The French Election and Europe’s Post-Historical Collapse

(Emmanuel Dunand/AFP)

While I was always a philosopher, I was originally a fairly apolitical one, and it was my first year in France that awoke the political part of my being, for I saw all around me where socialism, oikophobia, and multiculturalism were leading.”

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College Protests and the Limits of Virtue

(Spencer Platt/Getty)

That is, virtuous striving now is something that seeks to turn our social paradigm on its head.

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Islam and the West: Culturally and Theologically Divided

Painting from the Istanbul Museum of the History of Science & Technology in Islam

“The cultural and theological division between Islam and the West is real, and these differences in religious philosophies play themselves out in a very concrete way in the modern world, just as they have in the past and will continue to do in the future.”

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What One Must Understand about the New Israel War

A banned pro-Palestine demonstration in Berlin, Germany on October 15th. (Paul Zinken/picture alliance/Getty Images)

The ‘peace process’ and the ‘two-state solution’ are other thought clichés that must be questioned because ultimately whoever speaks of these, or even more generally of a ‘political settlement,’ has not understood the conflict at all.”

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