Duncan Farm Hank Lazer Poetry - “to my dog/Nate/as he is finishing/a seizure/i repeat/i am with you” 7/5/2024
Cicada Season JoAnna Novak Poetry - “Wire/protects the beech/from bladed lovers/initial-besotted for years,/each letter a small death.” 6/28/2024
Syllabic Fits of Speech: Cedar Sigos’ “All This Time” Johnny Payne Essay - “Sigo is a poet of utter seriousness, one who feels strongly about justice, the revindication of Native American identity, the calling out of cruelty and neglect, and many other pressing social matters. But he comes at the task with a meditative indirection, insisting on approaching these realities in a considered and careful manner.” 6/23/2024
AquaDom Jane Blanchard Poetry - “Soon first responders make a grim/assessment of the odd catastrophe.” 6/21/2024
A Fresh Look at André Spears’ “From the Lost Land I-XII” Michael Boughn Criticism - “And it is all held together in an irrepressible delight in language and what happens when language and imagination are unleashed and told to have a good time.” 6/16/2024
Three Poems by Jonathan Ukah Jonathan Chibuike Ukah Poetry - “Then you arrived like fresh tulips in winter,/the shape of my heart, the color of gold;/you turned the weeds in my garden into roses,/every rock on my farm was a bar of chocolate/waiting to feed our future generations…” 6/14/2024
Lynn Xu’s Cantilevered Vase of Moonlight Johnny Payne Essay - “Here reposes the reverie-inducing freedom of Rilke and Proust, where you get to say ‘dreaming’ twice, or a thousand times, and even ‘et cetera’ twice, in case you forgot to fill in the blank with your own lyrical, rapture-adjacent images the first time.” 6/9/2024
Three Poems by Ace Boggess Ace Boggess Poetry - “I scan rooms with a happiness detector,/which is like a broken Geiger counter/that stays silent while the bombs go off.” 6/7/2024
Off-Road Johnny Payne Poetry - “Age isn’t just a number, as we’d heard/it’s how we get here. I’m twice my daughter’s age/and neither thought we’d haul ourselves this far.” 5/31/2024
Kink or Worship or Both: Megan Fernandes’ “I Do Everything I’m Told” Johnny Payne Essay - “In invoking (and sometimes tweaking) cherished predecessors, this gently impious collection also helps refurbish form.” 5/26/2024
The Elegant Trogon and Poem for Robert Desnos Matthew Zapruder Poetry - “I have/a secret pigeon in my heart./I keep it in a cage composed of object lessons and feed it/moral law.” 5/24/2024
Lost in the Woods Michael Boughn Poetry - “Lost in the Woods is a symptom/of heart’s sudden loss/of direction registered in small/persistent cramps and little gasps.” 5/17/2024
That Wind Françoise Nieto-Fong Poetry - “Night’s ink congeals on rice, coating peas/like black sea pebbles glistening in the harrowed/moonlight staring through the shattered kitchen window.” 5/10/2024
“Mandarin Duck” and Other Poems Li Zhong Poetry - “In shallow ripples bathing together in pairs, as may be seen by the deep, clear waters of Xiangjiang.” 5/3/2024
For Whom the Nobel Tolls: Tomas Tranströmer’s “The Blue House” Johnny Payne Essay - “The lines, like long, rolling ocean waves on a cold Baltic sea, create their own reasons, their own rhythm, their own understanding. Anaphora is used, as Whitman did, to summon us to the great historical pageant of life, of happenings beyond our immediate knowledge.” 4/28/2024
Rossetti’s Notebook (1862-1869) Mark Scroggins Poetry - “Nonetheless, a worm/had eaten its way through any number/of Gabriel’s lines, some of his best./He had to reconstruct them from memory,/or compose them anew.” 4/19/2024