Jorge Luis Borges and the Philosophy of Memory The Center - “For this reason, Borges’ short story reveals that the human mind is intelligent precisely because it does not recollect too much.” Simone Redaelli 7/17/2020
The Harper’s Letter: When the Boring Becomes Incendiary The Center - “Since the response to the letter was far from boring, two things can be asserted. First, a growing minority no longer believes free speech to be valuable. Secondly, those who do believe in free speech no longer believe that it is fully operational. Gabriel Scorgie 7/15/2020
The Land of Lost Content The Center - “As we move forward in the present struggle, where the question of race and religion becomes an endemic part of our theaters of division, we must strive to reject the retributive impulse and embrace what Martha Nussbaum keenly called the ‘rational faith.’” Anton Sorkin 7/14/2020
James Lindsay: How Critical Studies Led to Today’s Turmoil The Center - “This is an attempt at a social, cultural, and political revolution.” Kevin Turner 7/12/2020
Synecdoche, New York and Synecdoche, Croatia The Center - “Something very similar—and, only slightly less surreal—is currently happening in the Republic of Croatia.” Matija Štahan 7/11/2020
The Pernicious Influence of Eduardo Bonilla-Silva’s Sophistry The Center - “In one of the great exercises of academic sophistry in our times, Eduardo Bonilla-Silva wants to persuade us that color-blindness is racism, and color-consciousness is anti-racism.” Gabriel Andrade 7/9/2020
What Is the “Real Deal” at Jordan Peterson’s Thinkspot? The Center - “However, in this piece, I will explain precisely why Thinkspot was created. The story starts shortly after the turn of the millennium, with crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.” Adam Wasserman 7/6/2020
The Foundational Integrity of Imants Ziedonis The Center - “In other words, Ziedonis, knowingly or not, recognized that for a state to be free, its people must recognize a shared tradition and must be themselves free to build upon it.” Patrick Burr 7/6/2020
The Dangers of Politicizing the Coronavirus The Center - “It is not often that everyone in the country faces the same towering life-and-death challenge all at once, which is why we should drop the cheap partisan smears and start talking honestly about the greatest threat we have confronted in a generation.” Matt Johnson 7/5/2020
Interview with Oliver Strijbis: Swiss Lessons on Identity and National Unity The Center - “Political ideas are too abstract. They are not enough to make people emotional about identity. Swiss identity has a cultural element.” Mark Hecht 7/3/2020
Anti-Racism Demonstrations That Are Just Too Much The Center - “Those doing things like reenacting a slave raid may have noble intentions, but they are sending the wrong message.” Gabriel Andrade 7/3/2020
The Puppet Masters of Yemen’s Humanitarian Crisis The Center - “The question worth asking is: Who stands to benefit from the continual fueling, participation, and organization of a war that threatens to destabilize Yemen irreversibly?” Cameron Joseph 7/1/2020
Allan Bloom at Harvard, a Lesson Reverberating through the Years The Center - “ The university is nothing less than the institutionalization of Socrates. So the end of philosophy in the university portends the subversion of democracy itself.” Chris Augusta 6/28/2020
Herodotus and the Human Quest for Justice The Center - “Herodotus, as we can begin to see, is a theorist of human action—and a theorist of justice. Justice, according to Herodotus, is the chief force of human action.” Paul Krause 6/27/2020
Bo Winegard on Events Taking Place Across Academia: “I Am Terrified” The Center - “I have never been more depressed about the state of truth in the world.” Kevin Turner 6/24/2020
And They’ve Come for the Founders The Center - “However, as one watches the Founders find their way into the crosshairs of so many, perhaps the obvious needs to be restated.” Erich J. Prince 6/24/2020
Interview: Elika Ashoori on Her Father’s Ten Year Prison Sentence in Iran The Center - “His interrogators were telling him that we have gangs who could ‘stab your daughter or wife in London.'” Kevin Turner 6/23/2020
Liberate the Other Half: Empowering the “Back Row” of America The Center - “Rather than cracking down on higher-income Americans, it is past time to liberate the other half.” Ben Wilterdink 6/23/2020
Against the Concept Creep Of “Racism” The Center - “This is why I was dismayed by a recent essay published at Arc Digital (on June 9th) by Akiva M. Cohen, entitled ‘Systemic Racism Is Real. We Need To Fight It, Not Deny It.'” Samuel Kronen 6/18/2020
Columbus Belongs Not Only to History The Center - “And one example of this—among others—is how prominently he features in a particular tradition of philosophy: that of philosophical pessimism.” Erich J. Prince 6/17/2020
No, Antifa Is Not Synonymous with “Anti-fascism” The Center - “So, in the same way that a country with the word ‘democratic’ in its name tends to be anything but, Antifa appears overwhelmingly to be anti-fascist in name only.” Gerfried Ambrosch 6/17/2020
The False Dichotomy in Kimberlé Crenshaw’s Intersectionality The Center - “Why is this important? Because grammar shows that Crenshaw’s distinction between identity politics and liberal universalism is artificial.” Jonathan Church 6/16/2020
Interview: Curt Jaimungal, Director of “Better Left Unsaid” The Center - “They reject ideas of the extreme, so that’s why there needs to be a delineation between what’s extreme and what’s not extreme.” Kevin Turner 6/16/2020
In Place of Columbus’ Statue, Build One for Francisco de Vitoria The Center - “Perhaps the strongest argument considered by Vitoria relied on what today we might call “humanitarian intervention.” Gabriel Andrade 6/15/2020
The Fuzzy Logic Behind the Movement The Center - “But this discrepancy makes perfect sense if we consider the tone of racial discourse in the United States for half a second.” Samuel Kronen 6/15/2020
When Josh Hawley Overplays His Hand The Center - “But that is no reason to allow Senator Hawley to misrepresent history in the service of a political narrative that will cause even greater damage to an international system that is already under immense strain.” Matt Johnson 6/13/2020
Navigating Whiteness: Between White-Shaming and White Indigenous Rights The Center - “White-shaming is a political tactic aimed at invalidating the opinions and experiences of people of European descent. Premised on a belief in collective guilt, it judges white folks not by the content of their character but by the color of their skin.” Gerfried Ambrosch 6/10/2020
Where Is Spike Lee? The Center - “Lee has already proven that he is one of the greatest film directors of all time; now is his time to prove that he is also a responsible influencer upon society at large.” Gabriel Andrade 6/8/2020
The Dangers of Campus Speech Codes: Revisiting the Water Buffalo Affair The Center - “The history which preceded the magazine’s shutdown and resurgence involved a controversy sufficient for the Red and Blue to be ‘expelled from the Student Activities Council (SAC)’ and to have ‘archives…trashed by the University.'” Jonathan Church 6/7/2020
The Cultural Imperialism of Protest The Center - “Yet I see it more as yet another form of cultural imperialism. It takes an American victim to be brutalized in order for the whole world to come out and protest.” Gabriel Andrade 6/6/2020
Colin Kaepernick and a False Dichotomy The Center - “It probably also guarantees he will not be standing anytime soon, given that these are highly charged social issues which are deeply complex and are probably not going to be ‘fixed’ in the foreseeable future.” Jonathan Church 6/6/2020
Why Trust Prevents Nations from Tearing Themselves Apart The Center - “The last time a leading Danish politician was murdered was 1286. It’s not war with your foreign enemies [that matters]; it’s internally, in political stability.” Mark Hecht 6/5/2020
These Are Not “Peaceful Protests”; Their Violent Rhetoric Incites Violence The Center - “If that is the result of George Floyd’s killing, he will have not only died in vain but, more, died as a critical girder supporting the enemy’s battlements.” Alexander Zubatov 6/4/2020
The Protests Are Not About Police Violence The Center - “Racism and racial inequality are barriers for many non-whites, but viewing these disparities as a morality play between powerful whites and enraged minorities is a recipe for untold conflict.” Samuel Kronen 6/3/2020
As the Word “Racism” Loses Its Meaning The Center - “Ambiguity, however, is the name of the game when it comes to defining racism, while Whiteness Studies is similarly plagued with ‘critical’ obfuscation.” Jonathan Church 6/2/2020
Amid Widespread Unrest, Conservatives Must Respond Correctly The Center - “When criticizing this violent upheaval, will [conservatives] go for the low-hanging fruit and come up with absurd, cheap explanations for what is going on? Or, will they engage in serious reflection to prevent this from happening again?” Gabriel Andrade 6/2/2020
Will Words Win the Day: Jargon and the Pandemic The Center - “So, how do doctors, scientists, and everyday people traverse the COVID-19 landscape, where each passing day seems to provide new information and new “theories” about our current predicament?” Cameron Joseph 5/26/2020
A Few Questions for My Social Justice Colleagues The Center - “What I left out of that piece are the many questions my immersion has raised whose answers, if I could find them, might help what I’ll call the reasonable unwoke better assess SJ/DEI claims. I would like to air those questions here.” David Ferrero 5/26/2020
Excitement about the Coronavirus’ Effect on Emissions Obscures the Big Picture The Center - “Should individuals collectively decide to make radical changes to lower their carbon output, they—and the economy at large—will suffer. As a result, individuals won’t. And, their individual choices would not be enough, regardless.” Thomas Hochman 5/24/2020
Joe Biden’s “You Ain’t Black” Comment Is Deeply Concerning The Center - “I can only hope that in this election African American voters cast their ballots on the basis of what each candidate proposes—and not on the basis of what they think their racial essence ought to be. That is what real liberation is all about.” Gabriel Andrade 5/22/2020
To “The Last Dance’s” Critics, At Least Michael Jordan Isn’t a Hypocrite The Center - “Basketball fans endlessly discuss whether Michael Jordan or LeBron James is the greatest basketball player of all time. The jury may still be out on that one, but in my book, off-court James is definitely the lesser man.” Gabriel Andrade 5/20/2020
The Plague in New York, the Pox on America  The Center - “With our political and cultural situation having deteriorated far beyond where it was two decades ago, it is my hope that the long-overdue national cleansing and cultural revitalization this pestilence brings in its wake will last.” Alexander Zubatov 5/20/2020
The Limits of Political Reasoning The Center - “However, regardless of it being mathematically the same task, the politically-charged task’s results came out in a polarized fashion…” Alessandro van den Berg 5/19/2020
Lessons from Antiquity for Our Current Pandemic The Center - “Thucydides subsequently goes on to say, ‘In other respects also Athens owed to the plague the beginnings of a state of unprecedented lawlessness.’” Paul Krause 5/18/2020
Psychoanalytic Darkness and Reflections on the Coronavirus The Center - “The ‘viral’ aspect of the Coronavirus pandemic and the disproportionate effect on the aged similarly suggests a Jungian reading of systemic breakdown and a lurch towards either symbolic or literal death.” Nick Opyrchal 5/18/2020
Why Jordan Peterson Is Worth Defending The Center - “And, in the midst of it all, a Canadian psychologist told people to clean their rooms before trying to change the world and has not ceased to be excoriated for his efforts years later. History will be kinder to him than his opponents.” Samuel Kronen 5/17/2020
Is the Recent Coup Attempt in Venezuela Just the Beginning? The Center - “So, it may seem as if the recent failed expedition against Maduro is a major blunder. However, I would like to think that this is only the beginning, and that those Rambo wannabes may have actually sparked a greater desire for liberation among Venezuelans.” Gabriel Andrade 5/13/2020
If There Were Ever a Time for Bipartisanship, It Is Now The Center - “COVID-19 presents a unique opportunity for governments to build trust. According to a recent update of the 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer, trust in government around the world spiked by 11 points between January and May 2020.” Matt Johnson 5/13/2020
Lacan’s “Real,” Jung’s “Psychoid,” and Jordan Peterson’s “Dragon of Chaos” The Center - “It may hearten aggrieved fans of Jordan Peterson, whose status as representative of Jungian thought I took umbrage with in a previous article, that I recognize some value in this aspect of Peterson’s work from a psychoanalytic or psychotherapeutic perspective.” Nick Opyrchal 5/11/2020
The Book-Length Critique of Jordan Peterson Isn’t Perfect, Either The Center - “The authors have done well in providing the substance for a critique of Jordan Peterson, but they need someone to spice up their style, which is precisely what Jordan Peterson, himself, did in his own career.” Gabriel Andrade 5/8/2020
Review: Bart Ehrman’s “Heaven and Hell: A History of the Afterlife” The Center - “Bart Ehrman, ever loyal to his engaging style, approaches this topic in Heaven and Hell: A History of the Afterlife. As expected, he delivers the goods, covering religious texts from the Epic of Gilgamesh to the writings of Augustine.” Gabriel Andrade 5/3/2020
Why China Is Unlikely to Dominate the Globe The Center - “While the United States offers a conception of universal human rights and democracy—and while the Soviet Union offered the idea of achieving global communism—China lacks a universalist narrative or imperial mission.” Tomislav Kardum 5/2/2020
Viral Truths and the Mouthpieces of Unreality The Center - “What I want is to praise Hunt because what he had done has been incredible—and to praise those whose truths Hunt was in a position to make go viral.” Allen Farrington 4/30/2020
Palmar de Troya and a Broader Question: Cult or Religion? The Center - “A religion becomes mainstream simply because of its sheer demographic power—not because of the reasonableness of its beliefs and practices.” Gabriel Andrade 4/29/2020
Speaking with Bo Winegard: from the State of the Academy to the State of Twitter The Center - “My sense is that most people—even people who truly abhor a lot of the stuff that I write—were supportive and were sort of horrified by the decision and by what happened.” Kevin Turner 4/29/2020
Jordan Peterson and Carl Jung’s Worldviews Have Been Greatly Oversimplified The Center - “With respect to McManus and Hamilton, who have admittedly produced a very interesting article, there are characterizations and theoretical points within their article that I feel need to be addressed.” Nick Opyrchal 4/28/2020
Herodotus and Long-Standing Problems in Anthropology The Center - “Regrettably, in more recent times, anthropology (and the humanities in general) has placed excessive, imbalanced value on emic.” Gabriel Andrade 4/27/2020
Interview: Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones on Endorsing President Trump The Center - “And I have a choice right now: Do I vote for Joe Biden, a white guy who locked black people up? Or do I vote for President Donald Trump, a white guy who happens to be a Republican, who let black people out of jail and gave them a second chance?” Kevin Turner 4/25/2020
The Coronavirus Response Does Not Take Place in a Vacuum The Center - “Similarly, University of Zurich researchers in 2015—using data from the time of the Great Recession—estimated that unemployment causes 45,000 suicides per year.” Brett Oppenheim 4/24/2020
Why the Inequality Debate Just Goes ‘Round and ‘Round The Center - “And here, perhaps lies the problem: the single tax’s indiscriminate generosity is its undoing. You cannot offer both sides what they want without dissolving the distinction between them.” Darren Iversen 4/22/2020