Is the American Economy Significantly Different than Europeans Think? The Center - “Do you realize how strange it is that professionals can move around Europe more freely than they can in the U.S.? And that overall, Alabama has more autonomy over its regulations than France does?”  Mark Hecht 11/24/2020
What Is a Cult, Anyway? The Center - “The word ‘cult’ is tossed around quite frequently in media, but few can offer a precise definition.” Gabriel Andrade 11/23/2020
Review: Carlos Lozada’s “What Were We Thinking” The Center - “Lozada’s book provides a comprehensive, incisive analysis of the intellectual debates that defined the Trump-era. As we plunge forward into a post-Trump presidency politics, it is a must read.” Thomas Koenig 11/20/2020
Finding Hope When All Seems Lost The Center - “The alarming juxtaposition is that on the other side of this brick wall were patients dying from malaria and children being born with HIV. However, the sheer joy and optimism of this village was unbreakable and, in every sense, unexplainable.” David Kim 11/18/2020
I Voted for Trump, and I’m Not a Racist The Center - “But I had never voted in a presidential election until this year. So why did I vote in 2020?” Alexander Zubatov 11/18/2020
Review: Ted Cruz’s “One Vote Away” The Center - “One Vote Away serves as a useful primer on some of the great constitutional issues of our day, while also proving that legal judgment and political judgment are separate matters.” Thomas Koenig 11/17/2020
Meritocratic Tyranny: Big, If True The Center - “But Sandel’s critique of meritocracy runs deeper than lamenting the obvious gap between meritocratic ideals and reality; Sandel takes issue with the ideal of meritocracy itself.” Thomas Koenig 11/13/2020
Ibram Kendi’s Thesis Could Use a Lot More Rigor (Part II) The Center - “In short, Kendi’s consequentialist view of racism as rooted in policy (which, however unpredictably and unintentionally, results in racial disparities) does not explain everything.” Jonathan Church 11/12/2020
“Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children” The Center - “By becoming so concerned about the plight of children, we have become child-like ourselves.” Gabriel Andrade 11/9/2020
We’re Divided. But Will We Fall? The Center - “French dedicates his book to James Madison, saying, ‘May we remember that you were right.'” Thomas Koenig 11/9/2020
Ibram Kendi’s Thesis Could Use a Lot More Rigor The Center - “For Kendi, it is policy first and racism second. Debatable? That is a racist question. Maybe a presentist interpretation of history? Also racist.” Jonathan Church 11/7/2020
Is the West “at War with Islam”? The Center - “This becomes painfully clear when it is one’s own city that is being attacked. I had cycled through the neighborhood a mere 30 minutes before the attack commenced.” Gerfried Ambrosch 11/6/2020
America: Strained But Strong The Center - “Hopefully, the reality of neither party being dominant will translate into a shared recognition that virtues like tolerance must be rediscovered and resuscitated in our political life.” Thomas Koenig 11/4/2020
To Resist Participating in the Great Lie The Center - “Solzhenitsyn observed through incredible hardship and deep reflection, that, in his country, the lie had ‘become not just a moral category but a pillar of the state.'” Jordan Stout 11/2/2020
“A Cry from the Far Middle”: Lots of Laughs, And a Few Important Insights The Center - “If there is an underlying argument here, though, it is that Americans ought to quit taking themselves—and their own tribe’s political convictions—so darn seriously.” Thomas Koenig 11/2/2020
To My Fellow Catholics, Just Before Election Day The Center - “We must face the reality that the prevalence of abortion is a manifestation of our distressed sociality and corrupted sense of mutual responsibility.” Thomas Koenig 11/1/2020