The Real Appeal of Jordan Peterson

Peterson is a man of conviction in an oasis of compromise; therefore, he is perfectly poised to fill the gap in a world crying out for certainty.”

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Reconsidering How We Argue for Capitalism

(Lisa Krantz/AP)

“To improve the reputation of capitalism, libertarians must remind naysayers that it is a moral system based on freedom and voluntary participation.”

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America Was Founded in “Brotherly Love”—Not Slavery

(Constantino Brumidi at the Capitol Rotunda)

All of these Lenape ideas are documented in Penn and Tamanend’s treaties and would later find their way into the Constitution of the United States.”

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Is Racism Holding Back African Americans?

Presently, cultural explanations for success are unfashionable, though deeper introspection reveals that culture cannot be discounted.”

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In Reply to Tim Wise: America’s Past on Race Should Not Be Oversimplified

(Jon Chase)

The toxic consequences of drawing a crude line between America’s past and the state of our modern institutions cannot be understated.”

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Does Understanding the American Project Begin with William Penn?

He was the first to negotiate with Native Americans as a Christian, keeping the Christian-Quaker pacifist traditions in his negotiations. He actually regarded the Native Americans as equals…”

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Congressman-elect Burgess Owens on Issues to Tackle in Office

Image via Daily Herald

“Al Davis used to say, ‘Just win, baby.’ And I tell you that’s what Americans do best. Once we wake up, once we’re engaged, once we know that our culture is at risk, we come together and start communicating. Across-party lines, Democrats and Republicans start to talk, and we rise.”

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Jordan Peterson Biographer on Why People Hate Him So Much

(Elliot Ferguson/Postmedia Network)

“One can readily see why someone who has committed any part of his life to fighting ‘white privilege’ today would resent Peterson personally.”

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What the Winning Conservative Coalition Looks Like

(Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Those who work with ideas increasingly vote for the Democrats, while those who work in physical reality with their hands or machinery increasingly vote Republican.”

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How Biden Did It

(Carolyn Kaster/AP Photo)

The Economist’s less-than-ringing endorsement of the former Vice President—resignedly titled, ‘Why it has to be Biden’—typifies the sentiment.”

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What the Gospel Story Can Tell Us about Identity Politics

(Leonardo da Vinci’s Annunciation)

From this vantage point, it would be difficult to imagine a more intersectional person than Jesus.”

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Jordan Peterson and the Return of Solzhenitsyn

(Getty Images)

The world was on this brink of this fiery hell when Jordan Peterson read Solzhenitsyn and began to turn from despair toward hope.”

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Patrick Deneen: Grappling with the Failures of Liberalism

This conquest of the engines of social formation is, as Patrick Deneen argues, why liberalism is failing.”

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Van Morrison’s “Dangerous” Songs

But, furthermore, there is virtue in urging society to introspection over blind obedience to narratives.”

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In Praise of Trump’s “Platinum Plan” for Black Americans

(AP Photo/John Bazemore)

“Many on the Left imply that President Trump’s initiative is just about pandering to black Americans; however, I see his plan as a roadmap to prosperity and fairness.”

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