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Like Hosea

“Or was it the Living God/Who did do this,/And not Hosea?”

Like Hosea

his once forever love

I will allure you to the wilderness

and bring you to the desert

as to a Gate of Hope.

Mellifluously I will speak to you

and sing you songs

—beautiful like Psalms—

Until the Gordian knot of your will

Gets loose

And you call me “Ishtí,”

“wife of my very own,”

As in the days of our betrothal.


Or was it the Living God

Who did do this,

And not Hosea?.


Youlika Masry, a dual citizen of Greece and the United States, completed her legal education in Greece and France and also studied political theory in the United States. In addition to publishing poetry, she writes and translates books and essays in literature; the social sciences; religion and theology.

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