Clarifying My Comments on Lindsay, Pluckrose, and Boghossian The Left - “The picture of science that they defend, however, is what merits the most attention.“ Néstor de Buen 8/21/2020
Augustine of Hippo: Patron Saint of Political Criticism The Center - “In a brilliant stroke of irony, Augustine’s reading of Roman history not only reveals the many falsities of the Roman imperial mythology but also points the way to Christ and the Heavenly Jerusalem.” Paul Krause 8/20/2020
A.B. Stoddard on the Current Moment in Politics—and What Is to Come The Center - “Doing things like eliminating the filibuster is just going to put us on the path to more gridlock and anarchy at this point.” Henri Mattila 8/18/2020
When the Media Is Far from Being an “Arbiter of Truth” The Right - “And when anyone sees past the illusion of impartiality, thereby revealing the propaganda’s true form, the media recovers with yet more gaslighting: You are merely imagining things.” Zachary Palmer 8/18/2020
[Give the Man a Name] Fiction - “On fences and poles were the signs and posters of the age. Men with hard eyes and stiff lips; men with mustaches and military hats; women in dresses, sleeves rolled, forearms flexed. The age the man knew not.” Patrick Burr 8/18/2020
What Is Unity, Anyways? The Left - “Without some clarification on this point, calling for unity looks less like an appeal to historical precedent and more like the nostalgic projection of order and stability onto time periods that were anything but.” Matt McManus 8/17/2020
Interview: Rep. Susan Wild on How Congress Can Respond to the Pandemic The Left - “The problem is, though, we can’t rely on volunteerism, donations, and gifts for much longer because—quite frankly—most of these places are getting pretty tapped out.” Erich J. Prince 8/15/2020
Anti-Racism Is Weird The Center - “Weird is the only word available to describe the implicit rules, rituals, and taboos that surround the issue.”  Samuel Kronen 8/14/2020
On Robert Orlando’s “Citizen Trump” The Center - “To do so, he tells President Trump’s life story in the cinematographic style of Citizen Kane, incorporating the iconic snow globe, the campaign poster, and even the mysterious word (‘Rosebud’) that is central to Orson Welles’ masterpiece.” Gabriel Andrade 8/14/2020
Pharmakon III: Parable of the Talents The Left - “Even more disturbingly, the odds of a state governor’s child eventually holding the same title is 1 in 51; 1 in 47 for Senators; 1 in 13 for Presidents; and 1 in 9 for billionaires.” Duluxan Sritharan 8/13/2020