The Cult of Democracy The Right - “The bigger the election’s participation, the bigger the mandate, and so universal suffrage elections have grown into unwieldy, ugly beasts.” Matthew Wardour 5/21/2021
Poem: “Amor Fati” Poetry - “Which is worse—/A hard death/Or a hard birth—” Benjamin L. Pérez 5/20/2021
Beware of False Humanists The Center - “At the same time, I cannot find a single discovery in the history of science that has been made by following the conviction that everybody is different.” Tomasz Witkowski 5/19/2021
The Two-faces of Classical Music: the Bureaucratic Tyranny of Music Schools The Right - “The reasoning has nothing whatsoever to do with functionality; indeed, it has nothing whatsoever to do with viruses or health safety. The reasoning is about symbolizing conformity to bureaucratic rule.” Justin Hall 5/18/2021
Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Immigration, Islam, and Christopher Hitchens The Center - “What I have found in the book is strong enough to suggest that there is a correlation between mass migration from Muslim-majority countries and the increase in sexual violence.” Vahaken Mouradian 5/16/2021
How the “New Atheists” Deradicalized Me The Center - “New Atheism had taught me always to demand evidence; and the evidence revealed that, historically, political radicalism had been a major source of violence and inhumanity…” Gerfried Ambrosch 5/15/2021
Stoicism Offers an Antidote to Cancel Culture The Center - “From a eudaimonic well-being perspective, the act of cancelling those we do not like—more often than not—leaves us worse off, precisely because it robs us of an opportunity to create the best version of ourselves.” Kai Whiting and Jonathan Church 5/14/2021
To Prevent Politics and Reality from Breaking Up, Keep It Local The Center - “Therefore, if we want to ward off a divorce between our political narratives and reality, perhaps the best thing we can do is bring political affairs as close as possible to our lived, everyday realities.” Thomas Koenig 5/13/2021
Review: Stephan Haggard and Robert Kaufman’s “Backsliding” The Right - “With that said, there is considerably more to democratic regression than the simplistic idea of evil, right-wing leaders whose ideas resonate with bad people.” Tony D. Senatore 5/11/2021
A Brit’s Friendly Advice to American Conservatives The Right - “In order to win, the American Right needs to bury dead dogmas, get its head out of abstract Platonic idealism, and look reality in the face.” Henry George 5/11/2021