In Reply to Robert Jensen: The Folly of the Nazi Comparison The Right - “In fact, most Southerners did not own slaves; nor were Union soldiers, most of whom were drafted, fighting for the woke ideals of Jensen or the Southern Poverty Law Center.” Paul Gottfried 2/17/2023
Lance Morrow: “The Noise of Typewriters” The Center - “You could read my book…as a kind of homage to the magazine.” Erich J. Prince 2/12/2023
Review: Bowen Blair’s “A Force for Nature” The Center - “Nancy Russell was one of those great heroines whose quest to save the Columbia Gorge in Oregon serves as an inspirational tale that embodies the best of American grit and determination.” Paul Krause 2/10/2023
Republicans Should Stop Pandering about Charter Schools The Right - “I have no idea why Republicans and the GOP media fall over themselves rallying to the cause of those who hate them and who would never vote for them, no matter what.” Paul Gottfried 2/9/2023
How Enmity Imperils Liberal Democracy The Center - “Rather than calm debates about policy and its implications, both good and bad, we now live in a political era defined by emotion, where political discussions mutate into threats to our personal and group safety.” Sam Mace 2/8/2023
Love Makings Poetry - “Yet there is no one thing, no attribute/Of yours that I can fix on, nothing/I can abstract, describe, isolate…” Harold Jones 2/7/2023
Arguments Against School Choice Presume We Have Options The Center - “In short, if public schooling on average is so woefully inadequate, how can we take seriously the argument that if a family cannot afford or otherwise access private or home schooling, public schooling is a perfectly sufficient choice?” Dixie Dillon Lane 2/3/2023
Stop Pretending All Cultures Are the Same The Left - “So I will say it with my heart, and others should too: If a culture persecutes LGBT people, is overtly racist, or makes women second class citizens, then to hell with that culture. My culture is better than that one.” Johan Pregmo 1/27/2023
The Value in Reading Byung-Chul Han The Right - “Han occupies a somewhat unique position in today’s world that defies typical Right-Left categorization. This is partly because of Han’s bridging of multiple worlds: East and West; art and philosophy; theology and politics.” Josh Pauling 1/22/2023
The Case for Retiring “Confederate Heroes Day” The Left - “As we come to know more about the morally repulsive aspects of our national history—and, more importantly, face those realities—removing symbols of our collective failure in the past is not an attempt to deny our history. Rather, it is a sign of growth, a willingness to face our history.” Robert Jensen 1/19/2023