Jonathan Church: Getting to the Bottom of the Robin DiAngelo Craze The Center - “I go through a whole analysis of that and why—statistically speaking—you’re basically making a very broad statement about white people in general based on one observation in one Jeopardy! episode.” Erich J. Prince 2/1/2021
Finding Value in Diversity Training: the Case of Microaggressions The Center - “That is why in my work with schools and non-governmental organizations I try to model an open and judicious approach to CSJ orthodoxies, one that sifts through the kooky stuff in order to highlight the important parts.” David Ferrero 1/31/2021
What Is the Intellectual’s Duty to Society? The Center - “In his new book, Hope & Scorn: Eggheads, Experts, and Elites in American Politics, historian Michael J. Brown adeptly probes questions such as these as he delves into ‘the uncertain role of intellectuals in a democracy.'” Thomas Koenig 1/30/2021
Contra Bridget Phetasy, We Should Not Abandon Partisan Politics The Center - “Given the fact that humans are competitive by nature, how could politics not become some version of a team sport? It is true that hyper-partisanship is not great, but the game is what it is.” Peter Clarke 1/27/2021
Francis Fukuyama: Making Identity Politics Work The Center - “One of the core conclusions of Fukuyama’s Identity is that identity politics—the ‘demand for [political] recognition of one’s identity,’ whether that be a racial, ethnic, religious, or national identity—is here to stay.” Thomas Koenig 1/25/2021
In Response to a Worthy Critic The Center - “I will close here by thanking Senatore for his thoughtful critique of my review. I hope that this response convinces him that my ‘sweeping statements and feel-good-isms’ are not wholly without merit!” Thomas Koenig 1/22/2021
“After Trump” The Center - “In what ways can we further immunize our governing institutions from the political malaise of today and tomorrow?” Thomas Koenig 1/19/2021
A Brief History of Nothing (Part II): Something for Nothing The Center - “We presumed to be no longer worshipping anything, but were we not actually worshipping Nothing?” Chris Augusta 1/16/2021
Desperately Seeking Consistency The Center - “And, as Michael Lind pointed out in Tablet, Washington, D.C.’s Capitol Hill was not the only Capitol Hill taken over by extremists thanks to a lax police presence—witness ultra-progressive Seattle.” Michael D. Purzycki 1/15/2021
Transgender Rites: How Trans Activism Manipulates Public Opinion The Center - “The notion that gender identity is a matter of self-identification, separate from biological sex, not only flies in the face of science but also leads to circular reasoning.” Gerfried Ambrosch 1/15/2021