If the Horseshoe Fits: Illiberalism Across the Political Spectrum The Center - “While far-right ideologues make no secret of their illiberalism, their counterparts on the Left tend to cloak theirs in the language of equality.” Gerfried Ambrosch 7/10/2022
Will Marshall: Where Are the Moderates? The Center - “I don’t see a full, vigorous pivot by this President (and this White House) back toward the themes and approaches that Joe Biden articulated in his 2020 presidential race.” Erich J. Prince 7/6/2022
Footnote to Larkin Poetry - “We should also be kind while we may.” Harry Ricketts 7/2/2022
The Oversimplification of the American Founding The Center - “Devotion to reading non-politicized history and putting it into context is necessary and something to which we should diligently commit.” Adam Smeester 7/2/2022
On Finland’s Memorandum with Turkey The Left - “Finns should decide their own fate. Their pact with Turkey signals the opposite.” Mike Watson 6/30/2022
The Quarrel within American Conservatism The Right - “The current politics of California, which more than any other American state has been shaped by mass immigration from Mexico, should likewise shake the confidence of conservatives who scoff at the alleged illiberalism of immigration hawks.” Antonio Sosa 6/30/2022
Limits in a World That Erases Them The Right - “There is a paradox to life that an acceptance of limits, borders, and boundaries can be the most liberating thing of all.” Henry George 6/27/2022
Oncology Poetry - “More truths than cancer creep beneath our speech.” Harold Jones 6/25/2022
Young Americans for Liberty: An Interview with CEO Lauren Daugherty The Right - “Ron Paul is so beloved because he is so principled. That is what we are focused on here. We will work with other people who share our interests, but we’re not going to sacrifice our principles to do it.” Henri Mattila 6/24/2022
What Type of Religion Is Wokeness? The Center - “As we might expect, the Woke, often well educated and articulate, have generated their own convoluted and comprehensive ‘theology’ replete with saints and sinners, priests and heretics, and even their own kind of Heaven and Hell.” Chris Augusta 6/23/2022