Taking an Oath upon the Constitution, Rather than the Bible The Left - “While laws do not and absolutely should not regulate a politician’s religious practices, the time and place for these practices is not when taking an oath of office.” Andrew Joseph Pegoda 2/19/2021
An Alternative Take on Cancel Culture The Left - “But this, in my view, has little to do with people being overly sensitive and much more to with the very economic system that conservative critics of cancel culture regularly prop up.” Néstor de Buen 2/15/2021
Wes Jackson: How to Respect One’s Tools The Left - “I’m Robert Jensen. I’ll be your guide into the restless and relentless mind of Wes Jackson. I first bumped into Wes’ work more than three decades ago, and his ideas have had a profound influence on my thinking about society and ecology.” Robert Jensen 2/15/2021
When Conservative Christians Invoke Nietzsche The Left - “Given this, we can recognize that Nietzsche would have seen layers of irony in these contemporary conservative figures appealing to his ideas to critique contemporary socialists…while simultaneously expressing concern about declining Christian values.” Matt McManus 2/14/2021
When Discussing Loan Forgiveness, There’s More Than Just Student Debt The Left - “Relief that starts and stops with student loans is merely distracting from larger issues.” Andrew Joseph Pegoda 2/2/2021
Kant: the Greatest Liberal Philosopher? The Left - “So what, then, makes someone a liberal? In this piece, I am going to argue that the philosophy of Immanuel Kant provides some clues.” Matt McManus 1/29/2021
Social Media and the Fraught Question of Regulation The Left - “But, with that said, many of the problems that are blamed on social media run much deeper and require broader societal solutions than just legal controls on social media.” Adam J. Nott Borges 1/28/2021
How to Honor the Legacy of Michael Brooks The Left - “When it comes to theorizing about cosmopolitan socialism, Michael, unfortunately, passed on before he could spell out the details. However, we can infer much from his criticisms of conservative histories.” Matt McManus 1/21/2021
Our First Year without Roger Scruton The Left - “At his best, Scruton was a panoramic thinker of formidable intellect who puts to shame many of the lesser polemicists who have followed in his giant footsteps.” Matt McManus 1/14/2021
Ludwig Wittgenstein: a Post-Modern Philosopher? The Left - “Struck by this realization, Wittgenstein insisted that the best thing now was simply to stop doing philosophy and to try and find in life what could not be said with certainty.” Matt McManus 1/10/2021
Alfie Bown: Where Politics and Gaming Meet The Left - “I think there’s great potential in video games. In some ways, they are the primary space in which the culture wars are now being fought.” Al Binns 1/8/2021