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Silver Lining

The silver lining is/you won’t be catching planes/to drag yourself away”


The silver lining is

that after all the turmoil

the sea will hurl you at the shore

unarmed, unsullied,

and you won’t fear drowning anymore


The silver lining is

that existence cast you outside

of yourself

yet you claimed that space back

as yours

and sealed the void

that sucked you in like a black hole

with poems and songs and dances


The silver lining is

you won’t be catching planes

to drag yourself away

from one pointless location to another,

and your center of gravity

will pull you to the place

you designated home


The silver lining is

that some things relentlessly work in binaries

The water will quench the thirst

the fire so indignantly ignited

I hope you won’t tremble in the dark

when that fire goes out


On water you can float,

and the rest

is a story told away from the light


The silver lining is

you won’t always be

so desperately looking for one,

and conviction

will sound like a word

of mere insignificance


The silver lining is

that it’s not called ‘golden’ for a reason.


Angelos Apallas recently completed a Master of Arts in literature at Utrecht University and was a past intern at Merion West. 

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