Paging Mr. Moynihan Thomas Koenig The Center - “We can only hope that Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s approach to politics will be rediscovered. Books like American Burke should function as essential guides in this most necessary search.” 10/21/2020
Boredom: a Double-Edged Sword, for Individuals and Society Clay Routledge The Center - “Compared to these other negative emotional states, boredom might seem like a trivial complaint. However, boredom can cause real problems if not directed towards healthy and constructive behaviors.” 10/14/2020
How to Be a Non-Racist Gerfried Ambrosch The Center - “Non-racism, thus understood, implies colorblindness, not in the sense of literally not seeing skin color, but in the sense of treating it as insignificant.” 10/12/2020
Changing My Mind on Universal Basic Income Eddie Ferrara The Right - “With 14 million Americans suddenly plunged into indefinite unemployment, has UBI become more popular? It seems like the answer is yes and no.” 10/2/2020
Rep. Susan Wild’s Bipartisan Initiative for Pandemic-related Child Care Erich J. Prince The Center - “For Rep. Wild, this bill might also provide a foundation for downstream economic normalization; if child care is more accessible, the argument goes, then it becomes less burdensome for parents to return to work, seek out new potential employment, or continue their own education.” 9/18/2020
Do Americans Vote Too Much? Thomas Brown The Center - The United States does not have low voter turnout; Americans actually are asked to vote too much, and this hurts our democracy. 9/18/2020
Identity Politics and the Death of Moral Imagination Henry George The Right - “The problem—as has been said so many times before—is that identity politics takes a kernel of truth about embodied human experience and pushes it to its destructive conclusion.” 9/17/2020
Searching for Common Meaning in the Age of Polarization  Gonzalo Schwarz and Clay Routledge The Center - “It is not between Red and Blue states; it is a battle about whether there is meaning outside of politics.” 9/16/2020
Partisan Identity and the Death of Representative Governance Zane Beal The Center - “Importing these ideas into your sense of self—to think of yourself as a liberal or a conservative—is irrational and corrosive. It is a recipe for error.” 8/8/2020
White Jesus and the “Other” Jesus: When Activists Come for Gods Alexander Zubatov The Center - “A civilization that worships at such altars is one that no longer believes in itself, that considers itself irredeemably guilty, sinful or evil…” 8/7/2020
Why Cancel Culture Won’t Last Matt Johnson The Center - “This is the thing about moral panics—while threatening, they can be illuminating.” 8/3/2020
How Close We Are to Unravelling Henry George The Right - “The religion of Social Justice is redolent of the old paganism but without even the mortal transcendence of its pantheons.” 6/11/2020
Lessons from Antiquity for Our Current Pandemic Paul Krause The Center - “Thucydides subsequently goes on to say, ‘In other respects also Athens owed to the plague the beginnings of a state of unprecedented lawlessness.’” 5/18/2020
If There Were Ever a Time for Bipartisanship, It Is Now Matt Johnson The Center - “COVID-19 presents a unique opportunity for governments to build trust. According to a recent update of the 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer, trust in government around the world spiked by 11 points between January and May 2020.” 5/13/2020
Jordan Peterson and Carl Jung’s Worldviews Have Been Greatly Oversimplified Nick Opyrchal The Center - “With respect to McManus and Hamilton, who have admittedly produced a very interesting article, there are characterizations and theoretical points within their article that I feel need to be addressed.” 4/28/2020
To Stand up to China, the West Must First Re-Discover Itself Henry George The Right - “The lack of backbone displayed by Western leaders when dealing with China is symbolic of the malaise that has been gripping Western culture for decades.” 4/21/2020