Editor’s Choice: The Best Articles of 2019 The Center - As is tradition at Merion West, here are the editor’s choices for our favorite Merion West articles of 2019. Erich J. Prince 12/30/2019
The Decline of the Intellectual Dark Web The Left - “…if one truly believes that the better argument can and should win the day, more formidable ammunition will be needed on the part of the Intellectual Dark Web.” Matt McManus 12/29/2019
Pope Francis, the Consummate Politician The Center - “From its very beginnings, Christianity has been fond of buddy tales, i.e. stories in which two great defenders of the faith become close friends.” Gabriel Andrade 12/28/2019
Sitting Down with the Director of “The Rise of Jordan Peterson” The Center - “I would say the social aspects of making the film were really difficult for me because a lot of my network and friends and social circle is progressive, and, obviously, progressives are not a fan of [Peterson’s].” Kambiz Tavana 12/23/2019
A Few Thoughts on Christmas The Center - “If historical debunking is waging a ‘War on Christmas,’ then we must fire our artillery because, indeed, the story of Christmas has no historical basis whatsoever.” Gabriel Andrade 12/22/2019
When Neuroscience Interjects Itself into Debates on Sexuality The Center - “The concept is called ‘reverse inference.’ It’s both neuroscience’s greatest ambition, and the origin of its most frustratingly breathless overstatements.” Andrew Neff 12/21/2019
The Best Kept Secret of Our Political Divide The Center - “At present, each identity sees the other as its enemy and justifies its own excesses with the excesses of the other, but living in a diverse multi-ethnic democracy means tolerating a certain degree of difference.” Samuel Kronen 12/17/2019
Maziar Ghaderi: to Truly Know Jordan Peterson (Part II) The Center - “…what I’ve noticed with Jordan is that his interactions with this polarization of the Left and the Right—it’s actually kind of hardened him. It’s made him a little bit more radical. It’s made him a little bit more hard-skinned.” Kambiz Tavana 12/15/2019
On the Distributions of Education Scores around the World The Center - “In that manner, intelligence may have a genetic base, but, still, differences in intelligence observed among different groups may be environmental in origin.” Gabriel Andrade 12/15/2019
Harold Macmillan, Roger Scruton, and Putting the U.K. Election in Context The Right - “As Matthew Goodwin has repeatedly written, it is easier for the Conservatives to move slightly left on economic issues than it is for Labour to move right on cultural issues.” Henry George 12/14/2019