Review: “The Genetic Lottery: Why DNA Matters for Social Equality”

Now, given that genetics matters for these things, which, in turn, drive inequality, we should take genetics seriously if we are truly committed to egalitarianism.”

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Review: “The Memeing of Mark Fisher”


Located within the framework of the Frankfurt School’s critical theory, The Memeing of Mark Fisher boldly riffs on everything from conspiracy theories and memes to economic policy and election campaigns…”

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“A Certain Terror”: A White Male Perspective on Being an Ally

(Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

“But that raises another thorny question: Given all the excellent books by women and people of color, why am I writing at all? Why am I not simply recommending other people’s work to men and white people?”

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Excerpt: “The End of the End of History”

(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

History ended in 1989. In 2008, the economic order was shaken. The political reckoning arrived in 2016. By 2020, the End of History was over.”

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UFOs, Zombies, and Our Cyborg Futures

“However, without wishing to entertain hyperbole, we may conversely deem this great exposé to be rather trivial—even inconsequential—especially when considering the increasingly ‘extraordinary’ nature of our own existence.”

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Why Porn? Why This Porn? Why So Little Concern?

I want to explore this conclusion by asking why pornography is so prevalent, why themes of domination and subordination are so prevalent in pornography, and why so many people defend or celebrate it, even in progressive and feminist circles.”

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Lessons from Labour’s 2021 Election Defeat

(AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

It is a crushing defeat that signals that Labour’s loss of several of its Northern constituencies under former Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership in the 2019 general election was not a one-off occurrence that could be fixed with a new leader.”

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Knowing Which “Hill to Die On”

(Graeme Jennings)

Idealists, in order to change the systems in which they exist, must usually remain in that system.”

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Joe Biden: the New Face for Much of the Same on Immigration

(Jaime Rodriguez Sr/U.S. Customs and Border Protection)

“Democrats have long gotten away with murder this way, shaking migrant hands in public view while mercilessly oppressing them out of sight.”

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Nicholas Kristof Discusses “Tightrope: Americans Reaching for Hope”

“One of the reasons our anti-poverty efforts in America don’t do better is we start too late. We need to help kids early on.”

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Taking an Oath upon the Constitution, Rather than the Bible

(Carolyn Kaster/Associated Press)

While laws do not and absolutely should not regulate a politician’s religious practices, the time and place for these practices is not when taking an oath of office.”

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An Alternative Take on Cancel Culture

(Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage/Getty Images)

But this, in my view, has little to do with people being overly sensitive and much more to with the very economic system that conservative critics of cancel culture regularly prop up.”

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Wes Jackson: How to Respect One’s Tools

“I’m Robert Jensen. I’ll be your guide into the restless and relentless mind of Wes Jackson. I first bumped into Wes’ work more than three decades ago, and his ideas have had a profound influence on my thinking about society and ecology.”

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When Conservative Christians Invoke Nietzsche

(Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

“Given this, we can recognize that Nietzsche would have seen layers of irony in these contemporary conservative figures appealing to his ideas to critique contemporary socialists…while simultaneously expressing concern about declining Christian values.”

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When Discussing Loan Forgiveness, There’s More Than Just Student Debt

Relief that starts and stops with student loans is merely distracting from larger issues.”

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