Preview: “A Critical Legal Conception of Liberalism and Liberal Rights” The Left - “My new book, A Critical Legal Examination of Liberalism and Liberal Rights, holds that liberalism is best understood as a political and moral doctrine committed to two fundamental principles.” Matt McManus 12/1/2020
How Democrats Can Win Back Cuban and Venezuelan Voters The Left - “For those accustomed to political polarization, it is easy to transition into this hyper-polarized political climate in the United States and readily pick a side.” Adam J. Nott Borges 11/19/2020
Žižek and Milbank: The Monstrosity of Christ? The Left - “However, the purpose of this reading is to stress—contra more conservative interpreters like Milbank—that the disordered post-modern world that we inhabit is not a firm break with Christianity.” Matt McManus 11/10/2020
How Online Meme Culture Fails the Left The Left - “As such, it is not simply the case that coherent political dialogue is difficult via the Internet; it is difficult, in large part, because of the Internet…” Mike Watson 10/28/2020
Interview: Running for Congress as a Communist The Left - “I offer an alternative to liberal-style capitalism or conservative-style capitalism. Both are neoliberal at the end of the day.” Teddy Duncan Jr. 10/20/2020
On Donald Trump, the Person The Left - “Throughout my writings on post-modern conservatism, I have generally avoided discussing President Donald Trump’s personality.” Matt McManus 10/20/2020
Pharmakon V: Culture Wars—Trickle-Down Economics vs. Trickle-Down Morality The Left - “Without this circumspection, advocacy appears heavy-handed, tone-deaf, mistimed, and ultimately self-defeating, to the detriment of the downtrodden.” Duluxan Sritharan 10/14/2020
Ten Books Every Progressive Should Read to Understand the Right The Left - “One question I am often asked by engaged leftists is what texts are most helpful for understanding the political right.” Matt McManus 10/8/2020
The Crowding out of a Humanities Education The Left - “Taken to its logical apotheosis, this trend all but guarantees that the humanities—philosophy, literature, journalism, etc.—will become the exclusive domain of the economic elite.” Néstor de Buen and Conrad Hamilton 10/3/2020
Book Review: Steven Higashide’s “Better Buses, Better Cites” The Left - “A well-planned and well-funded bus transit system opens up a community to a larger world, better paid jobs, educational opportunities, and the potential for a better life.” Stephen Lee Naish 10/2/2020
Book Review: “Canceling Comedians While the World Burns” The Left - “Now, in what is sure to be a more controversial move, Burgis is turning his analytical skills towards criticizing the political left.” Matt McManus 9/28/2020
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