No, Let’s Not: Perpetrators of Pandemic Authoritarianism Cannot Be Forgiven

(Kena Betancur/Getty Images)

It must become embarrassing to admit one ever supported uninformed and nonconsensual participation in a medical experiment or mass house arrest and coerced isolation.”

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Time To Get Vaccinated…Against Propaganda

To these people, lockdown has been a raging success. To everybody else, it has been an unmitigated disaster.”

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Viral Truths and the Mouthpieces of Unreality

(Getty Images)

What I want is to praise Hunt because what he had done has been incredible—and to praise those whose truths Hunt was in a position to make go viral.”

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The Coronavirus: Exacerbated by Cultural Pathology

(PA Archive/PA Images)

Make no mistake; we are in a war, and wars tend to be easier to win when it is generally acknowledged that they are happening.”

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The Coronavirus: On Risk and Idiots

(Harvard University)

“As I have no skills to help with the virus, I would like to at least try to help in this small way instead. In any case, take precautions, stay calm, do not listen to dangerous idiots, keep yourself and your family safe, and good luck.”

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We Will All Be Banned

TechCrunch uses the word ‘hate’ so many times—and so without any obvious meaning, that it strikes me as likely a form of attempted Pavlovian conditioning.”

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Slavoj Žižek, Jordan Peterson, and Atheists Who Believe in God

(Rick Madonik/Toronto Star)

“Peterson’s importance is his powerful and influential insistence that religion is not arbitrary or malevolent—that in every developed form we encounter it, religious stories are archetypal of the human condition in a way nothing else can or ever will be.”

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