Jordan Peterson Is Fair Game for Criticism The Left - “…where Peterson is fond of citing the brutal nature of chimpanzees as proof of nature’s pitiless character, we should recall that the Left can just as easily cite the relatively co-operative nature of bonobos.” Conrad Hamilton 4/1/2020
Critiquing the Intellectual Dark Web: Michael Brooks’ “Against the Web” The Left - “Peterson comes across no better in Brooks’ telling. He acknowledges that much of the Canadian psychologist’s self-help is quite useful, and he even jokingly admits that many leftists could do with some tough love about cleaning their room.” Matt McManus 3/31/2020
In Defense of My Work Critical of Jordan Peterson The Left - “The irony of this exchange is it has only reinforced my opinion that Peterson’s political rhetoric often has a stultifying impact on sincere intellectual debates.“ Matt McManus 3/28/2020
When We Imbue the Stock Market with Religious Properties The Left - “These things seem all too familiar when thinking about a somewhat abstract entity with arguably outsized power over billions of people’s lives when—on a whim—it decides to violently go ‘up’ or ‘down.'” Néstor de Buen 3/27/2020
The Misleading Claim that Bernie Sanders Is a “Hypocrite” The Left - “Actually, Sanders status as a millionaire should calm and console those who believe that he thinks that all wealthy people are evil. His wealth should convince those people that he does believe in a free-market system.” Teddy Duncan Jr. 3/27/2020
Nietzsche and Godless Post-Modernity The Left - “All of this culminated in the works of Nietzsche, who rejected the ontological and moral truths of monotheism, while retaining their stress on individualism.” Matt McManus 3/25/2020
Slavoj Žižek’s “End of Capitalism” and the Coronavirus The Left - “Written in the aftermath of the Great Recession, Mark Fisher’s Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative? echoed the bleak skepticism of Fredric Jameson and Slavoj Žižek, in arguing that it is easier to imagine an end to the world than an end to capitalism.” Al Binns 3/23/2020
Interview: Merion West Contributor Matt McManus on “Postmodern Conservatism” The Left - “So, I finished my Ph.D. in 2017, and, at the time, Donald Trump had just been elected President of the United States. Like a lot of people, I was a bit perplexed and disturbed by what happened.” Allen Zheng 3/21/2020
The Critics of “Social Justice,” from Jonah Goldberg to Jordan Peterson The Left - “The conservative critiques of social justice are, therefore, wrong on two different fronts.” Néstor de Buen 3/17/2020
Hannah Arendt’s Concept of “Impotent Bigness” The Left - “Impotent bigness uses empty violence to lash out against the vulnerable to compensate for its own utter inability to change the world in any meaningful way. “ Matt McManus 3/16/2020
Mexican Women Protest Gender Violence, But Is the Government Listening?  The Left - “I cannot fathom the extent of their pain, of course, but I know that if something were to happen to my mother or my friends, I would burn everything until justice were achieved.” Veronica Lira Ortiz 3/15/2020
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