Gods and Beasts: An Aristotelian View of the “Corona-Years”


Yet, today, what seems most poignant about this story of just a few years ago is not so much that the young man had the opportunity to meet his friend in person as that meeting face-to-face was still considered an essential requirement by either him or his community—the consummation, if you like, of their friendship.”

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Kids and the Coronavirus: Unintended Consequences Two Years Later

“So, we have been living in two pandemics, but only one has dominated our public health discussions.”

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Ukraine and “The Fog of War”

“Amid the memes and rhetoric, there has been much in the way of propaganda, unverifiable information, and outright lies that seem, at times, not to be appreciated for what they are.”

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Stephen Hicks: Lessons from the Canadian Trucker Protest

(Carlos Osorio/Reuters)

“Every generation, we need to learn and relearn how thin the line can be between having a basically liberal society and a basically authoritarian society.”

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Bring Back “Bums”…and Then Kick the Bums Out

And we very much do need to start telling ourselves and these street people the hard (but ultimately more humanizing and compassionate) truth again: We need to call the bums by their rightful name.”

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Dr. Fauci and Our Pandemic of Distrust

(POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

To challenge Dr. Fauci is, thus, to challenge a kind of revealed truth. Those who question Dr. Fauci are not merely expressing differing opinions; rather, they are apostates, ‘science deniers,’ ‘anti-vaxxers’ spreading dangerous ‘misinformation,’ and they are worthy of ridicule, censorship, and, of course, cancellation.”

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What Whoopi Goldberg Got Wrong about the Holocaust—and Why It Matters

“Only days before Goldberg made her ill-informed comments, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) changed its definition of racism to ‘The marginalization and/or oppression of people of color based on a socially constructed racial hierarchy that privileges white people.'”

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No to Money for Hostages

(Alex Brandon/Associated Press)

“When I was imprisoned in Iran, I made it clear to the Swiss ambassador to let the Trump administration know not to offer any money in exchange for my release.”

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If the Pendulum Doesn’t Swing Back

The implication is that culture and politics can be thought of as the bob of a pendulum swinging back and forth mechanically between the political left and the right, and that, at the moment, we are simply at the leftward amplitude of such a process.”

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James Lindsay: “Counter Wokecraft” and Responses to Institutional Takeover

“You have to have a steel spine in your liberalism. ‘What kind of government did you create, sir?’ ‘We created a republic, if [you] can keep it.’ The ‘if you can keep it’ part requires a steel spine.”

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In Reply to “Jesus Mythicism Is About to Go Mainstream”

“As a former graduate student in religious studies and writer of the classics, it is deeply regrettable that the scholarship of the academy does not reach further and that century-old myths no longer of any substantial prominence in academic study still hold public sway.”

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The Great American Disconnect

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

A disconnect ensues: Even as the American public has indeed polarized, our elected representatives have fled to the extremes to an even greater degree.”

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Finland, Russia, and the NATO Question: An Interview with Risto Penttilä


” I think that we are, as always, pragmatic idealists.”

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Jesus Mythicism Is About to Go Mainstream

(Ascension of the Lord in church Chiesa di Santa Maria del Carmine by Bernardino Gandino)

“So, yes—my friend has a point: To someone who has never given a moment’s thought to whether Jesus was a real person or not, he does seem like an entirely fictional character.”

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Peter Boghossian: On the Purpose of Education

“It’s not that there’s anything wrong with debate. In fact, debate, in certain circumstances, can be good, but we can often solve the problems…through conversation.”

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