How Close We Are to Unravelling The Right - “The religion of Social Justice is redolent of the old paganism but without even the mortal transcendence of its pantheons.” Henry George 6/11/2020
Is “the Long Peace” Sustainable? The Right - “Furthermore, one of the most—if not the most—crucial contributor to the Long Peace is the spread of democracy.” Sukhayl Niyazov 6/10/2020
Libertarian Presidential Nominee Jo Jorgensen on the Issues The Right - “The police issue here now is a local issue, and we will let them work it out. If I was a president now, I would say no, we not not need to do something.” Kevin Turner 6/8/2020
Mattis Biographer: Why General Mattis Is Wrong The Right - “Wouldn’t a simple statement of solidarity with the protestors and his personal commitment to help heal the nation be the right use of the General’s reputation and leadership?” Jim Proser 6/4/2020
These Are Not “Peaceful Protests”; Their Violent Rhetoric Incites Violence The Right - “If that is the result of George Floyd’s killing, he will have not only died in vain but, more, died as a critical girder supporting the enemy’s battlements.” Alexander Zubatov 6/4/2020
Liberals Are Not Immune from the Pull of Authority The Right - “My two cents is that respect for authority is neither a particularly conservative nor liberal trait. Rather, conservatives and liberals hold reverence for different categories of authority and the actors that operate within those spheres.” Eddie Ferrara 6/2/2020
Leaving Washington D.C. Behind—and a More Wholesome Life The Right - “I think people want to know the story behind things. And I think part of what they’re buying into is the story of our family on our ranch. And so it’s beautiful to be able to share that in some small way.” Kevin Turner 5/27/2020
Can Free Speech Help Us Beat the Coronavirus?  The Right - “We must remind those like Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, and Susan Wojcicki that they should not silence ideas from the get-go because they fear that people are incapable of evaluating information for themselves.” Jean Vilbert 5/23/2020
The Plague in New York, the Pox on America  The Right - “With our political and cultural situation having deteriorated far beyond where it was two decades ago, it is my hope that the long-overdue national cleansing and cultural revitalization this pestilence brings in its wake will last.” Alexander Zubatov 5/20/2020
Conservatives Are Not the Only Ones Who Ignore “Facts and the Science” The Right - “…this and countless other scientific findings led the President of the American Sociological Association—in his 2005 presidential address—to call upon members to, ‘Prepare to defend against the genomic data juggernaut heading their way down the pike.'” Richard W. Burcik 5/11/2020
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