrettably been conflated with false claims about mothers receiving abortions being prosecuted under Georgia law.”

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