Toward a Politics of Reconciliation: John Sayles’s “Lone Star,” after 25 Years Criticism - “Sayles’s 1996 film, Lone Star, is arguably his greatest work to date. And after 25 years, given the tensions that continue to circle around issues of race and immigration, it certainly has not lost any of its original force and relevance.” Jonathan Salem-Wiseman 10/6/2021
On the Eve of His Comeback, James Bond Resonates for a Reason Criticism - “Young Americans, myself included, need to resist the impulses of the day and keep striving. We may never be Bond types, but the quest for self-improvement is the point. To strive is to live.” Luka Ladan 9/30/2021
Flyover Blues: The Enduring Relevance of F. Scott Fitzgerald  Criticism - “One hundred years after Fitzgerald’s great novels, we are living in the same world as Nick Carraway, Amory Blaine, and Jay Gatsby.” Paul Krause 9/21/2021
she asked me to get her a green card Personal Essay - “Although I would have liked to have taken a photograph, my camera was full, and they’d already walked away towards a shop with a sign advertising Calzones.” Erich J. Prince 9/10/2021
Review: Louis Menand’s “The Free World” Criticism - “In many ways, the book also reads as a eulogy to a liberal, liberalizing, and internationalist America.” Paul Krause 6/14/2021
The Two-faces of Classical Music: Criticism Good, Bad, and Ugly Criticism - “Why, after all, should it be ‘pro-test,’ and not ‘de-test’? Protest once meant to give testimony in pro of something good, over and against something corrupt.” Justin Hall 6/12/2021
Sir Roger Scruton’s Wagner Criticism - “Scruton loved Wagner. The two were a match made in heaven, or hell, depending on your perspective and appreciation of irony.” Paul Krause 5/25/2021
Poem: “Amor Fati” Poetry - “Which is worse—/A hard death/Or a hard birth—” Benjamin L. Pérez 5/20/2021
What “Star Wars” Taught Me about War, Liberty, and Human Nature Personal Essay - “For a young immigrant boy who knew nothing about politics or history, Star Wars had a universal appeal that transcended language, nationality, time, and other superficial social barriers.” Aaron Tao 5/1/2021
Open Carry in the Time of the Pandemic Personal Essay - “Channeling Uncle Bill, who died over a decade ago, I invite his ghost to weigh in. But rather than answering, he walks me downstairs in his old Brooklyn house, where we stand together in his paneled den—the perfect skin we’d heard about, now on the floor.” Robin Greene 4/30/2021
Virgil’s War and Peace Criticism - “Two millennia later, we are still warring over the meaning of Virgil’s Aeneid.” Paul Krause 4/26/2021
Poem: “Epicycle(s)” Poetry - “Wilderness of whys./Labyrinth of I’s./Foreground, background./Busy, busy eyes.” Benjamin L. Pérez 4/25/2021
Odysseus: the First Western Man Criticism - “Odysseus is the first recognizably Western man.” Paul Sturdee 4/16/2021
In Every Time and Every Place: the Political Nuance of “Legend of Galactic Heroes” Criticism - “This is not a clear-cut struggle between good and evil, especially when enemies could come from within as well as without. Rather…it is a war between one good and another.” Carlos Miguel del Callar 4/4/2021
Buried Treasure Personal Essay - “Dad never searched for buried treasure again. He instead bought lottery tickets, entered contests online, and invested in a million dinar after Iraq fell…” Niles Reddick 4/2/2021
How “Ms .45” and Zoë Lund Paved Abel Ferrara’s Way Criticism - “In the end, these are movies about redemption and what it means to be redeemed, whatever the struggle in getting there.” Adrian Nguyen 3/31/2021