With Action, Gran Turismo Crosses the Finish Line. With Drama, Not So Much Criticism - “On the basis of viscerality alone, Gran Turismo is worth the price of admission for the two-hour cruise along.” Marko Ladan 9/25/2023
Un Carro Triste: A Melancholic Car Poetry - “We must take the language/by surprise;/seal its every utterance/with a kiss or tear…” Youlika Masry 9/15/2023
On the Road to Damascus Poetry - “So here I am in the Radnor Township/Police Department Drunk Tank/in a white paper jumpsuit, shoelaces/removed to be sure I don’t hang myself…” W. D. Ehrhart 9/13/2023
Dictionary Poetry - “Sometimes—in the middle of fair night—/when disobedient moon turns vandal/and violently rips off the bolts/of my window-shutters, my eyelids…” Youlika Masry 8/30/2023
Bird Life: A Triptych Poetry - “No thought, as that of mine, to complete the bare/Purpose of their being, which is to feed and breed,/Become another edible, leave another seed.” Harold Jones 8/26/2023
Mark Goldblatt and the Art of Persuasion Criticism - “I cannot argue with his characterization of Foucault, Derrida, and Barthes as a ‘triumvirate of stooges,’ but with me, he is preaching to the choir. How will he convince the postmodernists?” Melissa Knox 8/16/2023
Doing the Woke Personal Essay - “The more these women agreed to be shamed for their ‘whiteness,’ the more I wondered why doing so made them feel ethical. Feeling shame makes nobody ethical. Just uncomfortable.” Melissa Knox 7/26/2023
Review: “Yellowface” by R.F. Kuang Criticism - “Yellowface has its strengths. Kuang is terrific when parodying the loathsome impulses of social media and book reviewers. She also offers wisdom about the publishing industry and the inner life of a writer.” Madeleine Jones 7/21/2023
On Wimbledon Champion Vic Seixas Reaching the Century Mark Reflection - “As he reaches the century mark, Elias Victor Seixas Jr. deserves our respect and gratitude for leading a long and extraordinary life.” Allen M. Hornblum 6/24/2023
Letter to the Editor: In Defense of Rereading Reflection - “If reading is about a relationship with a text, then my subsequent readings represented different relationships. As I changed, the book changed. I was a different person reading a different book. I am not even sure it is accurate to call this rereading.” Chris Augusta 6/18/2023
Should You Read the Same Book Twice? Criticism - “Amid this exchange about the importance of recentering the essential literature of our history, I posed to Mac Donald a question that has been on my mind since my days as a student at The Haverford School: Should one make a habit of reading the same book twice?” Erich J. Prince 6/16/2023
The Lie of the Land Poetry - “And because you are beautiful do not think/The Nereids will hear you, or Neptune wake/And the sea calm, and you will not sink” Harold Jones 5/27/2023
Traffic Poetry - “And where, but in constant circularity/Is all this moving headed?/The answer Cannot be death…” Harold Jones 5/9/2023
A Once Unnecessary Reminder: Criticism Produces Good Works Criticism - “My own song ‘Alabama’ richly deserved the shot Lynyrd Skynyrd gave me with their great record. I don’t like my words when I listen to it. They are accusatory and condescending…” Erich J. Prince 3/27/2023
The Tide Poetry - “‘Where now security, what to trust?’/The cycle of an invisible moon has/Our harbor in its force, another period/Has begun: the existing limits to be tested.” Harold Jones 2/19/2023
Love Makings Poetry - “Yet there is no one thing, no attribute/Of yours that I can fix on, nothing/I can abstract, describe, isolate…” Harold Jones 2/7/2023