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Interview: Spike Cohen, Libertarian Nominee for Vice President

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Listen to our conversation with the candidate to hear how his platform can tackle the greatest problems facing the United States today.

On June 7th, Merion West’s Kevin Turner was joined by Spike Cohen, the vice presidential nominee on the Libertarian Party’s ticket in the the upcoming presidential election. Merion West recently interviewed the ticket’s presidential candidate, Dr. Jo Jorgensen, available here.

On the Republican and Democratic parties in the wake of recent social upheaval: “In some sense the 2020 election is like 2016 since both Republican and Democrat candidates are not popular politicians. But it is even worse for them than 2016 because both the Left and the Right are experiencing their own dystopian situations.

The Right with the lockdowns and saying the government decides whose work is ‘essential’ or not. On the Left and for the people across the board, who are experiencing this police brutality and in response to protest against police brutality, many police responded by brutalizing them, by attacking them while simultaneously allowing the rest of the city—because their forces are concentrated on brutalizing these protesters while the entire rest of the city left un-policed, so the looters who have nothing to do with the protests, can come in and start looting businesses.”

On education policy: “Education is one perfect issue that people might say the government should do something about it, and when they say government, they mean the federal government in Washington DC. We are so conditioned that The President needs to deal with whatever thing this is. When you centralize such decision to the government like that, you make small powerful group of people, arbitrarily making decisions for many hundreds and millions of parents and children.”

On the odds of winning an election as a third-party candidate: “There are lots of chips left on the table every election; those are roughly 40% of Americans who are eligible voters but they do not vote because they are disgusted by the state of things, and they do not want to hear anything from any politician.”

On the skills for attracting and handling media attention: “Many people point to me as being a podcaster and media savvy, but Dr. Jorgensen is an academic and a senior lecturer on psychology. If there is anyone who knows how to speak, it is a university lecturer. She knows what she is doing; she is a scientist, and she can articulate very efficient and well, as [the] Merion West interview with her shows.”

On differences with Dr. Jorgensen: “Jo is more of the pragmatic side…and I am the radical. It is just terms that we have inside the libertarian party, but when it come to policy, we both are principled libertarians. We look at the libertarian ethos and philosophy of self ownership, non-aggression and voluntary solutions. We see that as a solution to the problems that we face and we are able to apply it on every single subject—from health care to education, immigration, and foreign policy.”

To learn more about Mr. Cohen and Dr. Jorgensen’s campaign, you can visit their website by following this link.

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