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Why Merion West?

Since its inception in 2016, Merion West has enjoyed notable success in becoming a platform for intelligent and respectful commentary for people of different political stripes and persuasions. Moreover, this online magazine has become home to some of the most in-depth interviews of an ideologically diverse group of politicians, intellectuals, and artists.

Merion West is underpinned by a simple belief that the duty of a media outlet is not to advance the points of view of its editor or owners but, rather, to provide a voice for a variety of viewpoints that can serve to both complement and challenge the reader’s preexisting beliefs.

When done without the vitriol permeating most of our public discourse, mutual understanding can be achieved. When there is understanding, a better society is more possible.

While our writers remain the lifeblood of the magazine, it is our generous benefactors that help to make their work possible. Neither the leadership nor owners take a penny; all donations are re-invested directly into the magazine.

Merion West is owned by Merion West Co, a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation.