Pharmakon I: Post-Mortem The Left - “The country is no longer predominantly rural but urban, and the frontier mindset has been largely superseded by a cosmopolitan one.” Duluxan Sritharan 7/11/2020
The Authentic Conservative vs. the Reactionary Conservative The Left - “The reactionary outlook is, consequently, hostile to the commitment to moral equality that authentic conservatives, liberals, and progressives share.” Matt McManus 7/8/2020
Nathan J. Robinson’s Curious Critique The Left - “If people’s convictions about those particular issues are weak enough that they could be changed by watching Rising, they surely could be changed in many other ways…” Néstor de Buen 7/7/2020
Review: “Welcome to the Rebellion: A New Hope in Radical Politics” by Michael Harris The Left - “Although set ‘A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….,’ the Star Wars narrative feels increasingly relevant with a very real empire, one of corporate domination, at large on earth today.” Al Binns 7/7/2020
The Discrete Ideology of Thomas Piketty: Successes and Failures of ‘Capital and Ideology’ The Left - “Whereas Piketty’s earlier book was often accused of ignoring the role that political doctrines played in naturalizing inequality, he has here devoted an entire text to that very subject.” Conrad Hamilton 7/2/2020
Running Wild: Hulk Hogan, God, and the Coronavirus The Left - “While feeding on an unclean beast alone may seem like a trivial act, it is arguably symbolic of mankind’s time-honored bastardization of the natural order.” Al Binns 7/1/2020
Notes on Change and “First World Problems” The Left - “And as the COVID-19 crisis that has changed seemingly everything shows, en masse unemployment and distrust of the federal government is now a “first world reality.”” Andrew Joseph Pegoda 6/29/2020
Are Conservatives “Virtue Signalling” Too? The Left - “Of course, virtue signaling from the Right regarding the protests has come in many forms other than writing.” Néstor de Buen 6/23/2020
Parallels Between the Coronavirus and Refugee Crises The Left - “This is a perfect example of why a global problem needs a single multilateral response, and not various contradictory unilateral responses.” Gwyneth Bernier 6/22/2020
Does Jordan Peterson Misconstrue “Myth”? The Left - “This, however, poses another problem because it presumes that mythical truth is somehow free from ideology.” Abhishek Solomon 6/20/2020
How Mexico’s Drug Cartels Have Exploited the Pandemic The Left - “In Mexico, the most effective influencers are either politicians or drug lords.” Verónica Lira Ortiz and Guillermo Tamayo 6/19/2020
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