Thomas Friedman Is at It Again Walter E. Block and Alan G. Futerman The Right - “What is certain, however, is that part two of this degradation will occur in the not too distant future, and part three some time after that, if this advice of this New York Times columnist is followed.” 12/31/2023
Islam and the West: Culturally and Theologically Divided Benedict Beckeld The Right - “The cultural and theological division between Islam and the West is real, and these differences in religious philosophies play themselves out in a very concrete way in the modern world, just as they have in the past and will continue to do in the future.” 12/22/2023
Against Michelle Wu’s Anti-Market Real Estate Proposal Walter E. Block The Right - “If Chairman Wu were in power when Henry Ford was ruining the blacksmith, horse training and saddle making industries, she would have taxed the latter and subsidized the former. How about when computers took out the typewriter, carbon paper, and correction fluid (Wite-Out) industries?” 12/21/2023
Review: “In Defense of Civilization” by Michael R. J. Bonner Henry George The Right - “Bonner has done a great service in reminding us what true civilization means, the cost of losing it, and how we can regain it.” 12/4/2023
In Reply to Beckeld: What Is “the West” Nowadays? Paul Gottfried The Right - “Where I may disagree most emphatically with Beckeld is in his idealization of the ‘West,’ which is supposedly currently at war with barbarous ‘non-Western enemies.’ From my perspective, much of what we see in the impassioned pro-Hamas protests represents where Western civilization has moved in the last hundred years or more.” 11/14/2023
What One Must Understand about the New Israel War Benedict Beckeld The Right - “The ‘peace process’ and the ‘two-state solution’ are other thought clichés that must be questioned because ultimately whoever speaks of these, or even more generally of a ‘political settlement,’ has not understood the conflict at all.” 11/11/2023
Why I Left the Democratic Party to Support Donald Trump Tony D. Senatore The Right - “I realized that if my Columbia education were to have any meaning, I would have to be bold and risk my music career and go public with my support of President Trump, who was the President of the United States at the time of my graduation in 2017.” 11/5/2023
Patrick Deneen: “Regime Change: Toward a Postliberal Future” Henry George The Right - “The so-called conservative movement of the 1980s was anything but conservative.” 11/3/2023
What Karl Marx Can Teach Us about Abortion Guzi He The Right - “What better way to avoid paying for maternity leave, family health insurance, and other perks than to make sure that one’s employees never have children?” 11/2/2023
Urgently Reconsidering the Doctrine of Multiculturalism Erich J. Prince The Right - “As is sadly often the case, it is only when an issue becomes overwhelmingly acute or when it is too late to correct course, that those once derided as alarmists are dutifully acknowledged to have been correct all along.” 10/21/2023
The Media’s Blood Libel of Israel Henry George The Right - “All of this could have been uncovered with measured reporting and a skepticism that avoids trusting the word of the baby-murdering terror group, Hamas.” 10/20/2023
Black Lives Matter’s Shameful Response to the Attacks on Israel Tony D. Senatore The Right - “Meanwhile, the silence of companies such as Ben and Jerry’s that claim to support injustice is deafening. Clearly, when the issue of state-sponsored violence against the nation of Israel is in question, silence is an option…” 10/12/2023
As the Violence Escalates, We Mustn’t Forget the Role of Iran Catherine Perez-Shakdam The Right - “The disturbing element here is not just the escalation but the advanced level of military precision demonstrated by Hamas—an unnerving signal that Iran’s influence is looming larger than ever.” 10/10/2023
War in Israel, War in the West Henry George The Right - “This is not Israel’s 9/11. It is not even Israel’s Pearl Harbor. It is worse by an order of magnitude. The closest parallel is the Rape of Nanking.” 10/9/2023
Iran Invades Israel Through Hamas Henry George The Right - “But one thing is absolutely clear: This is war, not just a terror attack. This is war not just by Hamas on Israel, but by Iran—through Hamas—on Israel.” 10/7/2023
Paul Gottfried: Understanding the Rich History of Paleoconservatism Henry George The Right - “Why is it more important to believe in my right to own a gun if I say it is a ‘human right’ or something like that then if I say it is a right which was given to free Englishmen in the Middle Ages and which is valued as a legacy of freedom for the […] 8/31/2023