What Leap Years Teach Us about Social Justice Warriors The Center - “Ultimately, the Gregorian calendar had been rejected by Protestants, Orthodox Christians, and Muslims. The rejection was not because of a scientific claim but because of opposition to its origin.” Gabriel Andrade 2/29/2020
Coronavirus Outbreak Must Not Morph into Anti-Chinese Stereotyping The Center - “Yes, China could do better in terms of public hygiene. But, moral panic over the foods the Chinese eat is more about cultural prejudices than anything else.” Gabriel Andrade 2/28/2020
The Other Aspect of Castro’s Cuba Bernie Should Praise The Center - “Just as Martin Luther King deserves praise for the ‘content of their character’ quote—Castro also deserves credit for his colorblind approach to race.” Gabriel Andrade 2/28/2020
Studying Abroad May Help or Hurt Your Resume, Depending on Where The Center - “A recent study found that students who spent a year in Europe received less callbacks from interviewers than students who did not study abroad at all. The opposite applied for those who studied in Asia.“ Henri Mattila 2/26/2020
Shakespeare and Social Justice Ideology: Othello Is Not About Racism The Center - “Unfortunately, I don’t think it simply comes down to the location of a portrait. In recent years, social justice ideology has infiltrated many of our institutions, especially the universities and, particularly, in the humanities.” Jonathan Church 2/26/2020
The Sanders Campaign Is More Establishment Than You Think The Center - “While he rails against the Democratic establishment as corrupt, the highest levels of his campaign are made up of Democratic Party insiders and staffers with controversial pasts.” News Team 2/24/2020
Overweight Men Perceived to Be More Persuasive, Study Finds The Center - “Being an overweight man may offer some benefits in terms of perceived leadership potential. However, these benefits do not apply to women.“ Henri Mattila 2/22/2020
Jordan Peterson: the One Who Helped Me When I Most Needed It The Center - “I’m not a disciple of Dr. Peterson’s. But he has inspired and helped to heal me with his words, and I admire him most for the example that he’s set with his own life: the courage to stand up, with shoulders back and face the darkness.” Staff 2/19/2020
Bernie Sanders: a Hypocrite? The Center - “He must not antagonize millionaires, but, rather, he must acknowledge that voluntarily giving away wealth is hard to do even while you know that inequality is a problem; and precisely for that reason, we need taxes.” Gabriel Andrade 2/18/2020
Lord Heseltine Holds Up the Georgist Lens The Center - “Michael Heseltine was a minister under Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and was heavily involved in urban regeneration (i.e. had direct contact with the economics of infrastructure and land).” Darren Iversen 2/15/2020
Maurizio Cattelan and When Art “Ridicules Art Itself” The Center - “This is an art which no longer presumes to speak to or for the general public. Such an art “assails all previous art” and even “ridicules art itself.”  Chris Augusta 2/14/2020
Is Jordan Peterson the New Ayn Rand? The Center - “I compare Peterson with Ayn Rand because—as I read this book—her name constantly came to my mind (she is mentioned only once in the book).” Gabriel Andrade 2/13/2020
The Human Impulse for Tyranny The Center - “Reading Pericles’ Funeral Oration as a standalone speech—independent of the whole work to which it belongs—makes us prone to falling for the seduction of tyranny which Thucydides so subtly investigates and rebukes in his work.” Paul Krause 2/12/2020
How to Create a More Inclusive Left The Center - “Viewpoint diversity, when it treads on certain progressive articles of faith, is scorned, and the ideas considered within the bounds of respectable discourse on contentious issues is increasingly narrow.” Samuel Kronen 2/11/2020
I Was Born in Venezuela, so I Have Something to Say about Bernie Sanders The Center - “With the benefit of hindsight, we know that many lives could have been spared in bloody revolutions, if only these reformers were taken more seriously.” Gabriel Andrade 2/9/2020
Why Is Iowa a Purple State? The Center - And why is Iowa so important in presidential contests? Matthew Pinna 2/4/2020
In Praise of “Self Portrait in Black and White: Unlearning Race” The Center - “With the benefit of distance—writing from the other side of the Atlantic—Williams came to understand how poisonous the concept of race is in the United States.” Gabriel Andrade 2/2/2020
Merion West: Why We Do What We Do The Center - “Just as some married couples renew their vows, we, as a publication, will take a moment to do the same and explain why we’re still doing what we’re doing.” Erich J. Prince 1/31/2020
The Holocaust Mustn’t Be Used as a Political Talking Point The Center - “Some in Israel, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have been manipulative enough to claim that activists protesting against settlements in the West Bank were akin to Nazi architects of genocide.” Gabriel Andrade 1/30/2020
Dear Jordan Peterson Fans, Try to Actually Be More Like Him The Center - “Peterson is neither sacrosanct nor untouchable. He would agree with that statement himself.” Alessandro van den Berg 1/28/2020
Three Simple Rules for Discussing Politics The Center - “I would also add that it is best to avoid the tendency toward what I would call know-betterism, where we take the role of a parental figure trying to guide our political opponents to the light.” Samuel Kronen 1/27/2020
Nietzschean Thirst The Center - “Those known as ‘the rabble,’ whom Zarathustra describes as fit only to be slaves, ultimately dwell within every human soul. It is that lowly thing in each of us which must be pitilessly overcome.” Brandon Tucker 1/26/2020
For Trump 2020, There’s More to the Story than Just the Stock Market The Center - “But basing a campaign strategy on acceptable headline economic numbers while some parts of the nation are already in a recession is nothing short of tone deaf.” Pieter Sittler 1/21/2020
Listen, Jordan Peterson: Marx Is Your Friend! The Center - “Peterson should also reconsider his antipathy towards Marx because—perhaps surprisingly—if properly read, Marx would come across more as Peterson’s ally, rather than the origin of everything that is wrong with modernity.” Gabriel Andrade 1/20/2020
“Megxit” and America’s Exportation of Identity Politics The Center - “American cultural imperialism is not just about McDonald’s or Disney; America also exports identity politics.” Gabriel Andrade 1/14/2020
Writing about Jordan Peterson for the First Time The Center - “Nevertheless, The Rise of Jordan Peterson comes to me as a relief. Prior to Peterson, the position of the hip professor loved by college students (with all sorts of memes and merchandises using his image), was occupied by Slavoj Žižek.” Gabriel Andrade 1/9/2020
Why Greta Thunberg Should Go Back to School The Center - “As a fellow person with autism, I hope to make clear why educational support—and going to school—is so essential to the lives of people with autism.” Alessandro van den Berg 1/7/2020
The Killing of Qasem Soleimani, as Seen from Latin America The Center - “One may criticize U.S. imperialism, yet, at the same time, it must be acknowledged that Iran is becoming an increasingly toxic influence in Latin America.” Gabriel Andrade 1/6/2020
Can We Read Moby Dick? The Center - “But, as I found myself stumbling in my response to my sister, a more elemental question arose: Can we read Moby Dick?” Chris Augusta 1/4/2020
Greta Thunberg and Misunderstanding Childhood The Center - “The ‘Greta phenomenon’ tells us far more about our cultural approach to childhood than about global warming.” Gabriel Andrade 1/2/2020
Editor’s Choice: The Best Interviews of 2019 The Center - As is tradition at Merion West, here are the editor’s choices for our favorite Merion West interviews of 2019. Erich J. Prince 12/31/2019
Editor’s Choice: The Best Articles of 2019 The Center - As is tradition at Merion West, here are the editor’s choices for our favorite Merion West articles of 2019. Erich J. Prince 12/30/2019
Pope Francis, the Consummate Politician The Center - “From its very beginnings, Christianity has been fond of buddy tales, i.e. stories in which two great defenders of the faith become close friends.” Gabriel Andrade 12/28/2019
Sitting Down with the Director of “The Rise of Jordan Peterson” The Center - “I would say the social aspects of making the film were really difficult for me because a lot of my network and friends and social circle is progressive, and, obviously, progressives are not a fan of [Peterson’s].” Kambiz Tavana 12/23/2019
A Few Thoughts on Christmas The Center - “If historical debunking is waging a ‘War on Christmas,’ then we must fire our artillery because, indeed, the story of Christmas has no historical basis whatsoever.” Gabriel Andrade 12/22/2019
When Neuroscience Interjects Itself into Debates on Sexuality The Center - “The concept is called ‘reverse inference.’ It’s both neuroscience’s greatest ambition, and the origin of its most frustratingly breathless overstatements.” Andrew Neff 12/21/2019
The Best Kept Secret of Our Political Divide The Center - “At present, each identity sees the other as its enemy and justifies its own excesses with the excesses of the other, but living in a diverse multi-ethnic democracy means tolerating a certain degree of difference.” Samuel Kronen 12/17/2019
Maziar Ghaderi: to Truly Know Jordan Peterson (Part II) The Center - “…what I’ve noticed with Jordan is that his interactions with this polarization of the Left and the Right—it’s actually kind of hardened him. It’s made him a little bit more radical. It’s made him a little bit more hard-skinned.” Kambiz Tavana 12/15/2019
On the Distributions of Education Scores around the World The Center - “In that manner, intelligence may have a genetic base, but, still, differences in intelligence observed among different groups may be environmental in origin.” Gabriel Andrade 12/15/2019
Understanding the Great Divide in Our Politics The Center - “How could a movement predicated on free expression and identity-blind principles come to be associated with the Right and described as reactionary by smart progressive critics like Vox’s Ezra Klein?” Samuel Kronen 12/9/2019
University Professor: the Reason Academia Is Useless The Center - “Socrates and all the other great Greek masters emphasized the importance of leisure as part of education. In our Calvinist world, this has become a major sin.” Junior Torrent 12/7/2019
Maziar Ghaderi: to Truly Know Jordan Peterson The Center - “Yeah, there’s not a lot of lying in Jordan. That’s part of what I was trying to say with the fact that he doesn’t do small talk. If he wants to talk to you, he’ll talk to you. And sometimes the first thing he’ll ask you is something kind of serious.” Kambiz Tavana 12/6/2019
Why Karl Marx Is Wrong The Center - “Running a profitable enterprise is not the same thing as Smaug guarding a pile of gold.” Jonathan Church 12/5/2019
In Reply to Geoffrey Miller: Polyamory Becomes Polygyny The Center - “Miller is a bit naïve here. He does not seem to notice that, as a general rule, polyamory eventually becomes polygyny.” Gabriel Andrade 11/29/2019
Why Yasmine Mohammed Is Speaking out Against Islam (Part II) The Center - “Actually, the two things that ex-Muslims let go of—the very last two things that they let go of—are eating pork and anti-Semitism. It’s because both of these things are so ingrained in us from such a young age.” Erich J. Prince 11/27/2019
Aeschylus’ “Prometheus Bound”: Where Is Meaning to be Found? The Center - “Aeschylus’ tragedy represents the most elemental aspects of our human condition: all human flourishing comes with a cost.” Chris Augusta 11/26/2019
What Share of Socialists Want to Abolish Families? The Center - “John Rawls, surely the most relevant philosopher of justice in the 20th Century, was aware of this problem and notoriously asked if the family should be abolished, with no clear answers.” Gabriel Andrade 11/24/2019
Why Yasmine Mohammed Is Speaking out Against Islam The Center - “What I was not prepared for was the tsunami of just hate and pushback and disdain that would come from people I thought were my people: people that believed in enlightenment values, Western values, and liberal values.” Erich J. Prince 11/23/2019
The Particular Discomfort Neurodivergents Have with Speech Codes The Center - “The patterns of behavior that characterize a broad part of the autistic spectrum are indirectly viewed as a hindrance towards the 21st-century diversity and inclusion goals.” Alessandro van den Berg 11/22/2019
The Solution to the “Incel” Problem The Center - “A State that hopes to mingle in the bedroom is one step closer to totalitarianism, and that is why sex redistribution is a horrifying prospect. But, while not enforcing it, the State, and most importantly, leaders of civil society (most crucially, intellectuals), should send the message that monogamy is a good thing.” Gabriel Andrade 11/13/2019
When the Left Doesn’t Like Science Either The Center - “At the time when postcolonialist scholars were saying these silly things (starting in the latter half of the 20th Century), some philosophers of science were also developing some strange ideas.” Gabriel Andrade 11/9/2019
Thomas Friedman, Barack Obama, and the Longstanding Tumult in Syria The Center - “Had Obama intervened strongly enough in 2013, Syria could have been his Bosnia, a long-running humanitarian disaster that a U.S. president halted after initially dragging his feet.” Michael D. Purzycki 11/7/2019
Pope Francis and “What Is Idolatry, Anyways?” The Center -   “And Pope Francis himself is wrong for, once again, being a populist and refusing to call a spade a spade; he wants support from the Left and thus defends Pachamama, but he also wants support from the Right and thus condemns idolatry.” Gabriel Andrade 11/4/2019
Augustine and the Politics of Love The Center - “Compared to the other classical political philosophers, Augustine stands apart from not articulating a preferred political order or what the ideal order would be. And that is the point.” Paul Krause 11/1/2019
Halloween Moral Panics, on Both the Left and Right The Center - “Despite the absurd views of evangelical pastors, college diversity officers, and Latin American leftist nationalists, Halloween is unstoppable, and this is for the good of humanity.” Gabriel Andrade 10/31/2019
Franco’s Exhumation: An Opportunity to End One-Sided Narratives The Center - “In fact, many of the generals who participated in the 1936 rebellion used the 1934 rebellion as an excuse: if the Left was not willing to give recognition to a legitimately constituted government, then now the Right was not under the obligation to do so, either.” Gabriel Andrade 10/29/2019
Somewhere Between the Marquis de Sade and the Twist The Center - “…nor could [Houellebecq] have emerged from the hundreds of wallet-siphoning creative writing MFA programs, whose grasp on the American literary world has sanitized literature to an unreadable degree.” Clint Margrave 10/27/2019
Noam Chomsky, Edward Said, and the Left’s False Anti-Imperialist Crusade The Center - “Through rallying anti-war movements and opposing any Western intervention (including humanitarian missions), many Western socialist intellectuals have, in fact, turned themselves into foot soldiers for authoritarian and undemocratic regimes.” Sirvan Karimi 10/26/2019
“Things We Pretend Not to Know”: Douglas Murray and the Futilitarian Paradigm The Center - “Mill is pointing to a driver, perhaps the chief driver of inequality in our economic system. The ‘capital’ that young people today are unable to accumulate is, in fact, land (i.e. location) value.” Darren Iversen 10/24/2019
Sorry Noam Chomsky, the World Needs the United States The Center - “The United States has no other option but to, as Niall Ferguson phrases it, cease to be an empire-in-denial, and come to terms with the fact that, for now, the world needs a global policeman, and the United States is the one country that can play that role.” Gabriel Andrade 10/23/2019