Mass Immigration and the American Nation Henry George Essay - “The monthly encounters under President Biden have been like nothing else seen in American history. There are estimates that, in 2023, there were more illegal alien encounters per month than babies born to American mothers.” 3/22/2024
Grappling with Liberalism Seamus Flaherty Essay - “Modern liberalism, equally, cannot go on as it is at the moment, veering toward destruction, becoming ever more decrepit and ineffectual, incapable of meeting the challenges—domestic, geopolitical, planetary—of the 21st century.” 3/21/2024
America Has a Writing Problem. How Do We Solve It? Luka Ladan Op-Ed - “According to the most recent data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), only 24% of eighth and 12th graders are ‘proficient’ in writing.” 3/20/2024
On Arthur Sze’s “The Silk Dragon II” Johnny Payne Criticism - “Whatever one may say about the People’s Republic of China today, it once offered the model of the poet-emperor, as well as poets employed in political life, wedding governance to lyric spirit.” 3/17/2024
Texas and Florida Content Moderation Laws Would Open Pandora’s Box  Mike Matthys Op-Ed - “A transparency mandate passed by Congress can avoid the controversial and difficult work of legally defining the terminology and specific guardrails for online safety and viewpoint neutrality.” 3/13/2024
What an International Environmentalist Movement Misunderstands Simon Maass Essay - “Scientific progress has the potential to be more salutory than legal regulation. To return to Odin’s advice in the Hávamál once more, the power of the human mind is mankind’s most reliable ally.” 3/8/2024
Why I Don’t Rely on Hope Robert Jensen Essay - “People have told me that this approach is a kind of hope in itself, that I have found hope in the way I abandoned hope. At that point, the words we choose do not matter much. What does matter is getting out of bed in the morning and finding work worth doing.” 3/4/2024
What Thucydides Can Teach Us About Today’s Multi-Matrixed World Andy Owen Essay - “The History of the Peloponnesian War teaches that victory in such a war comes at enormous cost to both sides, so much so it can blur the distinction between victor and loser: everyone loses. This is the same lesson the conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza impart.” 3/2/2024
Bianca Stone, What Is Otherwise Infinite Johnny Payne Criticism - “By that token, perhaps Bianca Stone is just the poet for our times. Her verses wrestle with a dirty angel, one that bites and kicks. There is no snow-white falcon in her pages. But she does not quit.” 2/25/2024
Grant Havers: The Conservative Tradition in Canada Henry George Interview - “Yes, as you mentioned, one of the most interesting findings of Lament for a Nation, which came out in 1965—it’s Grant’s most famous book—is that in Grant’s view, there’s really no such thing as American conservatism.” 2/23/2024