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Duncan Farm

“to my dog/Nate/as he is finishing/a seizure/i repeat/i am with you”

a vine

wraps its way


a tree trunk


to my dog


as he is finishing

a seizure

i repeat

i am with you


as over


he said

& meant

abundant life


5.2 & 4. 2023


don’t try

to do

too much


how does

the goldfinch




will it rain

this morning


i remember her

by holding

her ashes


by giving them up

to the ground


japanese maple

aflame in late



how do you see it

taking notice

emptying your



the goldfinch

& the rose-breasted



5.5.2023 (2)


if the chimney

if the flesh

if the diagnosis

if the time he has


if the body responds

more slowly

if the pair of pileated

woodpeckers together

hammer the wood railing

if the morning

brings surprising moisture

if her voice

can only be imagined

if recollection or

the language of the crows

is somehow not enough

if the ferns gardenias &

wild roses have made it

to return & the deer

bed down in nearby woods

if there are no clouds

if her ashes

sit on a shelf

above my books




tomorrow & tomorrow

is it there


hope the horizon

spoken against


brutal registry

of fact


true the beautiful



covering the suddenly

temporary sky


7.10.2023(4) / Duncan Farm

for Patrick Pritchett


words arrive

in their own

sweet time a

somewhat older

person reaches the door

way into the

kitchen with little

sense as to

what prompted

this visitation

up the spine one

disc at a time

some noise in


becomes a


oh dance the day

in common time




up the ladder

to the home

not this house

but another

never more than

this       first

winter-like day

sunrise &

steam rising from

golden brown grass

dormant as in

who is yet

to awaken

articles vanish

invisible subatomic

particles dance about

evading our crude

detection    up

the ladder to

a hidden house.


11.23.2023 / Thanksgiving / Duncan Farm


Hank Lazer has published 34 books of poetry, including P I E C E S, which was released with BlazeVOX in 2022; When the Time Comes, which was released with Dos Madres Press in 2022; and field recordings of mind in morning (with 15 music-poetry tracks with Holland Hopson on banjo). Forthcoming in 2024 from Chax Press is Abundant Life: New & Selected Poems. 

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