When We Make Political Pawns of Children

(Jessica Kourkounis/Getty Images)

“Every January, toddlers hold signs with messages that they cannot possibly understand. But children also hold signs they might passively understand, and teenagers hold signs they probably understand, if only imperfectly.”

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When Marx Attacked The Single Tax

(Puck magazine, Oct 20, 1886 – Henry George, Mephistopheles of Today – Honest Labor’s Temptation)

Georgism dissolves socialism; it is pro-worker and pro-capital at the same time. This is impossible for the socialist who believes to his core that labor can only win if capital loses.”

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Climate Change Makes a Thanos of Us All

(Thomas Ronge/AWI)

“We need a philosophy of problem-solving, not problem-avoidance. And yes, while stalling techniques are useful, their primary function is to give us more time to create active solutions, not avoid them all together.”

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