Lessons from Machiavelli and Guicciardini for an Unstable World

(Francesco Guicciardini and Niccolo Machiavelli)

“The world is in flux. November’s elections in the United States will speed up the pace of change. There is a danger that politicians across the West are positioning themselves to govern a world that will no longer exist by the time they come to power.”

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What Thucydides Can Teach Us About Today’s Multi-Matrixed World

“The History of the Peloponnesian War teaches that victory in such a war comes at enormous cost to both sides, so much so it can blur the distinction between victor and loser: everyone loses. This is the same lesson the conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza impart.”

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To Give Ukrainians Justice, Look to Nuremberg

(The Nuremberg Trials)

“While allies should provide Ukraine with the resources needed to push as far toward the Russian border as possible, they should also start to think about post-war justice. Resolving the war will involve more than just agreeing to where lines are drawn on a map.”

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