Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility Theory Falls Prey to Logical Fallacies The Center - “Unfortunately, in so blithely dismissing individualism, DiAngelo hinges her theory so heavily on collective, rather than individual, identity and experience that it dies on the sword of a logical fallacy.” Jonathan Church 10/16/2019
Shakespeare, a Political Theorist Too The Center - “That they are tragedies also reveals Shakespeare’s pessimistic outlook on politics. Politics is a tragic necessity. But it comes with a cost. Namely, the forsaking of love.” Paul Krause 10/15/2019
The Most Important Thing to Understand about Putin’s Russia The Center - Vladimir Putin may be President of the Russian Federation, but, for all the talk about the various events since he came to power, perhaps the most significant change to have taken place under Putin’s tenure is the elevation in power of the Russian Orthodox Church. Jack Dulgarian 10/14/2019
The $1 Per Day Issue The Center - “Given the endless current debates on immigration-related topics, the ‘$1 Per Day Issue’ issue has, at times, arguably been lost amid other questions that are frequently raised about our current immigration policies.” Erich J. Prince and Allen Zheng 10/10/2019
Napoleon Chagnon and the Myth of the Noble Savage The Center - “Two hundred years later, Venezuelans speak of natives as a national asset—and sometimes even a touristic attraction—that enhances their national pride, very much like oil fields, beauty queens, Miguel Cabrera, or Angel Falls.” Gabriel Andrade 10/9/2019
“Give Them An Argument: Logic For The Left”—A Review The Center - “Give Them An Argument, at times, reads like an instruction pamphlet on how to use logic to defeat our political opponents, a social democratic version of Sun Tzu’s Art Of War, and, in that sense, Burgis might have more in common with his overzealous conservative opponents that he might realize.” Samuel Kronen 10/7/2019
Jordan Peterson, Nietzsche, and Avoiding Living for Happiness Alone The Center - “The resistance displayed towards these important thinkers is most regrettable, and for all the Complacent Men quick to criticize them, doing so makes you no closer to achieving your ever so desired—and elusive—’happiness.'” Alessandro van den Berg 10/3/2019
Urging Restraint for the Transgender Community The Center - “It is not overwhelmingly different than when I, as a gay man, criticize the gay community for taking things too far by, for instance, bringing both borderline and actual nudity to public Pride Parades, especially in places where children are often present.” Curtis Powell 10/1/2019
Having Lived in the Marshall Islands, I Understand Greta’s Concerns The Center - “In 2016, fleeing Venezuela’s socialism, I took a teaching job in Majuro, the capital of the Republic of the Marshall Islands.” Gabriel Andrade 9/30/2019
Edward Snowden: Courageous Whistleblower or Useful Idiot? The Center - “Sadly, Snowden suffered from a syndrome that is too typical among activists in the West: in their zeal for criticism of their own country or civilization, they end up favoring other countries or civilizations that are far worse.” Gabriel Andrade 9/22/2019