In Reply to Ben Burgis: Capitalism, Socialism, and Marx The Center - “…one can go into business with the long-term goal of instituting a worker co-op. But the first and most fundamental aim is to supply the market with something consumers want, in as profitable a way as possible.” Jonathan Church 3/26/2020
Glamorizing Disease: Then and Now The Center - “In yet another display of his famous vanity, Lord Byron once wrote: ‘How pale I look!—I should like, I think, to die of consumption…because then the women would all say, ‘see that poor Byron—how interesting he looks in dying!’” Gabriel Andrade 3/25/2020
Balance Is Needed in the Fight Against the Coronavirus The Center - “Since there is no vaccine coming anytime soon, the only way to properly handle this pandemic at this time is to allow the population to develop natural immunity to it in a controlled manner that avoids overloading the healthcare system.” Joshua Leichtberg, M.D. 3/24/2020
Robin DiAngelo Is Correct about the Psychic Weight of Race The Center - “Although one empirical study indicates that whiteness may not be as invisible to white people as is assumed, DiAngelo is not widely off the mark about the psychological advantages of being white.” Jonathan Church 3/24/2020
Margaret Thatcher, Libertarianism, and the Etherization of the Single Tax The Center - “Margaret Thatcher was a self-described libertarian from that era. She did something quite different with the single tax problem; she altered the class structure of the country.” Darren Iversen 3/23/2020
Where Social Justice Activists Persuade Me—and Where They Don’t The Center - “What follows are examples of topics where SJ/DEI activists have persuaded me, where they haven’t, and where they have led me to fresh, if heterodox, insights.” David Ferrero 3/20/2020
The Fraught Relationship Between Religion and Epidemiology The Center - “Recently, renowned essayist Thomas Chatterton Williams has taken some heat for mocking a prayer session headed by Vice President Mike Pence in the White House amid the coronavirus outbreak.” Gabriel Andrade 3/19/2020
Three Lessons from Nine Years of Conflict in Syria The Center - “However much Americans and their leaders may want to turn away from wars and atrocities geographically far away, sooner or later they will be impacted by them, usually in a jarring and harmful way.” Michael D. Purzycki 3/18/2020
The Coronavirus: Exacerbated by Cultural Pathology The Center - “Make no mistake; we are in a war, and wars tend to be easier to win when it is generally acknowledged that they are happening.” Allen Farrington 3/17/2020
Going Deeper Than a Famous Quotation or Two The Center - “By inviting further exploration of a quotation’s origin, we might re-discover great and complicated thinkers, who, it turns out, have far more to offer than a single phrase.” Erich J. Prince 3/16/2020
The Coronavirus and Modern Malthusians The Center - “One important aspect in controlling the coronavirus and saving patients’ lives will be the use of ventilators in hospitals. How are these produced? They sure as hell cannot be produced in Unabomber-style cabins.” Gabriel Andrade 3/10/2020
A Vision for Transhumanism: an Interview with Rachel Haywire The Center - “Human nature is to seek power; we’ve had that since the Stone Age. That’s just part of human behavior. But, as transhumanists, we seek to go beyond that kind of thing.” Peter Clarke 3/9/2020
The Psychology of Immortality: Is It Desirable to Live Forever? The Center - What are the psychological consequences of living forever? The Italian writer Cesare Pavese helps us to understand how immortality would impact the human psyche. Simone Redaelli 3/8/2020
When We Oversimplify Darwin The Center - “Charles Darwin himself was quite wary of the metaphysical or religious implications of his discoveries.” Chris Augusta 3/7/2020
Bernie Sanders’ Cargo Cult Approach to Scandinavia The Center - “People do run the extra mile to leave something to their children, even if said children happen to be spoiled brats. Bernie fails to understand this.” Gabriel Andrade 3/6/2020
The Coronavirus: On Risk and Idiots The Center - “As I have no skills to help with the virus, I would like to at least try to help in this small way instead. In any case, take precautions, stay calm, do not listen to dangerous idiots, keep yourself and your family safe, and good luck.” Allen Farrington 3/6/2020