The Necessity of Acceptance

“What place does acceptance have in this wasteland of a year? My view, informed and influenced by living with a severe inherited disability, a fragile skin condition is that it has a central, vital place.”

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Lefties Have More Fun

Left movements exude the zest of adolescence, which is why they can generate so much thrill and camaraderie and—when they occasionally succeed—such deflated confusion and hollowness.”

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The Inhumanity of Disease

(Loomis Dean/Getty Images)

Worst of all, it isolates us.”

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The Term Limit Catastrophe: Ted Cruz’s Massive “Brain Drain”

(AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

“In the nation’s capital, power will always remain; the only question is who has it.”

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Why I Don’t Celebrate Black History Month

When we, as a nation, celebrate these heritage months, all that takes place is pandering and more of an unfortunate tendency: dividing people—in the 21st century, no less—by race.”

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Journalism Deserves Better Than Mehdi Hasan

(Lloyd Bishop/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Without a doubt, journalism of this nature is as irresponsible as it is biased.”

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Twitter Bans: a Portal into “the Synthetic State”

“Thus, corporate policy at Google, Apple, Amazon, et al. becomes a second set of laws by which Americans must live.”

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Letter to the Editor: A Much-Needed Reality Check

(AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

Writers like Koenig would be wise to recognize that when it comes to the intense, tribalistic, and bad-faith rhetoric (and actions) that have contributed to American decline, there are at least two sides to the story.”

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Ray Haynes: Why Republicans Should Support the Popular Vote

(Image via Maine Public)

“In the battleground states, since 2000, Republicans have won the popular vote four out of six times. In fact, Donald Trump—in 2020—won the battleground states by over 2.1 million votes.”

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Kevin Williamson: How to Improve the Lot of Those Left Behind

Image via POLITICO

“And he wrote this very famous novel called Infinite Jest, which he described as a very sad book about the pursuit of happiness. And so, I think in some ways, I’ve written a very sad book about the pursuit of happiness as well.”

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Yoram Hazony’s “NatConTalk”: Enlarging the Conservative Conversation

NatConTalk is a recent entrant into the conservative conversation, or what remains of such under the hegemony of social media, our contemporary digital coliseum.”

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David Gurfein: Advocating on Behalf of Accused American Service Members

Image via United American Patriots

The UCMJ has some key aspects to it which do not afford military personnel the same degree of presumption of innocence that you’d see in a civilian court.”

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The Irrationality of Rationalism

This condition, Epidermolysis bullosa, with which I was diagnosed after birth, is as painful as described. Singer’s language is compassionate, but what he advocates for is infanticide.”

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America Was Founded in “Brotherly Love”—Not Slavery

(Constantino Brumidi at the Capitol Rotunda)

All of these Lenape ideas are documented in Penn and Tamanend’s treaties and would later find their way into the Constitution of the United States.”

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In Reply to Tim Wise: America’s Past on Race Should Not Be Oversimplified

(Jon Chase)

The toxic consequences of drawing a crude line between America’s past and the state of our modern institutions cannot be understated.”

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