Ukrainian-American: Democrats Are Turning Us Into Russia

My relatives in Ukraine live in a perpetual state of fear of war with Russia, a country that has oppressed Jews, Ukrainians, and defenders of freedom alike for centuries.

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A Scientific Defense of Libertarianism

Libertarians should pride themselves as harboring the most consistent political philosophy.

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Censoring Spencer Only Makes Him Louder

Image via The Blaze

As an increasing number of universities take a stand against alt-right figures, perhaps it’s the wrong approach. Read more

Charlottesville: Violence, Death, and a Rusty Old Statue

Image via Vox

“With malice toward none; with charity for all … let us strive to achieve a just and a lasting peace among ourselves.”—Abraham Lincoln

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The Lost War Over Health Care

Image via CNN

Despite the Republican Party’s tremendous electoral success, pseudo-conservatives have chosen to ignore basic economics in favor of their constituents. Read more

The United States is No Longer a Government “Of the People”

Businessmen, career politicians, and lawyers are incapable of effectively representing the interests of all Americans.

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