Traffic Poetry - “And where, but in constant circularity/Is all this moving headed?/The answer Cannot be death…” Harold Jones 5/9/2023
A Once Unnecessary Reminder: Criticism Produces Good Works Criticism - “My own song ‘Alabama’ richly deserved the shot Lynyrd Skynyrd gave me with their great record. I don’t like my words when I listen to it. They are accusatory and condescending…” Erich J. Prince 3/27/2023
The Tide Poetry - “‘Where now security, what to trust?’/The cycle of an invisible moon has/Our harbor in its force, another period/Has begun: the existing limits to be tested.” Harold Jones 2/19/2023
Love Makings Poetry - “Yet there is no one thing, no attribute/Of yours that I can fix on, nothing/I can abstract, describe, isolate…” Harold Jones 2/7/2023
Abortion and the Mythic Mother Personal Essay - “They do not realize good mothering comes from fearlessness. Few things promote more fear than being deprived of control of one’s own body.” Melissa Knox 12/5/2022
Five Poems of Neighborhood  Poetry - “‘What have you got there?’ ‘It’s snapper.’/“Did you catch it?’ ‘No, my dad caught it—/He says to watch out for any tiny bones.'”  Harold Jones 12/2/2022
Fetterman v. Oz (And a Love Letter to a Conflicted Pennsylvania) Personal Essay - “Not everything stays the same, and, in many cases, it probably should not.” Erich J. Prince 11/1/2022
George Psalmanazar and the Extreme Art of Imposture Personal Essay - “Many of us also like impostors because, deep down, we understand that to exist only matter-of-factly, without fiction, would be intolerable.” Matthew Wardour 10/31/2022
Review: James I. Porter’s “Homer: The Very Idea” Criticism - “But the price of that fame and quasi-divine status took its toll. ‘Immortality had its costs,’ Porter writes, ‘and Homer paid for it dearly.'” Paul Krause 10/24/2022
4 x 9 Poetry - “Anyone who keeps/A compost heap knows the whole of life” Harold Jones 10/21/2022
Dimorphism Poetry - “And that we might as well stop killing one another,/because everyone who lived during the French Revolution is dead anyways.” Erich J. Prince 10/1/2022
As the Leaves Begin to Change Poetry - “In that waltz, you find me now/Singing, dancing, with the moon” Paul Krause 9/25/2022
Youth Poetry - “and Pastor speaks with God, while I/repent my youth that/like the flower which fades/has been my secret, golden calf.” Mark Botts 9/10/2022
Fly Fishing Poetry - “What does it bring to light?/What meaning is there to land?/Have you killed a bit of me? I doubt it.” Harold Jones 9/6/2022
Moving Clockwise around Easton County Fiction - “They’ve always been rivals with a town across the county line, a town of insulation and roofing makers. It’s a working-class rivalry, the authentic kind, one that lasts whatever color the collars become.” Michael D. Purzycki 9/5/2022
Review: Philip Freeman’s “Hannibal” Criticism - “Freeman’s book, as the author acknowledges, is written as something of a eulogy to this great man of antiquity, who has captured imaginations for two millennia.” Paul Krause 9/4/2022