The Human Impulse for Tyranny The Center - “Reading Pericles’ Funeral Oration as a standalone speech—independent of the whole work to which it belongs—makes us prone to falling for the seduction of tyranny which Thucydides so subtly investigates and rebukes in his work.” Paul Krause 2/12/2020
This Is How Bernie Wins The Left - “We have sold genuine socialism to a hitherto unimagined portion of the electorate: the young, the idealistic, and the middle class. We now need to sell it to the people it was designed for.” Matt McManus and Mike Watson 2/11/2020
How to Create a More Inclusive Left The Center - “Viewpoint diversity, when it treads on certain progressive articles of faith, is scorned, and the ideas considered within the bounds of respectable discourse on contentious issues is increasingly narrow.” Samuel Kronen 2/11/2020
I Have a Suggestion for My Fellow Black Americans—This Black History Month The Right - “By allowing this ball and chain of victimhood to stay attached to us (and having this mentality that everyone and everything is racist), we are doing ourselves and our ancestors no favors.” Solomon Green 2/10/2020
I Was Born in Venezuela, so I Have Something to Say about Bernie Sanders The Center - “With the benefit of hindsight, we know that many lives could have been spared in bloody revolutions, if only these reformers were taken more seriously.” Gabriel Andrade 2/9/2020
The Modern University: A Reply to Nate Hochman The Left - “What makes Hochman’s essay far more interesting than the usual screed against academics and critical theory is his effort to locate the cause in the history of Western rationalism and ultimately nihilism.” Matt McManus 2/8/2020
Actually, Howard Schultz, Unions May Just Be the Answer The Left - “Howard Schultz famously state that unions ‘have a role to play’ but are ‘not the answer.’ But, are they not? Thankfully, there is an empirical answer to this question.” Néstor de Buen 2/6/2020
“Three Big Ideas” to Transform How We Think The Right - “In fact, I can think of three ideas that are so deep, so potentially useful, and so paradigm-shifting that widespread acceptance of even one of them would transform civilization for the better.” Logan Chipkin 2/5/2020
Why Is Iowa a Purple State? The Center - And why is Iowa so important in presidential contests? Matthew Pinna 2/4/2020
Another One-Dimensional Portrayal of Jordan Peterson The Left - “It is hard for even those of us who disagree profoundly with Peterson’s diagnoses of society to fail to empathize with his common struggle to get through being human.” Matt McManus 2/4/2020
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