Iran Invades Israel Through Hamas The Right - “But one thing is absolutely clear: This is war, not just a terror attack. This is war not just by Hamas on Israel, but by Iran—through Hamas—on Israel.” Henry George 10/7/2023
The Collapse of the Kabul Foreign Aid Bazaar The Center - “The stated North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) objective in Afghanistan was nation-building, but what was created instead, over 20 years, and fell in days, was a heavily garrisoned foreign aid bazaar.” Julian Spencer-Churchill 10/7/2023
From Town Bloody Hall to 2023: A Tale of Two Debates on Women’s Liberation Criticism - “Avoiding these truly current, red hot issues, the women speak past each other.” Amelia Buzzard 10/3/2023
Understanding Americans’ Rampant Dissatisfaction with Healthcare The Center - “As a patient, I do not want to hold hands with a robot and confide my health problems to a faceless entity. As a doctor, a patient, and a human being, I reject the currently shattered doctor-patient relationship.” Henry Buchwald 9/28/2023
Incurious: George and the Postcolonialists The Center - “Schwartz-DuPre is dedicated to putting an end to the idea that Curious George is nothing more than an amusing story.” Melissa Knox 9/27/2023
On the Incoherence of “Decolonizing” the Academy The Center - “Ideological pressure and political conformity in the workplace, professional organizations, industry, and public institutional life are so pervasive that identity politics has all but ruined social tolerance, meritocracy, and the pursuit of excellence.” Jon Mills 9/26/2023
With Action, Gran Turismo Crosses the Finish Line. With Drama, Not So Much Criticism - “On the basis of viscerality alone, Gran Turismo is worth the price of admission for the two-hour cruise along.” Marko Ladan 9/25/2023
Samuel G. Freedman: What a Young Hubert Humphrey Can Teach Us The Left - “Humphrey’s insurgency at the convention basically lashed Truman to the mast of [Humphrey’s] own civil rights agenda. And desegregating the armed forces was arguably the single most important civil rights cause of that moment in time.” Erich J. Prince 9/16/2023
Un Carro Triste: A Melancholic Car Poetry - “We must take the language/by surprise;/seal its every utterance/with a kiss or tear…” Youlika Masry 9/15/2023
Matt Johnson: “How Hitchens Can Save the Left” The Left - “There really hasn’t been anybody like him since he passed…This is why there are these long compilations of ‘Hitchslaps’ on YouTube. It’s why most of the tributes to him focus on his rhetorical prowess—and just his brilliance on the debate stage.” Erich J. Prince 9/14/2023