Finding Value in Diversity Training: the Case of Microaggressions The Center - “That is why in my work with schools and non-governmental organizations I try to model an open and judicious approach to CSJ orthodoxies, one that sifts through the kooky stuff in order to highlight the important parts.” David Ferrero 1/31/2021
What Is the Intellectual’s Duty to Society? The Center - “In his new book, Hope & Scorn: Eggheads, Experts, and Elites in American Politics, historian Michael J. Brown adeptly probes questions such as these as he delves into ‘the uncertain role of intellectuals in a democracy.'” Thomas Koenig 1/30/2021
Journalism Deserves Better Than Mehdi Hasan The Right - “Without a doubt, journalism of this nature is as irresponsible as it is biased.” J. Edward Britton 1/29/2021
Kant: the Greatest Liberal Philosopher? The Left - “So what, then, makes someone a liberal? In this piece, I am going to argue that the philosophy of Immanuel Kant provides some clues.” Matt McManus 1/29/2021
Social Media and the Fraught Question of Regulation The Left - “But, with that said, many of the problems that are blamed on social media run much deeper and require broader societal solutions than just legal controls on social media.” Adam J. Nott Borges 1/28/2021
Contra Bridget Phetasy, We Should Not Abandon Partisan Politics The Center - “Given the fact that humans are competitive by nature, how could politics not become some version of a team sport? It is true that hyper-partisanship is not great, but the game is what it is.” Peter Clarke 1/27/2021
Francis Fukuyama: Making Identity Politics Work The Center - “One of the core conclusions of Fukuyama’s Identity is that identity politics—the ‘demand for [political] recognition of one’s identity,’ whether that be a racial, ethnic, religious, or national identity—is here to stay.” Thomas Koenig 1/25/2021
Twitter Bans: a Portal into “the Synthetic State” The Right - “Thus, corporate policy at Google, Apple, Amazon, et al. becomes a second set of laws by which Americans must live.” Eddie Ferrara 1/24/2021
In Response to a Worthy Critic The Center - “I will close here by thanking Senatore for his thoughtful critique of my review. I hope that this response convinces him that my ‘sweeping statements and feel-good-isms’ are not wholly without merit!” Thomas Koenig 1/22/2021
How to Honor the Legacy of Michael Brooks The Left - “When it comes to theorizing about cosmopolitan socialism, Michael, unfortunately, passed on before he could spell out the details. However, we can infer much from his criticisms of conservative histories.” Matt McManus 1/21/2021