Where Is Spike Lee? The Center - “Lee has already proven that he is one of the greatest film directors of all time; now is his time to prove that he is also a responsible influencer upon society at large.” Gabriel Andrade 6/8/2020
The Dangers of Campus Speech Codes: Revisiting the Water Buffalo Affair The Center - “The history which preceded the magazine’s shutdown and resurgence involved a controversy sufficient for the Red and Blue to be ‘expelled from the Student Activities Council (SAC)’ and to have ‘archives…trashed by the University.'” Jonathan Church 6/7/2020
The Cultural Imperialism of Protest The Center - “Yet I see it more as yet another form of cultural imperialism. It takes an American victim to be brutalized in order for the whole world to come out and protest.” Gabriel Andrade 6/6/2020
Colin Kaepernick and a False Dichotomy The Center - “It probably also guarantees he will not be standing anytime soon, given that these are highly charged social issues which are deeply complex and are probably not going to be ‘fixed’ in the foreseeable future.” Jonathan Church 6/6/2020
Why Trust Prevents Nations from Tearing Themselves Apart The Center - “The last time a leading Danish politician was murdered was 1286. It’s not war with your foreign enemies [that matters]; it’s internally, in political stability.” Mark Hecht 6/5/2020
The Protests Are Not About Police Violence The Center - “Racism and racial inequality are barriers for many non-whites, but viewing these disparities as a morality play between powerful whites and enraged minorities is a recipe for untold conflict.” Samuel Kronen 6/3/2020
As the Word “Racism” Loses Its Meaning The Center - “Ambiguity, however, is the name of the game when it comes to defining racism, while Whiteness Studies is similarly plagued with ‘critical’ obfuscation.” Jonathan Church 6/2/2020
Amid Widespread Unrest, Conservatives Must Respond Correctly The Center - “When criticizing this violent upheaval, will [conservatives] go for the low-hanging fruit and come up with absurd, cheap explanations for what is going on? Or, will they engage in serious reflection to prevent this from happening again?” Gabriel Andrade 6/2/2020
Will Words Win the Day: Jargon and the Pandemic The Center - “So, how do doctors, scientists, and everyday people traverse the COVID-19 landscape, where each passing day seems to provide new information and new “theories” about our current predicament?” Cameron Joseph 5/26/2020
A Few Questions for My Social Justice Colleagues The Center - “What I left out of that piece are the many questions my immersion has raised whose answers, if I could find them, might help what I’ll call the reasonable unwoke better assess SJ/DEI claims. I would like to air those questions here.” David Ferrero 5/26/2020
Excitement about the Coronavirus’ Effect on Emissions Obscures the Big Picture The Center - “Should individuals collectively decide to make radical changes to lower their carbon output, they—and the economy at large—will suffer. As a result, individuals won’t. And, their individual choices would not be enough, regardless.” Thomas Hochman 5/24/2020
Joe Biden’s “You Ain’t Black” Comment Is Deeply Concerning The Center - “I can only hope that in this election African American voters cast their ballots on the basis of what each candidate proposes—and not on the basis of what they think their racial essence ought to be. That is what real liberation is all about.” Gabriel Andrade 5/22/2020
To “The Last Dance’s” Critics, At Least Michael Jordan Isn’t a Hypocrite The Center - “Basketball fans endlessly discuss whether Michael Jordan or LeBron James is the greatest basketball player of all time. The jury may still be out on that one, but in my book, off-court James is definitely the lesser man.” Gabriel Andrade 5/20/2020
The Limits of Political Reasoning The Center - “However, regardless of it being mathematically the same task, the politically-charged task’s results came out in a polarized fashion…” Alessandro van den Berg 5/19/2020
Lessons from Antiquity for Our Current Pandemic The Center - “Thucydides subsequently goes on to say, ‘In other respects also Athens owed to the plague the beginnings of a state of unprecedented lawlessness.’” Paul Krause 5/18/2020
Psychoanalytic Darkness and Reflections on the Coronavirus The Center - “The ‘viral’ aspect of the Coronavirus pandemic and the disproportionate effect on the aged similarly suggests a Jungian reading of systemic breakdown and a lurch towards either symbolic or literal death.” Nick Opyrchal 5/18/2020
Why Jordan Peterson Is Worth Defending The Center - “And, in the midst of it all, a Canadian psychologist told people to clean their rooms before trying to change the world and has not ceased to be excoriated for his efforts years later. History will be kinder to him than his opponents.” Samuel Kronen 5/17/2020
Is the Recent Coup Attempt in Venezuela Just the Beginning? The Center - “So, it may seem as if the recent failed expedition against Maduro is a major blunder. However, I would like to think that this is only the beginning, and that those Rambo wannabes may have actually sparked a greater desire for liberation among Venezuelans.” Gabriel Andrade 5/13/2020
If There Were Ever a Time for Bipartisanship, It Is Now The Center - “COVID-19 presents a unique opportunity for governments to build trust. According to a recent update of the 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer, trust in government around the world spiked by 11 points between January and May 2020.” Matt Johnson 5/13/2020
Lacan’s “Real,” Jung’s “Psychoid,” and Jordan Peterson’s “Dragon of Chaos” The Center - “It may hearten aggrieved fans of Jordan Peterson, whose status as representative of Jungian thought I took umbrage with in a previous article, that I recognize some value in this aspect of Peterson’s work from a psychoanalytic or psychotherapeutic perspective.” Nick Opyrchal 5/11/2020
The Book-Length Critique of Jordan Peterson Isn’t Perfect, Either The Center - “The authors have done well in providing the substance for a critique of Jordan Peterson, but they need someone to spice up their style, which is precisely what Jordan Peterson, himself, did in his own career.” Gabriel Andrade 5/8/2020
Review: Bart Ehrman’s “Heaven and Hell: A History of the Afterlife” The Center - “Bart Ehrman, ever loyal to his engaging style, approaches this topic in Heaven and Hell: A History of the Afterlife. As expected, he delivers the goods, covering religious texts from the Epic of Gilgamesh to the writings of Augustine.” Gabriel Andrade 5/3/2020
Why China Is Unlikely to Dominate the Globe The Center - “While the United States offers a conception of universal human rights and democracy—and while the Soviet Union offered the idea of achieving global communism—China lacks a universalist narrative or imperial mission.” Tomislav Kardum 5/2/2020
Viral Truths and the Mouthpieces of Unreality The Center - “What I want is to praise Hunt because what he had done has been incredible—and to praise those whose truths Hunt was in a position to make go viral.” Allen Farrington 4/30/2020
Palmar de Troya and a Broader Question: Cult or Religion? The Center - “A religion becomes mainstream simply because of its sheer demographic power—not because of the reasonableness of its beliefs and practices.” Gabriel Andrade 4/29/2020
Speaking with Bo Winegard: from the State of the Academy to the State of Twitter The Center - “My sense is that most people—even people who truly abhor a lot of the stuff that I write—were supportive and were sort of horrified by the decision and by what happened.” Kevin Turner 4/29/2020
Jordan Peterson and Carl Jung’s Worldviews Have Been Greatly Oversimplified The Center - “With respect to McManus and Hamilton, who have admittedly produced a very interesting article, there are characterizations and theoretical points within their article that I feel need to be addressed.” Nick Opyrchal 4/28/2020
Herodotus and Long-Standing Problems in Anthropology The Center - “Regrettably, in more recent times, anthropology (and the humanities in general) has placed excessive, imbalanced value on emic.” Gabriel Andrade 4/27/2020
Interview: Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones on Endorsing President Trump The Center - “And I have a choice right now: Do I vote for Joe Biden, a white guy who locked black people up? Or do I vote for President Donald Trump, a white guy who happens to be a Republican, who let black people out of jail and gave them a second chance?” Kevin Turner 4/25/2020
The Coronavirus Response Does Not Take Place in a Vacuum The Center - “Similarly, University of Zurich researchers in 2015—using data from the time of the Great Recession—estimated that unemployment causes 45,000 suicides per year.” Brett Oppenheim 4/24/2020
Why the Inequality Debate Just Goes ‘Round and ‘Round The Center - “And here, perhaps lies the problem: the single tax’s indiscriminate generosity is its undoing. You cannot offer both sides what they want without dissolving the distinction between them.” Darren Iversen 4/22/2020
Has the Media Been Partner to a Widespread Mishandling of the Coronavirus? The Center - “Reports about do-not-resuscitate orders being contemplated by hospitals began overwhelming the airwaves until Dr. Deborah Birx directly and publicly disputed these claims.” Brett Oppenheim 4/21/2020
The New York Times’ “1619 Project” Was a Long Time Coming The Center - “More recently, The New York Times’ Nikole Hannah-Jones has gone on an antiracism crusade by coming up with the 1619 Project.” Gabriel Andrade 4/20/2020
Coronavirus Blood Tests May Bring a Reckoning The Center - Antibody testing will soon clarify how many have contracted COVID-19, and its real mortality rate. Those results could determine who survives the political fallout. Joshua Leichtberg, M.D. 4/19/2020
Moral Behavior When No One Is Watching: an Interview with Jillian Jordan The Center - “For the ‘Signaling When No One Is Watching,’ basically what we were interested in was motivated by previous research suggesting that people are strongly motivated to signal to others that they’re morally good.” Kevin Turner 4/17/2020
The Many Problems with Marxism The Center - “I recently met up with an old friend, a staunch Marxist, at a traditional Viennese café to catch up and talk about our political differences. After hours of discussion, he admitted, ‘Well, ultimately, it’s a question of faith.'” Gerfried Ambrosch 4/15/2020
The Coronavirus and a “Coup d’état” of the Brain The Center - “Today, we are witnessing the medical equivalent of the Manhattan Project or the Apollo Moon Mission.” Chris Augusta 4/11/2020
A Good Friday Reflection: Who Killed Jesus? The Center - “In telling their foundational story, the evangelists sought Rome’s favor by portraying Pilate and Roman authorities in a more benevolent light, thus representing Jews as the real culprits in Jesus’ death.” Gabriel Andrade 4/9/2020
Reading in the Age of Coronavirus The Center - “Notably, during these times of self-isolation, it should be a near-requirement to use our time to delve into certain subjects.” Alessandro van den Berg 4/9/2020
Pandemic Pandemonium: Has America Gotten It Wrong? The Center - “Since a vaccine is years away, natural herd immunity is the only remaining feasible route. But current governmental actions are directly preventing the development of widespread immunity, thus guaranteeing the prolongation of the pandemic.” Joshua Leichtberg, M.D. 4/8/2020
What Søren Kierkegaard Can Teach the Left About Ayn Rand The Center - “The view of Rand as a self-absorbed, even solipsistic, apologist for the greed of nefarious capitalists…was always a myopic misreading of Rand, at least if one pays close attention to her novels.” Jonathan Church 4/7/2020
Achilles, Priam, and the Redemptive Power of Forgiveness The Center - “For all the battle scenes, violent sex, and rage that fills the poem, the most memorable scenes in the poem are moments of love—especially loving moments of embrace.” Paul Krause 4/6/2020
Free Lunch as the Key to a Free Market: a Reply to Jonathan Church The Center - “Thus, in respect to buildings and services, the landlord is selling his or her labour. Part of the rent he or she charges constitutes wages. So far so good, but what about the land component of real estate?” Darren Iversen 4/5/2020
How the Coronavirus in Mexico Is Exacerbated by Inequality The Center - “A governor declared that the disease was for rich people only and that it did not affect the poor. As such, how could we possibly expect Mexican citizens to react seriously to this pandemic when its government was behaving like this?” María José Vallejo 4/3/2020
There Is No Free Lunch: Landlords Are Not Leeches The Center - We should support rent moratoriums—but not because landlords are ruthlessly exploiting a pandemic. Jonathan Church 4/2/2020
What Netflix’s “Tiger King” Teaches Us about Race and Class in America The Center - “The United States needs a reality check. Yes, race has been a major issue in the country’s history. But class matters, and we must never forget that.” Gabriel Andrade 4/2/2020
On the Passing of Albert Uderzo (And What Postcolonialists Might Learn from Him) The Center - “Uderzo’s approach to postcolonial criticism was much more nuanced and effective. Perhaps it takes a simple comic book illustrator to accomplish the job that overly sophisticated scholars fail to do.” Gabriel Andrade 3/30/2020
To Slow the Coronavirus, We Need Messages of Egoism—Not Altruism The Center - “In the time of a silent but dangerous virus, we need to rely upon the individual’s self-preservation instinct to save other lives.“ Simone Redaelli 3/29/2020
In Reply to Ben Burgis: Capitalism, Socialism, and Marx The Center - “…one can go into business with the long-term goal of instituting a worker co-op. But the first and most fundamental aim is to supply the market with something consumers want, in as profitable a way as possible.” Jonathan Church 3/26/2020
Glamorizing Disease: Then and Now The Center - “In yet another display of his famous vanity, Lord Byron once wrote: ‘How pale I look!—I should like, I think, to die of consumption…because then the women would all say, ‘see that poor Byron—how interesting he looks in dying!’” Gabriel Andrade 3/25/2020
Balance Is Needed in the Fight Against the Coronavirus The Center - “Since there is no vaccine coming anytime soon, the only way to properly handle this pandemic at this time is to allow the population to develop natural immunity to it in a controlled manner that avoids overloading the healthcare system.” Joshua Leichtberg, M.D. 3/24/2020
Robin DiAngelo Is Correct about the Psychic Weight of Race The Center - “Although one empirical study indicates that whiteness may not be as invisible to white people as is assumed, DiAngelo is not widely off the mark about the psychological advantages of being white.” Jonathan Church 3/24/2020
Margaret Thatcher, Libertarianism, and the Etherization of the Single Tax The Center - “Margaret Thatcher was a self-described libertarian from that era. She did something quite different with the single tax problem; she altered the class structure of the country.” Darren Iversen 3/23/2020
Where Social Justice Activists Persuade Me—and Where They Don’t The Center - “What follows are examples of topics where SJ/DEI activists have persuaded me, where they haven’t, and where they have led me to fresh, if heterodox, insights.” David Ferrero 3/20/2020
The Fraught Relationship Between Religion and Epidemiology The Center - “Recently, renowned essayist Thomas Chatterton Williams has taken some heat for mocking a prayer session headed by Vice President Mike Pence in the White House amid the coronavirus outbreak.” Gabriel Andrade 3/19/2020
Three Lessons from Nine Years of Conflict in Syria The Center - “However much Americans and their leaders may want to turn away from wars and atrocities geographically far away, sooner or later they will be impacted by them, usually in a jarring and harmful way.” Michael D. Purzycki 3/18/2020
The Coronavirus: Exacerbated by Cultural Pathology The Center - “Make no mistake; we are in a war, and wars tend to be easier to win when it is generally acknowledged that they are happening.” Allen Farrington 3/17/2020
Going Deeper Than a Famous Quotation or Two The Center - “By inviting further exploration of a quotation’s origin, we might re-discover great and complicated thinkers, who, it turns out, have far more to offer than a single phrase.” Erich J. Prince 3/16/2020
The Coronavirus and Modern Malthusians The Center - “One important aspect in controlling the coronavirus and saving patients’ lives will be the use of ventilators in hospitals. How are these produced? They sure as hell cannot be produced in Unabomber-style cabins.” Gabriel Andrade 3/10/2020
A Vision for Transhumanism: an Interview with Rachel Haywire The Center - “Human nature is to seek power; we’ve had that since the Stone Age. That’s just part of human behavior. But, as transhumanists, we seek to go beyond that kind of thing.” Peter Clarke 3/9/2020