Achilles, Priam, and the Redemptive Power of Forgiveness The Center - “For all the battle scenes, violent sex, and rage that fills the poem, the most memorable scenes in the poem are moments of love—especially loving moments of embrace.” Paul Krause 4/6/2020
Who Owns Zoom, the Video Conference App? News - In light of the increasing security concerns surrounding Zoom, we have provided an answer to the question on the minds of many people. Henri Mattila 4/6/2020
Free Lunch as the Key to a Free Market: a Reply to Jonathan Church The Center - “Thus, in respect to buildings and services, the landlord is selling his or her labour. Part of the rent he or she charges constitutes wages. So far so good, but what about the land component of real estate?” Darren Iversen 4/5/2020
When Jordan Peterson’s Defenders Selectively Use History The Left - “Both Tavana and Peterson have expressed support for capitalism and Western civilization without ever addressing the atrocities committed in their name.” Elie Nehme 4/5/2020
“Keep America Great”: Wrestling with the Coronavirus The Left - “With the lines between wrestling and politics decidedly blurred, we can neither take comfort in the guile of our leaders nor the well-meaning distraction of wrestling.” Al Binns and Greg Evans 4/4/2020
What Is 5G? Simply Explained and Why It Matters News - The industrialized world is upgrading its wireless communications. Here is an explanation in simple terms of what this means and how it will impact our lives. Henri Mattila 4/4/2020
Robert Nozick and the Strongest Argument for Property Rights The Left - “It is long past time that we abandon the transcendent appeal to rights as ways to settle more arguments, in part because—following Derek Parfit—it is far more constructive to ask why and which rights matter.” Matt McManus 4/4/2020
Why Demographics Are Not Destiny The Right - “Both the Left and the Right are wrong that demographics are fundamental to the political future of America (or of any other society). Demographics are not destiny.” Logan Chipkin 4/3/2020
How the Coronavirus in Mexico Is Exacerbated by Inequality The Center - “A governor declared that the disease was for rich people only and that it did not affect the poor. As such, how could we possibly expect Mexican citizens to react seriously to this pandemic when its government was behaving like this?” María José Vallejo 4/3/2020
There Is No Free Lunch: Landlords Are Not Leeches The Center - We should support rent moratoriums—but not because landlords are ruthlessly exploiting a pandemic. Jonathan Church 4/2/2020
What Netflix’s “Tiger King” Teaches Us about Race and Class in America The Center - “The United States needs a reality check. Yes, race has been a major issue in the country’s history. But class matters, and we must never forget that.” Gabriel Andrade 4/2/2020