Elena Thérèse-Rose: Making Catholicism Shareable (Especially on the Web) The Right - “Secondly, I’d say good advice is to gain familiarity with the saints and to perhaps gain some friends among the saints because often they are the best examples.” Erich J. Prince 4/11/2021
Is the National Debt Finally Going to Be a Problem? The Right - “As President Joe Biden unveils his own ambitious spending plans, it is worth asking if the national debt is finally going to have its moment.” Eddie Ferrara 4/5/2021
The Politicization of “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” The Right - “Fixated and obsessed with Superman’s ‘whiteness,’ Phillips cannot appreciate a movie for what it is, content instead to completely misinterpret it in order to make her misguided social beliefs more palatable.” Matthew Pinna 3/22/2021
Chile’s Real Battle: Citizens vs. Tainted Bureaucrats The Right - “Instead of protesting to usher in social democracy, citizens on the Left and Right in Chile should come together to protest the abhorrent corruption that has slithered its way into the political parties of the Chilean Right.” J. Edward Britton 3/20/2021
Is Jordan Peterson Doomed by Liberalism Itself? The Right - “The publication of Peterson’s latest book, Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life is an opportunity to reflect on the impact this man has had on the cultural debate…” Henry George 3/14/2021
Robby Soave and What a Libertarian Is to Do The Right - “Soave’s new book, Tech Panic: Why We Shouldn’t Fear Facebook and the Future, will be published on September 28th…” Eddie Ferrara 3/11/2021
It’s Time for the Draft, with a Twist The Right - “‘They say the great equalizer is death, but bootcamp is a close second.'” Mark Hecht 3/10/2021
Germany’s Been Down the Road to Serfdom; Now, China Is Doing the Same The Right - “Like 20th century Germany, the PRC’s embrace of socialism, nationalism, and the worst elements of collectivism have resulted in unspeakable horrors.” Aaron Tao and Amy Lutz 3/2/2021
Conservatives Are Getting Lost in “Ideas” The Right - “Shapiro’s most recent book How to Destroy America in Three Easy Steps presents the United States’ problems, which he sees as near-fatal if left unaddressed, as rooted in the world of ideas and political philosophy.” Henry George 3/1/2021
The Capitol and Democracy Both Qualify as “Sacred” The Right - “The immediate danger of the Capitol attack has ended. However, the work of repairing the tear in the fabric of our nation has only just begun, a task we neglect at our peril.” Matt Hoberg 2/26/2021
David French Talks “Divided We Fall” The Right - “Well, the first paragraph basically says it all. It begins with ‘The continued unity of the United States of America cannot be guaranteed.'” Thomas Koenig 2/17/2021
The Necessity of Acceptance The Right - “What place does acceptance have in this wasteland of a year? My view, informed and influenced by living with a severe inherited disability, a fragile skin condition is that it has a central, vital place.” Henry George 2/17/2021
Lefties Have More Fun The Right - “Left movements exude the zest of adolescence, which is why they can generate so much thrill and camaraderie and—when they occasionally succeed—such deflated confusion and hollowness.” Vahaken Mouradian 2/16/2021
The Inhumanity of Disease The Right - “Worst of all, it isolates us.” Jake Scott 2/7/2021
The Term Limit Catastrophe: Ted Cruz’s Massive “Brain Drain” The Right - “In the nation’s capital, power will always remain; the only question is who has it.” Autry Pruitt 2/5/2021
Why I Don’t Celebrate Black History Month The Right - “When we, as a nation, celebrate these heritage months, all that takes place is pandering and more of an unfortunate tendency: dividing people—in the 21st century, no less—by race.” Solomon Green 2/1/2021