Who Was Joseph de Maistre (And Why He Matters) Part II The Left - “Maistre is a fascinating thinker not so much due to the quality of his arguments themselves but instead what they represent and anticipate.” Matt McManus 5/19/2019
What Netflix’s Caligula Teaches Us about Trump and His Critics The Right - “If we are willing to be mildly skeptical of a historian who wrote about an emperor removed by one century, then we should also be skeptical of psychiatrists who are too eager to diagnose Mr. Trump with some mental disorder.” Gabriel Andrade 5/18/2019
Jordan Peterson and Equality The Left - An investigation of how Jordan Peterson engages with the idea of “equality.” Néstor de Buen 5/17/2019
On Nihilism and the Power of Nothing The Center - “While the mass man is the product of his history, the mass man recognizes no necessary connection or debt to his past. He is ‘the spoiled child of human history’ with a, ‘radical ingratitude to all that has made possible the ease of his existence.'” Chris Augusta 5/16/2019
Who Was Joseph de Maistre? (And Why He Matters) The Left - “Notice how Maistre does not consider the actions of the people valid because they committed a crime against the nation by undermining its sovereign.” Matt McManus 5/15/2019
Steven Strogatz’s “Infinite Powers”: Science Is a Story of People The Center - “Because we tend only to see the final product of an intellectual endeavor, it is easy to forget that even titans such as Archimedes cannot know the final answer before they get their hands dirty with the problem at hand.” Logan Chipkin 5/14/2019
Op-ed: Ronald Sullivan and the Case for Due Process of Law The Right - “This is not about defending Ronald Sullivan or any one individual; it is about affirming the right for lawyers to defend their clients without facing condemnation in their personal and professional lives.” Julio Araujo 5/14/2019
On Trump Hatred: A Plea from the Heart(land) The Center - “Many features of this region have stood out—but few more prominently than the generosity of its people. They are devoted to their churches; they volunteer their time; they give to charity; they start charities; they adopt children.” David Eisenberg 5/13/2019
A Mexican Perspective: The Three Options for Venezuela The Left - “I know several Latin American brothers and sisters who have fled their country. Some were born in the era of Chavismo and have not known anything new, until now.” Veronica Lira Ortiz 5/11/2019
The Enduring Relevance of Philip K. Dick The Left - “We turned to technology as a substitute for our inability to deal with the persistent riddles of existence and the lack of meaning in our life in a post-God era.” Matt McManus 5/10/2019
“Democracy” and the Language of the Founders The Left - “A republic that moves too close to an oligarchy would require democratization.” Néstor de Buen 5/9/2019