A Question for Frances Haugen: Who Decides? The Center - “The question, however, remains: Would politically motivated government officials make better decisions than executives at these companies, and would these decisions be fairly applied to all users?” Mike Matthys 10/18/2021
What Punk Rock Has Taught Me about the Radical Left The Center - “The question, of course, is why an underground counterculture known for its outspoken, contrarian, and anti-authoritarian attitude would toe the woke party line, disavow empiricism, and do the bidding of elite ideologues rather than admit that the emperor is naked.” Gerfried Ambrosch 10/14/2021
“Heroism” and the “World Soul” at Jena The Center - “The flattering portrait Hegel wrote of Napoleon to his friend has subsequently spiraled into mythic legend. Why did Hegel have this seemingly lofty view of Napoleon?” Paul Krause 10/13/2021
Roberto Calasso: A Man Possessed The Center - “Roberto Calasso passed away this year at the age of 80. There is no one quite like Roberto Calasso; perhaps there is no one remotely like Roberto Calasso.” Chris Augusta 10/12/2021
The Mirage of Media Objectivity The Center - “Writing becomes a contest between mutually incompatible conceptions of public life. We do not simply have varying prescriptions for social ills; the afflictions we observe are fundamentally different.” Vahaken Mouradian 10/11/2021
It’s Time to Move Away from Outward Markers of Jewish Belonging  The Center - “One thing I chose not to do was circumcise my child. While many of my secular compatriots still feel an affinity for this practice as a ‘tribal marking,’ I find it intellectually and ethically difficult to defend.” Rebecca Wald 10/8/2021
Review: “The Genetic Lottery: Why DNA Matters for Social Equality” The Left - “Now, given that genetics matters for these things, which, in turn, drive inequality, we should take genetics seriously if we are truly committed to egalitarianism.” Néstor de Buen 10/7/2021
Toward a Politics of Reconciliation: John Sayles’s “Lone Star,” after 25 Years Criticism - “Sayles’s 1996 film, Lone Star, is arguably his greatest work to date. And after 25 years, given the tensions that continue to circle around issues of race and immigration, it certainly has not lost any of its original force and relevance.” Jonathan Salem-Wiseman 10/6/2021
Andrew Sullivan Invites Us All Out Onto the Limb The Center - “That commitment to truth seeking made Sullivan one of the earliest advocates for gay marriage and one of the most potent and consistent critics of ‘wokeness’ today.” Thomas Koenig 10/5/2021
On the Eve of His Comeback, James Bond Resonates for a Reason Criticism - “Young Americans, myself included, need to resist the impulses of the day and keep striving. We may never be Bond types, but the quest for self-improvement is the point. To strive is to live.” Luka Ladan 9/30/2021