The Driver of the Trumpian Movement: Resentment? The Left - “But the more interesting argument Nietzsche puts forward is that resentment was at the base of many of the West’s egalitarian philosophies.” Matt McManus 11/11/2019
Getting to the Bottom of Ben Shapiro’s Popularity The Left - “Robinson’s article is both interesting and useful because it summarizes neatly and cogently almost every argument that those on the Left might make against Shapiro. However, it also begins to lay out a broad notion of why critiques of Shapiro usually fail.” Néstor de Buen 11/10/2019
Where Did Post-Modernism Come From? The Left - “In this short essay, I will argue that there were three factors, which contributed to the emergence of post-modern culture.” Matt McManus 11/6/2019
Yoram Hazony, Russell Kirk, and the Conservative Fascination with “Order” The Left - “By contrast, Kirk insists that progressives are the real fools in thinking that unbridled reason alone can provide us with an adequate sense of meaning in the world.” Matt McManus 11/3/2019
Injecting Nuance into the Reparations Debate The Left - “But when addressing a problem of justice, popularity is neither the sole nor the primary factor for adjudication.” Elie Nehme 10/30/2019
Identity Politics, Coleman Hughes, and the Left: A Reply to Samuel Kronen The Left - “We should be aspiring to establish a far more egalitarian society in accordance with principles of fairness. But this cannot come at the expense of respecting alternative doctrines which have a right to political expression.” Matt McManus 10/25/2019
Review: Matt McManus’ “The Rise of Post-Modern Conservatism” The Left - “McManus draws a historical trajectory that sees conservatives responding to the challenges of socialism, communism, and fascism by hardening Burke’s pragmatic project into an ideology: what we now call neoliberalism.” Mike Watson 10/21/2019
Slavoj Žižek, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and the Philosophy of Climate Change The Left - “It does not take an expert logician to deduce that if climate catastrophe were really upon us, we would also observe people giving extreme warnings, and it could even be the case that they still would not support, for example, nuclear power.” Néstor de Buen 10/19/2019
Review: Axel Honneth’s “The Idea of Socialism: Towards a Renewal” The Left - “While this may be a fair criticism of socialist intellectuals, it isn’t obvious to me that all socialists were as myopically economistic as Honneth suggests.” Matt McManus 10/17/2019
In Their Own Words: The Teens Behind Mike Gravel’s Campaign The Left - “That was one of the things the campaign was good at: trying to get as much controversy as possible by provoking conflicts. It’s not an honorable way to go through campaigning, but it worked. Better than you could say for Tim Ryan.” John George 10/13/2019
Answering Slavoj Žižek’s Question: Kant’s Unpopularity The Left - “In his book, Žižek analyzes why Kant and his progeny have been struggling philosophically in recent years, while offering a partial defense of their views.” Matt McManus 10/12/2019
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