What the Winning Conservative Coalition Looks Like The Right - “Those who work with ideas increasingly vote for the Democrats, while those who work in physical reality with their hands or machinery increasingly vote Republican.” Henry George 11/16/2020
Meritocratic Tyranny: Big, If True The Center - “But Sandel’s critique of meritocracy runs deeper than lamenting the obvious gap between meritocratic ideals and reality; Sandel takes issue with the ideal of meritocracy itself.” Thomas Koenig 11/13/2020
Ibram Kendi’s Thesis Could Use a Lot More Rigor (Part II) The Center - “In short, Kendi’s consequentialist view of racism as rooted in policy (which, however unpredictably and unintentionally, results in racial disparities) does not explain everything.” Jonathan Church 11/12/2020
Žižek and Milbank: The Monstrosity of Christ? The Left - “However, the purpose of this reading is to stress—contra more conservative interpreters like Milbank—that the disordered post-modern world that we inhabit is not a firm break with Christianity.” Matt McManus 11/10/2020
Review: Clint Margrave’s “Lying Bastard” Criticism - “Lying Bastard is a work of the zeitgeist. Disgruntled intellectuals. Returning war veterans just beginning their higher education. A school shooting. The fraud of academicians. Societal exploitation.” Paul Krause 11/10/2020
“Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children” The Center - “By becoming so concerned about the plight of children, we have become child-like ourselves.” Gabriel Andrade 11/9/2020
We’re Divided. But Will We Fall? The Center - “French dedicates his book to James Madison, saying, ‘May we remember that you were right.'” Thomas Koenig 11/9/2020
How Biden Did It The Right - “The Economist’s less-than-ringing endorsement of the former Vice President—resignedly titled, ‘Why it has to be Biden’—typifies the sentiment.” Eddie Ferrara 11/8/2020
Ibram Kendi’s Thesis Could Use a Lot More Rigor The Center - “For Kendi, it is policy first and racism second. Debatable? That is a racist question. Maybe a presentist interpretation of history? Also racist.” Jonathan Church 11/7/2020
Is the West “at War with Islam”? The Center - “This becomes painfully clear when it is one’s own city that is being attacked. I had cycled through the neighborhood a mere 30 minutes before the attack commenced.” Gerfried Ambrosch 11/6/2020
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