In Reply to Tim Wise: America’s Past on Race Should Not Be Oversimplified The Right - “The toxic consequences of drawing a crude line between America’s past and the state of our modern institutions cannot be understated.” J. Edward Britton 11/28/2020
Does Understanding the American Project Begin with William Penn? The Right - “He was the first to negotiate with Native Americans as a Christian, keeping the Christian-Quaker pacifist traditions in his negotiations. He actually regarded the Native Americans as equals…” Olivia Malloy 11/27/2020
Congressman-elect Burgess Owens on Issues to Tackle in Office The Right - “Al Davis used to say, ‘Just win, baby.’ And I tell you that’s what Americans do best. Once we wake up, once we’re engaged, once we know that our culture is at risk, we come together and start communicating. Across-party lines, Democrats and Republicans start to talk, and we rise.” Henri Mattila 11/25/2020
Jordan Peterson Biographer on Why People Hate Him So Much The Right - “One can readily see why someone who has committed any part of his life to fighting ‘white privilege’ today would resent Peterson personally.” Jim Proser 11/25/2020
What the Winning Conservative Coalition Looks Like The Right - “Those who work with ideas increasingly vote for the Democrats, while those who work in physical reality with their hands or machinery increasingly vote Republican.” Henry George 11/16/2020
How Biden Did It The Right - “The Economist’s less-than-ringing endorsement of the former Vice President—resignedly titled, ‘Why it has to be Biden’—typifies the sentiment.” Eddie Ferrara 11/8/2020
What the Gospel Story Can Tell Us about Identity Politics The Right - “From this vantage point, it would be difficult to imagine a more intersectional person than Jesus.” Gregory Everett 11/1/2020
Jordan Peterson and the Return of Solzhenitsyn The Right - “The world was on this brink of this fiery hell when Jordan Peterson read Solzhenitsyn and began to turn from despair toward hope.” Jim Proser 10/26/2020
Patrick Deneen: Grappling with the Failures of Liberalism The Right - “This conquest of the engines of social formation is, as Patrick Deneen argues, why liberalism is failing.” Henry George 10/16/2020
Van Morrison’s “Dangerous” Songs The Right - “But, furthermore, there is virtue in urging society to introspection over blind obedience to narratives.” Christian Watson 10/13/2020
In Praise of Trump’s “Platinum Plan” for Black Americans The Right - “Many on the Left imply that President Trump’s initiative is just about pandering to black Americans; however, I see his plan as a roadmap to prosperity and fairness.” Victoria Lynch 10/11/2020
Patrick Deneen: A Primer The Right - “Or is man—like some argue of Odysseus—a restless seeker of new places, people, and experiences?” Henry George 10/5/2020
A Few Reflections on the Death of Breonna Taylor The Right - “Yes, racism does exist. Yes, Breonna Taylor’s death was a tragedy. However, Breonna Taylor’s tragic death is not rooted in racism.” Solomon Green 10/3/2020
Changing My Mind on Universal Basic Income The Right - “With 14 million Americans suddenly plunged into indefinite unemployment, has UBI become more popular? It seems like the answer is yes and no.” Eddie Ferrara 10/2/2020
Herbert Marcuse and Dismissing Conservative Views The Right - “Marcuse’s efforts, for the most part, have proven successful, however. To this point, the idea of a right-wing, pro-capitalist status quo has been thoroughly ingrained into the public imagination…” J. Edward Britton 9/30/2020
Don’t Blame Free Speech for Extremism The Right - “Free speech does not enable extremism. Quite the contrary: It is the primary means to challenge wrongheaded attitudes, ideologies, and belief systems.” Aaron Tao 9/28/2020
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