Interview: Brad Lips, CEO of Atlas Network

“Any coherent system of morality begins with an appreciation of human dignity and wanting people to have as many choices to take control of their lives as possible.”

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Young Americans for Liberty: An Interview with CEO Lauren Daugherty

“Ron Paul is so beloved because he is so principled. That is what we are focused on here. We will work with other people who share our interests, but we’re not going to sacrifice our principles to do it.”

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Finland, Russia, and the NATO Question: An Interview with Risto Penttilä


” I think that we are, as always, pragmatic idealists.”

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Ray Haynes: Why Republicans Should Support the Popular Vote

(Image via Maine Public)

“In the battleground states, since 2000, Republicans have won the popular vote four out of six times. In fact, Donald Trump—in 2020—won the battleground states by over 2.1 million votes.”

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Rep.-elect Carolyn Bourdeaux: Why She Ran, and Hope for the Future

Image via NRI Pulse

“One of the big issues was health care reform; my own parents struggled with the cost of prescription medications, using up all of their discretionary income to pay for my father’s insulin and other medications.”

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Congressman-elect Burgess Owens on Issues to Tackle in Office

Image via Daily Herald

“Al Davis used to say, ‘Just win, baby.’ And I tell you that’s what Americans do best. Once we wake up, once we’re engaged, once we know that our culture is at risk, we come together and start communicating. Across-party lines, Democrats and Republicans start to talk, and we rise.”

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Will Witt: What It Means to Be a Young Conservative

(Will Witt/Facebook)

“How can I say I care about what I’m doing if I’m not willing to put myself in situations that might make me uncomfortable?”

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A.B. Stoddard on the Current Moment in Politics—and What Is to Come

“Doing things like eliminating the filibuster is just going to put us on the path to more gridlock and anarchy at this point.”

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What Is TikTok? Here Are the Basics

Image via Vox

People are turning to the popular app TikTok for a new social media experience. The question on the minds of many today is, what exactly is it and who is the owner?

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The Five States Most Eager to Receive Stimulus Checks

Internal Revenue Service

These are the top states googling “When will I receive my stimulus check?”

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Who Owns TikTok, the Popular New Social Media App?

TikTok Headquarters

People are turning to the popular app TikTok for a new social media experience. The question on the minds of many today is, who is the owner and should that concern you?

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Who Owns Purell, the Hand Sanitizer Brand?

Gojo Industries

Here is the answer to the question many of us have been wondering lately.

Due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, millions of Americans are using Purell Hand Sanitizer more than ever before. As a brand on top of mind for many, in part due to constant use and reports of potential outages, a commonly asked question is who owns Purell, anyway? Read for an explanation below.


Purell was invented in 1988 at GOJO Industries, an Akron, Ohio-based hygiene and skin care products manufacturer. In 2004, GOJO sold the exclusive rights to distribute Purell to the consumer market to the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, while retaining rights to sell to the industrial customers. Two years later, rival pharmaceutical firm Johnson and Johnson purchased the rights from Pfizer.


Today, GOJO Industries has complete ownership of Purell after buying consumer selling rights from Johnson and Johnson in 2010. This means that the bottle of Purell you bought from store came from the original inventors, and they receive the profits from the sale.

Who Owns GOJO Industries?

Founded in 1944 by husband and wife duo Goldie and Jerry Lippman, who in turn inspired the name of the company, the company today remains privately held by the Lippman family.

Already wealthy from the success of its many hand hygiene and skin care products, there is no doubt that the Lippman family’s fortunes have grown as a result of historic demand for their product.

Studying Abroad May Help or Hurt Your Resume, Depending on Where

Image via IES Abroad

“A recent study found that students who spent a year in Europe received less callbacks from interviewers than students who did not study abroad at all. The opposite applied for those who studied in Asia. Read more

Overweight Men Perceived to Be More Persuasive, Study Finds

“Being an overweight man may offer some benefits in terms of perceived leadership potential. However, these benefits do not apply to women. Read more

Our Conversation With Berny Belvedere, Founder of Arc Digital

“People who read us will gain a better perspective overall of the issues that we produce. Why wouldn’t we want to be as influential as possible?

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