Withdrawal Symptoms The Center - “Dear doves and hawks and other feathered brethren: It is already over.” Vahaken Mouradian 7/30/2021
When Tolerance Goes Too Far The Center - “Implicit in this choice was the belief that tolerance of all values was more important than inculcating any particular set of values and, thus, that tolerance was the most important aim of society.” Shane Trotter 7/29/2021
Kay Hymowitz: The Devaluation of Higher Education The Center - “This brings in the status issue again, doesn’t it? Because there are so many careers that people just wouldn’t consider because how would they tell their friends?” Erich J. Prince 7/28/2021
Propaganda Art The Center - “Yet now the Enlightenment too, like ancient thought before, finds its enduring legacy threatened by a fundamentalist competitor.” Race Hochdorf 7/27/2021
Edward J. Watts: Dissecting the Rhetoric of Decline The Center - “But one of the dangers is it’s very easy when there is change that makes someone uncomfortable to immediately say that this is a society that’s in decline and to blame somebody for causing it.” Johanna Leo 7/22/2021
UFOs, Zombies, and Our Cyborg Futures The Left - “However, without wishing to entertain hyperbole, we may conversely deem this great exposé to be rather trivial—even inconsequential—especially when considering the increasingly ‘extraordinary’ nature of our own existence.” Al Binns 7/17/2021
From Revolting Masses to Revolting Elites The Center - “Although reaching immense influence in the 20th century, the mass man is the ‘spoiled child of history,’ and when he goes in search of bread, says Ortega, he always does one thing, ‘He wrecks the bakery.'” Chris Augusta 7/16/2021
Review: Robin DiAngelo’s “Nice Racism” The Center - “One thing that sets Nice Racism apart from her other books is the depth of its cynicism.” Christopher Paslay 7/14/2021
Kai Whiting: Clearing up Misconceptions about Stoicism The Center - “The other fans that have a dangerously inaccurate idea about what it means to be Stoic are the ‘Broics.'” Johanna Leo 7/12/2021
Liberal Democracy Lives on the Page, Not the Screen The Center - “Here, I would like to reflect on the optimal mechanisms for sustaining the rational mindset that undergirds liberal democracy.” Thomas Koenig 7/8/2021