Afghanistan and the West’s Failure The Right - “Whether America likes it or not, the unipolar moment, Pax Americana, is over.” Henry George 8/31/2021
Can Australians Trust the Americans after Kabul? The Center - “As a result of this debacle, it now seems reasonable to question whether Washington is competent enough to assure Australia’s security.” Tom Grein 8/31/2021
Fixing California’s Housing Crisis: An Interview with Nolan Gray The Center - “To understand how land use regulation can help save California from the dystopian future it is currently facing, I spoke with Nolan Gray, an urban planner and outspoken land use policy wonk.” Peter Clarke 8/26/2021
It’s Time for a Two-State Solution…for America The Center - “If a nation is an ‘imagined community,’ to invoke Benedict Anderson’s metaphor, then how can we live together when the communities we imagine are, at every level, incompatible?” Alexander Zubatov 8/23/2021
Politics: Not an End in Itself The Center - “As such, politics has eclipsed its primary purpose—namely, to provide the means by which people can seek out and, in turn, live good lives, lives that have nothing to do with politics.” Erich J. Prince 8/19/2021
City of Thugs The Center - “If, on the other hand, we as a society make excuses for thugs and use pretextual claims of racism to emasculate law enforcement, we will promote the continuation of our rapid race to the bottom.” Alexander Zubatov 8/13/2021
Hiding the Ball on Critical Race Theory The Right - “Marcuse and Bell might not be on the reading lists at elementary schools, but CRT’s cynical mentality and Marxist tenets are still present in the pedagogical exercises being exposed by Christopher Rufo’s investigative journalism.” Harrison Pitt 8/11/2021
Excerpt: “The End of the End of History” The Left - “History ended in 1989. In 2008, the economic order was shaken. The political reckoning arrived in 2016. By 2020, the End of History was over.” Alex Hochuli, George Hoare, and Philip Cunliffe 8/10/2021
Tunisia and Egypt: Two Tests for Biden and Democracy The Center - “The Biden administration has not yet decided whether to call Saied’s power grab a coup.” Michael D. Purzycki 8/9/2021
How Things End The Center - “As Joshua Foa Dienstag reminds us, the essential tragedy of being human (or being anything, for that matter) stems from the passage of time.” Erich J. Prince 8/6/2021