Review: Axel Honneth’s “The Idea of Socialism: Towards a Renewal” The Left - “While this may be a fair criticism of socialist intellectuals, it isn’t obvious to me that all socialists were as myopically economistic as Honneth suggests.” Matt McManus 10/17/2019
Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility Theory Falls Prey to Logical Fallacies The Center - “Unfortunately, in so blithely dismissing individualism, DiAngelo hinges her theory so heavily on collective, rather than individual, identity and experience that it dies on the sword of a logical fallacy.” Jonathan Church 10/16/2019
Shakespeare, a Political Theorist Too The Center - “That they are tragedies also reveals Shakespeare’s pessimistic outlook on politics. Politics is a tragic necessity. But it comes with a cost. Namely, the forsaking of love.” Paul Krause 10/15/2019
The Most Important Thing to Understand about Putin’s Russia The Center - Vladimir Putin may be President of the Russian Federation, but, for all the talk about the various events since he came to power, perhaps the most significant change to have taken place under Putin’s tenure is the elevation in power of the Russian Orthodox Church. Jack Dulgarian 10/14/2019
In Their Own Words: The Teens Behind Mike Gravel’s Campaign The Left - “That was one of the things the campaign was good at: trying to get as much controversy as possible by provoking conflicts. It’s not an honorable way to go through campaigning, but it worked. Better than you could say for Tim Ryan.” John George 10/13/2019
Answering Slavoj Žižek’s Question: Kant’s Unpopularity The Left - “In his book, Žižek analyzes why Kant and his progeny have been struggling philosophically in recent years, while offering a partial defense of their views.” Matt McManus 10/12/2019
“Woke Capitalism” Needs to Wake Up to the Truth about China The Right - “As Jim Geraghty writes, rather than importing our values, China is exporting its repression into our societies on the back of mass industrial theft and espionage.” Henry George 10/11/2019
The $1 Per Day Issue The Center - “Given the endless current debates on immigration-related topics, the ‘$1 Per Day Issue’ issue has, at times, arguably been lost amid other questions that are frequently raised about our current immigration policies.” Erich J. Prince and Allen Zheng 10/10/2019
Napoleon Chagnon and the Myth of the Noble Savage The Center - “Two hundred years later, Venezuelans speak of natives as a national asset—and sometimes even a touristic attraction—that enhances their national pride, very much like oil fields, beauty queens, Miguel Cabrera, or Angel Falls.” Gabriel Andrade 10/9/2019
Slavoj Žižek, Jason Stanley, and Understanding Fascism The Left - “Žižek observes that while many thought this kind of politician was an anachronistic oddity in mid-2000’s neoliberal societies, Berlusconi may actually have been an archetype of the future.” Matthew McManus 10/8/2019