The Case for Civic Nationalism The Center - “If carefully constructed, civic nationalism in the United States can take both conservative and progressive forms.” Michael D. Purzycki 9/10/2020
Interview with Ruud Koopmans: Understanding Muslim Immigration to Europe The Center - “[Historically,] Islamic societies were actually more advanced, more liberal, and more tolerant than Western societies. So, there is nothing intrinsic to Islam that explains these problems.” Mark Hecht 9/9/2020
“Holding the Powerful Accountable”—Empty Words? The Center - “The holding the powerful accountable phrase resonates as it does—and, presumably, is chosen by the news media’s back-patters—because it is, indeed, precisely what a news media should be doing.” Erich J. Prince 9/7/2020
Pharmakon IV: Secret Family Recipe The Left - “Due to the repetitive observations made by most in their daily routines in a country with little socioeconomic mixing, there is poor visibility into how the lives of those in other classes transpire.” Duluxan Sritharan 9/4/2020
The Problems with Cultural Christianity The Left - “In this respect, it is not a defense of Christianity but its final undoing: the subordination of eternal God to the human, all too human need for reactionary political order and tribalistic identity.” Matt McManus 9/3/2020
The Ideological Takeover of British Psychotherapy  The Center - “The problem with this conception is that access to truth or objectivity becomes something not open to universal access but, instead, becomes something distributed on the basis of social position.” Nick Opyrchal 9/2/2020
How Looting Destroyed Venezuela: a Cautionary Tale The Center - “And one particular author, Vicky Osterweil, has shamelessly written a book entitled In Defense of Looting.” Gabriel Andrade 9/1/2020
Why Europe Is Weak on Iran The Right - “It can be argued that the European failure to stand with the United States in maintaining sanctions on the Islamic regime is a symptom of their prolonged appeasement policy, which is masqueraded as diplomatic engagement.” Sirvan Karimi 8/31/2020
For This Black Woman, the GOP Feels Like Home The Right - “Suddenly, the Grand Old Party was no longer seen as white, privileged, and wealthy. Instead, it was truly the party of social justice, freedom, economic opportunity, and the American Dream.” Victoria Lynch 8/30/2020
Review: Roger Scruton’s “On Human Nature” The Left - “The result is a thoughtful and nuanced book that testifies to both his theoretical and exegetical talents, solidifying Scruton’s legacy as the most talented conservative writer of his generation.” Matt McManus 8/27/2020
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