Boris Johnson’s Most Fundamental Failure: Immigration Edward Howard The Right - “After all, one of the major reasons for the Conservatives’ 2019 election landslide victory was due to [Johnson’s] populist rhetoric regarding mass immigration, including the Conservatives’ promise that ‘overall numbers will come down.'” 3/10/2023
Who Will Fix a Broken Internet Landscape Before It’s Too Late? Thomas P. Vartanian The Right - “Despite the enormous improvements that technology has contributed to the human condition, if we do not choose to fix the way the Internet works, there remains the potential for a digital Pearl Harbor-type event.” 3/5/2023
Marxism Has Been No Deliverer from Ethnic Strife Guzi He The Right - “Any utopian project that tolerates humanity’s diverse values and identities only to the extent that they help advance a narrowly defined vision of progress can only end in indiscriminate violence.” 3/4/2023
How a “National Divorce” Could Actually Unite Americans Joseph (Jake) Klein The Right - “Far from giving up on the American project, national divorce aims to renew and deepen our ability to live in harmony together.” 3/2/2023
Review: Carl Trueman’s “Strange New World” Henry George The Right - “It bears repeating that this is a very good book. Trueman performs a thorough but concise excavation of the intellectual, philosophical, and metaphysical currents that he sees as moving below the crashing waves of our present cultural storm.” 2/21/2023
From Tanks to Think Tanks Brian Patrick Bolger The Right - “One can judge the winds of change in foreign policy by the sudden proliferation of think tanks piping up and stating the obvious. There are tanks and think tanks and, despite the commitment of the Leopards, it may be the think tanks that are gaining the upper hand.” 2/18/2023
In Reply to Robert Jensen: The Folly of the Nazi Comparison Paul Gottfried The Right - “In fact, most Southerners did not own slaves; nor were Union soldiers, most of whom were drafted, fighting for the woke ideals of Jensen or the Southern Poverty Law Center.” 2/17/2023
Republicans Should Stop Pandering about Charter Schools Paul Gottfried The Right - “I have no idea why Republicans and the GOP media fall over themselves rallying to the cause of those who hate them and who would never vote for them, no matter what.” 2/9/2023
The Value in Reading Byung-Chul Han Joshua Pauling The Right - “Han occupies a somewhat unique position in today’s world that defies typical Right-Left categorization. This is partly because of Han’s bridging of multiple worlds: East and West; art and philosophy; theology and politics.” 1/22/2023
Multiculturalism Is Madness Henry George The Right - “The fact is that, historically, Great Britain has had a remarkably stable demographic makeup for at least a thousand years, if not much longer. The idea that what we have experienced since 1997…is in any way comparable or equivalent to the past is nonsense, at best, and disingenuous, at worst.” 1/19/2023
We Are All Socialists Michael Weyns The Right - “Echoing this notion from on high, in 2016 the [World Economic Forum] announced the imminence of a post-historical future in the Marxist sense: ‘Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better.'” 12/21/2022
The Boredom of War Brian Patrick Bolger The Right - “Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s biggest enemy is not the West’s reticence to sending more drones, more weapons, and more fighter jets. President Zelenskyy’s biggest enemy is boredom.” 12/12/2022
Mary Harrington: On a Philosophy of Limits Henry George The Right - “And my argument is that freedom and progress in the context of the cyborg era are actually inimical to women’s interests. They don’t make things better for any women, except [for] a very small, elite subset.” 12/7/2022
Review: Maurice Glasman’s “Blue Labour: The Politics of the Common Good” Seamus Flaherty The Right - “For Labour forgot that life involves loss and tragedy. It forgot that ‘human beings are not commodities, but creative and social beings longing for connection and meaning.'” 11/30/2022
William Jacobson: What Happened to Campus? Erich J. Prince The Right - “I’m not optimistic at all that campuses can be reformed. They certainly cannot be reformed from within…Academia is gone. It is a monoculture. It is a hermetically sealed bubble.” 11/14/2022
Jordan Peterson’s “A Conservative Manifesto” Is Not Conservative Henry George The Right - “It is instead Hayekian liberalism delivered with a Calvinist grimness.” 10/4/2022
Review: Slavoj Žižek’s “Surplus-Enjoyment: A Guide for the Non-Perplexed” Seamus Flaherty The Right - “Combining inanity with compelling anecdote, idiocy with sensible instruction, Žižek addresses himself to the ‘mess we’re in.'” 10/3/2022
Heather Mac Donald: Medicine Under Fire Erich J. Prince The Right - “Scientific conferences are being determined based on sex and race. It’s going to slow down medical progress, and it is also going to put physicians in the ER and the operating room who are not the top qualified.” 9/27/2022
The Joy of the Knife: On Autoimmune Responses in Politics Michael Weyns The Right - “If we look at culture as a superorganism with its own immunological mechanisms, we can recognize modern societies as being profoundly dysregulated, and this gets worse the more modern they get.” 9/24/2022
Canada and the Many Problems with Euthanasia Jake Scott The Right - “The story goes on to detail another Canadian citizen who was repeatedly and continuously offered euthanasia, to such an extent that he began recording these occasions.” 9/19/2022
The Queen: 1926-2022 Henry George The Right - “It is too much to say that the world will not see her like again; there is within all of us the potential to aim for the higher moral life that the Queen embodied, if we engage in the striving that she did that is necessary to attain this.” 9/11/2022
Review: “People Love Dead Jews” by Dara Horn Henry George The Right - “All of this is captured in twelve essays in novelist Dara Horn’s powerful and coruscating book on why people still love dead Jews over living Jews. It is a book that shreds modern piety and sophistry in equal measure.” 9/7/2022
Interview: Brad Lips, CEO of Atlas Network Henri Mattila The Right - “Any coherent system of morality begins with an appreciation of human dignity and wanting people to have as many choices to take control of their lives as possible.” 8/11/2022
British Conservatism Is Doomed Henry George The Right - “To put it simply, if one cannot accumulate capital, he will not support capitalism; and if one has no solid basis for conserving one’s family and community, which property provides, then he will not become a conservative.” 8/7/2022
Yoram Hazony: National Conservatism in a Midterm Year Henry George The Right - “Conservatives are certainly not socialists. Conservatives do not believe, as the Marxists do, that you can open up some central office with really bright people and dictate the course of the entire economy of the nation. We don’t believe anything like that. On the other hand…” 7/29/2022
Review: Matthew Continetti’s “The Right: The Hundred-Year War for American Conservatism” Henry George The Right - “It is to Continetti’s credit that he develops his narrative after this with fair-minded even-handedness for the most part, even if he lets his own views bleed through in the chapters concerning President Trump’s rise and fall, as well as the mix of grift and genuine intellectual ferment that he dragged in his orange wake.” 7/27/2022
Review: China Miéville’s “A Spectre, Haunting: On the Communist Manifesto” Seamus Flaherty The Right - “Sentimental and sycophantic in turns, it may be hard to dispel the impression that Miéville is merely a hysteric. All the same, A Spectre, Haunting is a post-Nietzschean book, which leans into the charge of ressentiment. Spurning subterfuge, Miéville quite openly asserts that justice and revenge amount, more or less, to the same thing.” 7/25/2022
Being Critical of Enlightenment Triumphalism Isn’t Always Wrong Henry George The Right - “Having considered the evidence, it seems more accurate to say that the Enlightenment project presented itself as a savior from ignorance and poverty but was really a movement to dethrone the old social order rooted in hierarchies and aristocracies.” 7/11/2022
The Quarrel within American Conservatism Antonio Sosa The Right - “The current politics of California, which more than any other American state has been shaped by mass immigration from Mexico, should likewise shake the confidence of conservatives who scoff at the alleged illiberalism of immigration hawks.” 6/30/2022
Limits in a World That Erases Them Henry George The Right - “There is a paradox to life that an acceptance of limits, borders, and boundaries can be the most liberating thing of all.” 6/27/2022
Young Americans for Liberty: An Interview with CEO Lauren Daugherty Henri Mattila The Right - “Ron Paul is so beloved because he is so principled. That is what we are focused on here. We will work with other people who share our interests, but we’re not going to sacrifice our principles to do it.” 6/24/2022
Review: “Conservatism: A Rediscovery” by Yoram Hazony Henry George The Right - “In my own life, being disabled and living with an acute example of life’s predicament means that the worldview Hazony describes and prescribes has made far more sense and has offered far more consolation than liberalism ever could.” 6/20/2022
Review: “Obedience is Freedom” by Jacob Phillips Seamus Flaherty The Right - “Denial, as Jacob Phillips deftly shows in his fascinating and staggeringly original new book Obedience is Freedom, is precisely what the liberal-left excels in, substituting for a world of limits and constraints a schizoid universe where subjectivity is all that counts.” 6/16/2022
Cancel Culture and the Tolerance of the Natural Aristocracy Michael Weyns The Right - “To really thrive in our own communities, we need more than just Law and Order; a strong social fabric is required that encourages virtuous behavior as much as it punishes delinquency.” 6/15/2022
Review: “Don’t Burn This Country” by Dave Rubin Henry George The Right - “This book undoubtedly represents an evolution in Rubin’s thinking, and contrary to those who accuse him of changing to suit others, changing one’s mind on philosophical beliefs is not automatically a disqualification.” 5/12/2022
The Term Woke Is Losing Its Punch Barney Quick The Right - “It was a linguistic indication that revolutionary consciousness had made ‘the long march through the institutions.'” 4/30/2022
The Pandemic and the Scientific Gnostics  Henry George The Right - “As Deneen says, Voegelin ‘argued that modern Gnosticism was an effort to ‘redivinize’ the political world—not now by bringing the gods in to the service of the city, but by making the city into a heaven on earth.'” 4/1/2022
Neither Putin Nor Russia Are “Based” Henry George The Right - “For a start, American conservatives are either unaware of or ignore that Russia has the highest abortion rate in the world and the third highest divorce rate.” 3/20/2022
Children of Men: Are Birth Rates Declining Due to Anti-natalism or Economics? Henry George The Right - “For the first time ever, more than half of women aged 30 in England and Wales are childless. This is not a normative condemnation but a descriptive statement.” 3/8/2022
Ukraine: Reality Bites Henry George The Right - “Now, we face a second reminder of reality. First plague, now war has come to Europe, the biggest since 1945.” 2/28/2022
Right-Liberalism Won’t Cut It Henry George The Right - “Given the potential for a more populist conservatism that appeals to those seeking to reweave America’s weakened bonds of social and economic mutual loyalty, the right-liberalism of Murray and others is exactly the opposite of what is needed and wanted.” 2/11/2022
Pat McCrory: How to Get a Handle on the Crime Surge Erich J. Prince The Right - “My wife and I used to go vacation in San Francisco. We don’t anymore…This is what’s headed toward the rest of the nation.” 1/24/2022
Against David Brooksism Daniel Addison The Right - “The only thing Brooks’s ‘true conservatism’ is ‘responsible’ for, however, is progressivism’s thoroughgoing dominance of our culture. For Brooks, a ‘responsible’ conservatism must concede the moral legitimacy of every progressive ‘advance.'” 1/5/2022
The Material Roots of Wokeness Henry George The Right - “So, the fact that what is now called wokeness is a minority persuasion, believed by a small group of elite left-liberals and pursued through the instruments of the managerial state and corporate oligarchies, should not be surprising.” 12/12/2021
Sean Spicer: The Steele Dossier and “Radical Nation” Erich J. Prince The Right - “I got the call on January 10th [2017] from CNN and then BuzzFeed about them running with this hoax. I pointed out at the time that it was wrong. I could demonstrably prove it was wrong. And yet, they stuck by it…” 11/26/2021
From Libertarianism to National Conservatism Henry George The Right - “National Conservatism, one strand of a broader emergent post-Cold War fusionist conservative movement, has the potential for both capturing youthful energy and enthusiasm while grounding and directing it with prudence and realism.” 11/24/2021
How the National Popular Vote Protects the Electoral College Saul Anuzis The Right - “Importantly, this state-based reform preserves and protects the Electoral College by having state legislatures determine the manner and method by which presidential elections are run and administered.” 10/29/2021
What Motivates Retail Cryptocurrency Investors? Eddie Ferrara The Right - “Contrary to the Bitcoin apostles I met at the conference all those years ago, contemporary owners of cryptocurrency seem to be more interested in its speculative properties than its potential as an alternate currency or stable store of value.” 9/3/2021
Afghanistan and the West’s Failure Henry George The Right - “Whether America likes it or not, the unipolar moment, Pax Americana, is over.” 8/31/2021
Hiding the Ball on Critical Race Theory Harrison Pitt The Right - “Marcuse and Bell might not be on the reading lists at elementary schools, but CRT’s cynical mentality and Marxist tenets are still present in the pedagogical exercises being exposed by Christopher Rufo’s investigative journalism.” 8/11/2021