The Problems with Diversity Training Jonathan Church The Center - “This is an admirable aim, but there is just one big problem: Diversity training is not working.” 11/8/2023
Dr. Cheryl Green: What’s Ailing Young Women Emeline Torrens The Center - “The most common precursor of gender dysphoria, though, seems to be intense social media use. The gender dysphoria more often seems to stem from that rather than from the home.” 10/26/2023
Reflections on Martin Luther King Jr.’s Vision of the American Dream Bruno V. Manno The Center - “I was not there at the Memorial in the sweltering heat and humidity of Washington. I saw it through the magic of our black-and-white Muntz television set in my family’s Italian tavern in Cleveland, Ohio.” 10/23/2023
How Jesse Singal Became the Symbol of Polarization on the Left Peter Clarke The Center - “Whether or not Singal is wrong in his conclusions does not matter. He dared to question the truisms, the sacred cows, and that brands him irredeemably transphobic.” 10/17/2023
Harvard Needs to Be Consistent on the Virtue of Free Speech Jonathan Church The Center - “As my co-author Kai Whiting and I argue in an upcoming book…free speech debates have become not simply a matter of whether or to what extent certain ideas should be banished from the public domain, but why, how, and for whom they should be restricted.” 10/16/2023
Barbarians in Our Midst Gerfried Ambrosch The Center - “It is safe to say that the Muslims who have been spouting anti-Semitic hatred and propaganda on our streets in recent days were socialized in a culture whose values are irreconcilably at odds with ours—a parallel society that sees itself not as part of Western civilization but in opposition to it.” 10/13/2023
Mourning for Palestinians and Israelis—and the Possibility of Peace Ended Yasmine Mohammed The Center - “After witnessing the events of the past few days, I admit that part of me is relieved that [my father] died before he had to watch Hamas take away his lifelong dream, slaughtering both it and Israeli civilians on video for the entire world to see.” 10/11/2023
The Collapse of the Kabul Foreign Aid Bazaar Julian Spencer-Churchill The Center - “The stated North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) objective in Afghanistan was nation-building, but what was created instead, over 20 years, and fell in days, was a heavily garrisoned foreign aid bazaar.” 10/7/2023
Understanding Americans’ Rampant Dissatisfaction with Healthcare Henry Buchwald The Center - “As a patient, I do not want to hold hands with a robot and confide my health problems to a faceless entity. As a doctor, a patient, and a human being, I reject the currently shattered doctor-patient relationship.” 9/28/2023
Incurious: George and the Postcolonialists Melissa Knox The Center - “Schwartz-DuPre is dedicated to putting an end to the idea that Curious George is nothing more than an amusing story.” 9/27/2023