Journey Through Mountains David Gosselin Poetry - “So many stars and mountains, crests and sky,/Are we not fools to think that we can know/What underlies such intricate designs?” 2/9/2024
Lisa Olstein’s Dream Apartment Johnny Payne Criticism - “The Dream Apartment is no Barbie’s Dream House. It is rather an abode of opaque and backlit, sometimes hard-edged reverie.” 2/7/2024
Burma Gabriel Gbadamosi Poetry - “My mad uncle had the Burma jungle/In his head—burnt-out tracts of history/He’d stalk in ambush of his sanity” 2/2/2024
Olive Tree Treaty Youlika Masry Poetry - “Don’t know how long it will take to bloom,/but I want to make a start/tomorrow.” 1/27/2024
Death of the Polar Explorers Gabriel Gbadamosi Poetry - “Doubt/Never stunned the marrow in their bones/Who rose above the merely physical,/And if they faltered, it was only once—” 1/21/2024
Cycling at Vésinet W. D. Ehrhart Poetry - “Her long hair, the color of her pants,/falls down her back. She has what appears to be a flower tucked behind her left ear.” 1/12/2024
A Taste of Poetry from the Late Tang Dynasty Tom Ehrman Poetry - “Insects fall silent amid the sedge and cranes grow restive in the treetops,/Sensing this busy world no longer cares for the sentiments of old.” 1/7/2024
Sarcasm Youlika Masry Poetry - “You returned to Rome Augustus triumphant./King of defeated nation I trailed behind./To this day the senators can’t tell/which of the two wore the wreath.” 1/1/2024
How KFC Gives Prisoners a Taste of Normal Life Antoine E. Davis Personal Essay - “I said a silent prayer, asking for the strength to get through another day of being incarcerated, and climbed down from my steel bunk, ready to navigate the gossip, fighting, and ordinary drama that come with prison life.” 12/20/2023
For Love Nor Money Harold Jones Poetry - “Every object, rests on its certain devaluation/In the implacable fact of an ending—decay,/Dissolution, death—from which another/New thing and its solicitation emerges.” 11/27/2023
Coming to Terms with a Lifetime of Trauma While in Prison Darrell Jackson Personal Essay - “The hyper-masculine environment of a prison creates additional impediments. Inmates fear that any sign of weakness might lead another inmate to take advantage, another reason not to speak openly with others. Sexual abuse is at the top of the list of things prisoners will not talk about.” 11/12/2023
You Tread on My Dreams Calan Panchoo Personal Essay - “Allow me to be unambiguous: I am no one’s BIPOC mannequin. I am a person foremost and not a skin color, and I will not be cheapened nor reduced. I am not marginalized, and I need no special treatment. I refuse your categories.” 11/6/2023
One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians W. D. Ehrhart Poetry - “There’s also a roadside historical marker/noting the massacre of the Lee family/by ‘an Indian war party’ in 1782.” 11/4/2023
Excerpt: “Red Hands” Colin W. Sargent Fiction - “It had taken an earthquake for me to see Ceausescu greed as it really was, and I knew how bad these excesses would look to my countrymen.” 10/30/2023
Prima Facie Thomas Townsley Poetry - “‘Sometimes all a man needs is a horizon/in which to vanish,’ I thought.” 10/29/2023
Like Hosea Youlika Masry Poetry - “Or was it the Living God/Who did do this,/And not Hosea?” 10/22/2023