Blame Putin, Sure, But Also Blame Biden The Center - “The fact—one that should surprise no one—is that the same folks who gave us the grossly mismanaged withdrawal from Afghanistan have also taught a master class on how to bungle our crucial relationship with an already insecure nuclear superpower.” Alexander Zubatov 3/29/2022
A Better Way to Promote Equality of Opportunity Through Education The Center - “Now is no time to double down on a crumbling status quo. Instead of universalizing college and directing young people through a single pathway to opportunity, we should be multiplying pathways to opportunity.” Bruno V. Manno 3/28/2022
​​A Millennial Technologist’s View on Jaron Lanier’s “Who Owns the Future?” The Center - “Lanier draws a straight line from the idealism and optimism that ‘information wants to be free’ to the dystopian problems facing today’s world, including but not limited to a declining middle class, filter bubbles, and dysfunctional politics.” Miles Lubin 3/26/2022
Fifty Years of “The Godfather” Criticism - It has been 50 years since The Godfather was widely released in the United States on March 24, 1972. Paul Krause 3/23/2022
A Response to Cathy Young: Let’s Be More Dispassionate When Discussing Ukraine The Center - “Young knows all too well what a chilly climate for dissent can devolve into, regardless of good intentions. This can undermine the West’s moral high ground more than any Russia-backed stooge could.” Carlos Miguel del Callar 3/22/2022
Neither Putin Nor Russia Are “Based” The Right - “For a start, American conservatives are either unaware of or ignore that Russia has the highest abortion rate in the world and the third highest divorce rate.” Henry George 3/20/2022
Drivel’s Advocate: Why Nonsense Is Necessary The Center - “To us it should be plain that bad information accompanies the good: that it is (as death is to life) the necessary dark background against which one might see any light at all. “ Vahaken Mouradian 3/17/2022
Gods and Beasts: An Aristotelian View of the “Corona-Years” The Center - “Yet, today, what seems most poignant about this story of just a few years ago is not so much that the young man had the opportunity to meet his friend in person as that meeting face-to-face was still considered an essential requirement by either him or his community—the consummation, if you like, of their friendship.” Katerina Apostolides 3/15/2022
Kids and the Coronavirus: Unintended Consequences Two Years Later The Center - “So, we have been living in two pandemics, but only one has dominated our public health discussions.” Stefanie M. Meyer 3/12/2022
Review: Roosevelt Montás’s “Rescuing Socrates” Criticism - “In this rousing story, [Roosevelt] Montás concentrates on four particular ‘great authors’ that embody and encapsulate the human condition who shaped him: Saint Augustine, Plato, Sigmund Freud, and Mohandas Gandhi.” Paul Krause 3/10/2022