On the Issues: Presidential Candidate Joe Sestak The Left - “That’s where I think it’s a real difference, that you actually have somebody running that can actually win a Republican district nearly 2 to 1 without spending a dime on a campaign.” John George 7/20/2019
Dostoevsky’s Extremely Thoughtful Critique of the Left The Left - “People do not truly want an end to suffering in all cases…They need challenges in order to feel the thrill of victory, guilt over their actions to have a chance at redemption, and the possibility of rejection and hatred to feel any deep form of love.” Matt McManus 7/15/2019
On Brexit: In Reply to Clive Pinder The Left - “Given Pinder’s distaste for academia, I don’t imagine he would be fond of this kind of Platonic utopia.” Matt McManus 7/14/2019
Jordan Peterson’s Thinkspot and Public Utilities The Left - “Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms are much more like churches or clubs than they are like a public plaza, regardless of their size.” Néstor de Buen 7/13/2019
NATO: 70 Years On The Left - “Hence, NATO should devise a strategy to address President Trump’s visions about the alliance in order to maintain (as much as possible) its stability.” Luz Paola García 7/11/2019
The Shallowness of the Intellectual Dark Web The Left - “Edmund Burke’s arguments against the French Revolutionaries resonate because he understood the revolutionaries’ position quite well.” Matt McManus 7/11/2019
“Ban the Box” Falls Short of Its Goals The Left - “While BTB is the most visible approach to signal support for reintegration, it is perhaps not the most effective way to bring about substantial criminal justice reform and truly help ex-felons build a new life.” Eva Hong 7/10/2019
Preview: Human Dignity and the Law The Left - “If individuals are able to become authors of their lives in a substantive way, we can say they have lived a dignified life.” Matt McManus 7/9/2019
Social Democracy and Capitalism: A Reply To Richard Burcik The Left - “If capitalism doesn’t work for us all, it doesn’t work at all.” Matt McManus 7/7/2019
When We Debate “Biological Differences” The Left - “The framing of these arguments, I believe, is largely misguided. Right and Left are, after all, moral and political positions and not scientific ones.” Néstor de Buen 7/6/2019
One-on-One with Rep. Dwight Evans (Part II) The Left - “I don’t know who you think you’re talking to, because you don’t understand, I’m not your typical Democrat.” Erich J. Prince 7/5/2019
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