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Libertarian Presidential Nominee Jo Jorgensen on the Issues

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“The police issue here now is a local issue, and we will let them work it out. If I was a president now, I would say no, we not not need to do something.”

On June 7th, Merion West’s Kevin Turner was joined by Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian Party’s nominee in the upcoming presidential election. During the interview, Dr. Jorgensen provided her opinion on a number of different issues facing the country today.

On the protests against police brutality and racism taking hold across the country: “As a scientist, I understand that there is no one cause. Some might say because of training things happens, or some other reason. But it is not just one thing.”

On the proposal of defunding the police by Minneapolis City Council: “We, as Libertarians, believe we need the police, courts and the military, and for the government to run and fund those. The police issue here now is a local issue, and we will let them work it out. If I was a president now, I would say no, we not not need to do something.”

On current drug laws: “We need to end the drug war, and we need to have a drug peace. The drug laws are actually causing more problems than the drugs themselves.”

On government whistleblowers: “Whistleblowers are crucial and essential in keeping government in line. I have often said that on my first day in office, I would pardon Edward Snowden. We need to release Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning. We need people to keep an eye on our government because if we do not, the government keep continues get more force in areas it should not.”

On the current Republican and Democratic nominees: “The beauty of Libertarian party and my message is that for every problem—from looting, unrest, safety to market and environment—it does not matter what it is, we have better solution than the federal government.”

On the current Republican and Democratic nominees: “I would say they both represent big government. Voters in 2016 wanted an outsider and they elected Donald Trump, but they got the same old, same old. Trump said he is going to eliminate the deficit, the deficit actually is increasing.”

To learn more about Dr. Jorgensen’s campaign, you can visit her website here.

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Tony Senatore
Tony Senatore

These days, there is a lot of talk about a third political party. The Libertarian Party has always interested me, because of the trifecta of capitalism, and fiscally conservative and socially liberal policies. The truth is, there is no one size fits all version of anything. There is great deviation among the ideas of conservatives, liberals and libertarians.A case in point are the views of Jo Jorgensen, whose stands for a lot that i don’t believe in. In regard to a potential presidential candidate, the views are more important than the party, and in November, i typically always cross party lines. The only reason one should declare a party is to have the chance to shape the party by voting in the primary. Congrats Kambiz for more fine work at Merion West.