How “Ms .45” and Zoë Lund Paved Abel Ferrara’s Way Criticism - “In the end, these are movies about redemption and what it means to be redeemed, whatever the struggle in getting there.” Adrian Nguyen 3/31/2021
Everybody’s Getting the Filibuster—and the Senate—All Wrong The Center - “But let us be clear: It is not fair to claim that the filibuster is a ‘relic of Jim Crow,’ either.” Thomas Koenig 3/31/2021
Rialpolitik: The New Iranian Dealmakers The Center - “Policy towards Iran must be suited not to religious ideologues who happen to be flush with petrocash but, rather, to racketeers who happen to be religious ideologues.” Vahaken Mouradian 3/30/2021
The Civic Moment The Center - “Instead, we should follow President Biden and Gorman’s lead and frame our political debate and public discourse within an overarching language of civic virtue.” David Civil 3/30/2021
Knowing Which “Hill to Die On” The Left - “Idealists, in order to change the systems in which they exist, must usually remain in that system.” Jordan Lawrence 3/29/2021
Age Quod Agis The Center - “From Saint Ignatius, this short phrase’s message is straightforward yet powerful: Do what you are doing.” Thomas Koenig 3/28/2021
Joe Biden: the New Face for Much of the Same on Immigration The Left - “Democrats have long gotten away with murder this way, shaking migrant hands in public view while mercilessly oppressing them out of sight.” Daniel Melo 3/27/2021
When We’ve Stopped Reading Personal Essay - “By sheer accident, one man in this stupefied future learns how to read.” Matthew Wardour 3/26/2021
Review: Michael Shnayerson’s “Bugsy Siegel” Criticism - “It is a short and gripping panorama of life in 1920s-1940s America, that defining epoch of struggle and stardom, hardship and grandeur, fortune and bankruptcy—and Bugsy Siegel experienced it all.” Paul Krause 3/25/2021
Is Joe Biden the Future of Liberalism? Let’s Hope So The Center - “Will the Democrats prove captive to cultural grievance, identity politics, anti-racism, and the like? Or will they throw their lot in with Biden-style moderates…” Thomas Koenig 3/24/2021