St. Peter and St. Paul: A “Bromance” That Never Was The Center - “Yet, Christianity is a more complicated religion, because in its traditions, fact and fiction intermingle, and it is not always  easy to determine which is which.” Gabriel Andrade 6/7/2019
Interview with Senator Isakson: Putting Veterans First The Center - “One thing is for sure in Washington is, no matter how tight or tough times are, veterans are a class to themselves; they are an issue to themselves. Partisanship rarely ever creeps into the VA.” Erich J. Prince 6/4/2019
When We Make Political Pawns of Children The Center - “Every January, toddlers hold signs with messages that they cannot possibly understand. But children also hold signs they might passively understand, and teenagers hold signs they probably understand, if only imperfectly.” Samuel Forster 6/3/2019
When Marx Attacked The Single Tax The Center - “Georgism dissolves socialism; it is pro-worker and pro-capital at the same time. This is impossible for the socialist who believes to his core that labor can only win if capital loses.” Darren Iversen 6/2/2019
Modi and the Erosion of Critical Thinking in India The Center - “Postcolonial and post-modern scholarship criticize science as a Western construct with no real legitimate claim to truth or objectivity, thus paving the way for Hindu nationalists to come up with their wild theories.” Gabriel Andrade 6/1/2019
Interview: A Pulitzer Prize Winner’s Advice to Young Journalists The Center - “Photojournalism—and photography in general—is based on a trusting relationship: the relationship between the photographer and the subject. And, in order to really get several layers deep, the photographer needs to reveal their sensitive side.” Erich J. Prince 5/28/2019
A Deep Dive into Ben Shapiro’s Book The Center - “That ‘conservatives’ today celebrate the book speaks volumes of the leftward drift of conservatism and the confused state of existence conservatism is in.” Paul Krause 5/27/2019
The Perennially Difficult Debate Around Tyrannicide The Center - “It is, for the most part, a taboo, presumably because of how morally outrageous it seems—and because no sensible person wants to go down as proposing assassinations.” Gabriel Andrade 5/25/2019
Climate Change Makes a Thanos of Us All The Center - “We need a philosophy of problem-solving, not problem-avoidance. And yes, while stalling techniques are useful, their primary function is to give us more time to create active solutions, not avoid them all together.” Tom Hyde 5/22/2019
Nietzsche’s First Man: Ralph Waldo Emerson The Center - “Nietzsche has little unqualified good to say about individual modern philosophers—save one: Ralph Waldo Emerson.” Chris Augusta 5/21/2019