Youth Poetry - “and Pastor speaks with God, while I/repent my youth that/like the flower which fades/has been my secret, golden calf.” Mark Botts 9/10/2022
Fly Fishing Poetry - “What does it bring to light?/What meaning is there to land?/Have you killed a bit of me? I doubt it.” Harold Jones 9/6/2022
Moving Clockwise around Easton County Fiction - “They’ve always been rivals with a town across the county line, a town of insulation and roofing makers. It’s a working-class rivalry, the authentic kind, one that lasts whatever color the collars become.” Michael D. Purzycki 9/5/2022
Review: “Hannibal” by Philip Freeman  Criticism - “Freeman’s book, as the author acknowledges, is written as something of a eulogy to this great man of antiquity, who has captured imaginations for two millennia.” Paul Krause 9/4/2022
Silver Lining Poetry - “The silver lining is/you won’t be catching planes/to drag yourself away” Angelos Apallas 8/29/2022
Woodmont Poetry - “But then again,/it’s only ever been the thought that counts.” Erich J. Prince 8/11/2022
Review: Eden Collinsworth’s “What the Ermine Saw” Criticism - “Almost all the key events of modern Europe were seen through the eyes of this painting, which Collinsworth vividly brings to life in her writing.” Paul Krause 8/8/2022
Review: Riley Black’s “The Last Days of the Dinosaurs” Criticism - “This is a story about the meek inheriting the Earth.” John Tuttle 8/1/2022
Famous First Words Poetry - “All those routines!/And unhappiness can be alike.” Harry Ricketts 7/15/2022
Footnote to Larkin Poetry - “We should also be kind while we may.” Harry Ricketts 7/2/2022
Oncology Poetry - “More truths than cancer creep beneath our speech.” Harold Jones 6/25/2022
Review: “Saving Yellowstone” by Megan Kate Nelson Criticism - “Much like the United States itself, the story of Yellowstone is one of tragedy and hope, defiance and cut-throat ambition, beauty and terror, charity and callousness.” Paul Krause 5/15/2022
“Father Stu”: A Story of Hardship and Redemption Criticism - “One of the spiritual overtones present in Father Stu is one important to Christian teaching: the merit of suffering. The Christ-like endurance of suffering is particularly embodied in Long himself.” John Tuttle 5/4/2022
The River Walk Poetry - “They bring us here, to a place/Elsewhere, where there is no motion” Harold Jones 4/24/2022
The Irresistible Passion of Peter Paul Rubens Criticism - “Rubens is my favorite artist, in part, because his paintings capture the totality of the human condition in its fleshy, pathological, and metaphysical realities.” Paul Krause 4/14/2022
Review: Bruce Clark’s “Athens: City of Wisdom” Criticism - “Athens: City of Wisdom is a tour through over 3,000 years of the history of a city that has such imaginative sway and spiritual power over the hearts and minds of so many people around the world today.” Paul Krause 4/8/2022