The Historic Unifying Potential of the U.S. Constitution The Center - “Professor McConnell’s extensive study of the substance and scope of presidential power under the Constitution has convinced me that the unifying capacity of the Constitution could perhaps be revived.” Thomas Koenig 1/6/2021
Book Announcement: “The Emergence of Post-Modernity” The Left - “This is one of the reasons for the remarkable loneliness and alienation from others many have detected in the post-modern landscape.” Matt McManus 1/5/2021
From Pornography to Agriculture: Challenging Hierarchy The Left - “At the core of this analysis is a claim that, at first glance, may seem to be a stretch: The erosion of human dignity in our broken world starts with the erosion of the planet’s soils.” Robert Jensen 1/4/2021
Yoram Hazony’s “NatConTalk”: Enlarging the Conservative Conversation The Right - “NatConTalk is a recent entrant into the conservative conversation, or what remains of such under the hegemony of social media, our contemporary digital coliseum.” Henry George 1/3/2021
Fitter and Happier? Work after the Coronavirus The Left - “Of all changes that have already been made to mitigate the threat of the deadly virus, the way we work has arguably undergone the biggest transformation.” Al Binns 1/1/2021
Editor’s Choice: the Best Interviews of 2020 The Center - As has become something of a tradition each year at Merion West, here are our editor’s choices for his favorite interviews of this past year. Erich J. Prince 12/31/2020
H. R. McMaster: How He Sees China, and the World The Center - “And so I think we have to resist the tendency to try to define a new administration’s foreign policy mainly as an opposition to the administration that came before it.” Thomas Koenig 12/30/2020
David Gurfein: Advocating on Behalf of Accused American Service Members The Right - “The UCMJ has some key aspects to it which do not afford military personnel the same degree of presumption of innocence that you’d see in a civilian court.” Asher Ellis 12/30/2020
Walter Lippmann and the Dilemma of Democracy The Center - “In his 1922 book, Public Opinion, Lippmann notes that in a representative democracy, members of the public are expected to form opinions regarding public affairs with which they have no direct contact.” Thomas Koenig 12/29/2020
A Janus-faced America The Center - “Yet, despite the extremes we have confronted this year, there might be a way of turning away from this ‘great divide.'” John Tuttle 12/27/2020