As the Violence Escalates, We Mustn’t Forget the Role of Iran

The disturbing element here is not just the escalation but the advanced level of military precision demonstrated by Hamas—an unnerving signal that Iran’s influence is looming larger than ever.”

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When It Comes to Iran, Say “No” to Appeasement

(Office of the Iranian Supreme Leader via AP)

“Without an enemy to demonize, the Islamic Republic would have to answer for its many and grave failures.”

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The Acute Danger of Iran’s Belligerence

“Our collective inability to push back against such a hateful worldview by holding Tehran accountable for the terror it is has funded and weaponized could soon prove to be a costly mistake.”

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When Anti-Israel Bias Finds Its Way into Coverage Choices

(AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo)

Our media’s acceptance of anti-Semitic narratives is eroding Israel’s standing in the world and, in turn, the nation’s ability to defend itself against an enemy that has long ago broken its borders and used its very liberalism against it.”

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Yemen and the Weaponization of Human Rights and Humanitarian Aid

(EPA/Yahya Arhab)

A country on the brink well before war arrived, Yemen’s humanitarian crisis has been labeled the worst of our generation.”

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Nuclear Iran—Why the Islamic Republic Is Not the Actor We Think It Is

(Ebrahim Noroozi/AP)

“As the only Western journalist allowed to enter Iran prior to its presidential elections back in 2017, I followed then-candidate Ebrahim Raisi on the campaign trail. Whatever illusions I had about Iran and its ambitions melted under the sheer brutality of his war rhetoric.”

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