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No, You Are Not the #Resistance

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The final point is this, and it is something that the “resistance” needs to hear. You are not heroes.

Of late, everyone on the left seems to be infatuated with the idea of resistance. Resistance to the GOP, to President Trump, to basically everyone on the American political right. This “resistance” is comprised of angry tweets, the occasional march, and the loathsome and cowardly hordes of black clothed Antifa “revolutionaries,” of whom 92% still live in their parent’s home.

Their weapons are social media posts, their propaganda is the mainstream media, and their martyrs are the perpetually offended. In truth, the resistance is ineffective and largely uninformed.

Most puzzling, however, is these individuals’ dedication to resisting President Trump’s administration, when they hold all of the establishment power on their side. This is not a resistance. This is a group of petulant young people and immature adults who are upset because they didn’t get their way. To use the term “resistance” implies some form of struggle against an oppressive regime. It is, frankly, an insult to those who are involved in true resistance movements.

Consider the most famous resistance movement in American History: the Revolutionary War. Farmers, shop clerks, and common men rose up, rifles and muskets in hand, to throw off the shackles of an oppressive monarch. These brave men signed their lives away, giving up everything in an attempt to free their nation.

In order to earn the simple right to have a say in their governance, the courageous souls of the continental army battled the world’s greatest army, endured the harsh Pennsylvania winter at Valley Forge, fought to regain their capital, and triumphed after years of violent conflict. In the end, a nation of free men was born. Freedom of expression, worship, and the press were enshrined alongside the inalienable right of the people to elect their own leadership. Due process of law was ensured, and the right to be secure in one’s person made permanent.

These men resisted with fire and sword. These men died for their cause. These men were a resistance.

Remember, for instance, the French Resistance. When Hitler’s army occupied France, when London was being bombed out of existence, when the future of Europe was in its darkest hour, a small group of patriotic men and women risked their lives to frustrate the Nazis and keep them on edge. In the Netherlands, Belgium, and most notably Poland, these actions were repeated. Ordinary citizens committed unbelievable acts of heroism in the face of hopeless odds.

In Poland, countless men, women, and children were killed either fighting for their freedom or in mass executions by the Nazis. Real Nazis, mind you, not small government right wing Republicans and Libertarians. All across Europe, there were men and women and children fighting and dying for the faint hope that they might one day be free. As the Nazis killed people in the streets and shipped millions to death camps, many of the common folk of Europe resisted.

In the 21st Century, examples of resistance abound across the world. The Ukrainians push back against Russian backed separatists; they fight a battle for the survival of their nation. In Turkey, where the shadow of the Armenian Genocide still lingers, the Kurds fight a guerrilla war for their sovereignty. Denied their own state and oppressed by every one of their overlords, the Kurds have yet to give up the fight for freedom. These men and women have fought Erdogan, Hussein, and Al Baghdadi, all in search of recognition and freedom.

Finally, the Jews fight a constant war for survival in the Middle East, in their ancient homeland, while the United Nations singles them out for reprimand. It was not eighty years ago that the Nazis murdered six million innocent Jewish civilians, yet almost all of Europe voted against the United States’ decision to move its embassy to the Israeli Capital of Jerusalem. Still, Israel allows Arabs to live in peace within its borders, and fights with devastating efficiency in defense of its people. The world expects Israel to lie down, but its people resist.

In the United States of America, the left has the media, the universities, the public schools, the popular culture, and the UN on its side. So the comparison must be drawn between these resistance movements and the anti-Trump “resistance.” A resistance involves risk. It involves standing up to someone more powerful than you. The left is the social establishment.

So those in the “Resistance” need to ask themselves a question; what exactly are they resisting? The Left can’t be both the establishment and the resistance at the same time.

So they’re not the resistance, because they’re clearly the establishment. That means that the left is, in fact, the oppressive force in society. The right used constitutional means to acquire legislative, executive, and judicial power, and they did it because American conservatives were and are sick of being bullied, neglected, and blamed by the establishment for everything.

When conservatives try to speak, they are shouted down, attacked, defamed, and even physically attacked. That is not a resistance, that is tyranny of the mob. It is the fear of said tyranny that led the Founding Fathers to establish a Constitutional Republic.

The final point is this, and it is something that the “resistance” needs to hear. You are not heroes.

You hide behind your computer screens or your celebrities, your lying politicians and your false media narratives. You do nothing radical. You do not debate. You do not dare to take on your opponents alone, because you fear anyone who you cannot drown out with your greater numbers.

Even when you do bother to demonstrate, you wear masks or hide behind your identity as a protected class. You refuse to read literature that challenges you. Your protests consist of late night hosts telling sob stories and tweets about impeachment. The truth is that you resist nothing.

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  1. Stunning! Pithy,and accurate. They don’t seem to realize, they are resisting themselves. Ironic, isn’t it?

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