Is Gen Z Really So Different?

(Drew A. Kelley)

Coming of age in the 1990s, the state of the world seemed every bit as dire to me as it does to many ‘Zoomers.'”

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Local Decision-Makers and Keeping Kids Active During the Pandemic

Yet, paradoxically, it appears as a nation that our collective response to the pandemic has exacerbated the pre-existing epidemic of physical inactivity amid efforts to protect people’s health.”

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Europe’s Descent into Wokeness

“In Austria, for example, police have shot a dozen people since 2008; none of them were black.”

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Let’s Make the Founders Less Unique

(Bill O’Leary/AP)

“If our halls of power are rife with mini Aaron Burrs, what does that say about us?”

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Confessions of a High School English Teacher

(Wikimedia Commons)

“Because of the comments I had heard from people in the department and from our department head, I was scared my contract would be not be renewed if I revealed my political preferences.”

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Who Qualifies for a Second Chance?

(iStockphoto/Getty Images)

Can their good works ever balance out any of the harm they have caused?”

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When John F. Kennedy Saved the World (Part II)

“Kennedy no doubt considered his relations with Khrushchev in making his decision. He had been groomed by his father to be a ruthless competitor.”

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Robert Orlando: Bending Genre in Filmmaking

(David Orlandelli, Nexus Media)

“If you look through the films, it’s a propaganda machine, where identity politics is always featured. There’s no space there for just a common universal story, which is the appeal to human frailty or common ground.”

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A Brief History of Nothing (Part III): From Dada, to Dachau, to Davos

(Jeff J. Mitchell/Getty Images)

“While seemingly contrary in ‘theory,’ the great totalitarian systems—fascism and communism—would have a great deal in common in practice. Both are manifestations of the human Ego flailing about in a world reduced to Nothing.”

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James Madison, Greg Weiner, and What to Do about the Filibuster

“Patience ‘is the central constitutional virtue—and it is, by all signs, a lost one.'”

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When John F. Kennedy Saved the World

(AP Photo)

Kennedy proved his mettle in response to a Soviet breach of the Monroe Doctrine, defusing a crisis that brought the world to the brink of nuclear disaster.”

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When Reading about Abraham Lincoln, in 2021

(Kent Nishimura/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

“As historian James Oakes writes in his new book, The Crooked Path to Abolition: Abraham Lincoln and the Antislavery Constitution, the Republican Party was once home to a tight union of moral principle and constitutionalism.”

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How to Harness Tribalism to Unify Americans

“To the contrary, we can take advantage of certain aspects of our tribal nature to ease tensions between groups and, critically, to pursue common goals that are important for human flourishing.”

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On the American Economy Being “Rigged”

(Joshua Roberts/Bloomberg)

The evidence is overwhelming; the American economy is rigged in favor of the government-business elite and has become more so over time.”

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Cutting Through Identities: to Alter the Body or to Heal the Mind?

But this article is not actually about cutting. If one has not yet guessed what it is really about by now, it is time for me to pull back the curtain.”

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