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5G: Five Things We All Need to Know

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There is a lot of information about 5G in the news and social media today. Here are the essentials we all should know.

Whether through advertisements, news articles or social media posts, most of us by now have started hearing about the upcoming data network of the future. Overly technical epieces, conspiracy theories and self-interested telecom companies’ advertisements make up most of the 5G-related information circulating across the Internet.

To help all of understand what 5G is, and why it matters, we have compiled a list of the top five most important facts everyone should know.

1. At Its Most Basic, 5G Means Faster Data Speeds

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Before delving into the background and implications of 5G, know that in practice, using 5G means dramatically improved data connectivity from both your phone as well as other devices on your wireless telecommunications network. With theoretical speeds of up to 10 gigabytes per second with low latency, streaming Netflix, downloading apps and making video calls will be faster and more seamless than ever before.

2. 5G Will Help Make Self-Driving Cars a Reality

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Self-driving cars, which will rely on ultra fast data transmission speeds to communicate with other cars as well as their surroundings, promise a safer transportation system if and when technology is fully realized (and not to forget, the government gives the go-ahead).

3. 5G Will Change the Way We Work

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In the post-coronavirus world, having seamless remote working capabilities will be more important than ever. Video conferencing with large numbers of people simultaneously (without lagging and grainy quality), e-learning and other Internet-enabled work applications will be possible to the point where employers will expect workers to be just as productive in their home or on the road as in the office. Tele-health capabilities, such as doctors treating patients remotely, will be possible with ultra-high definition and minimal-latency virtual reality headsets enabled by 5G.

4. 5G Will Transform Society in Countless Ways

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The use-cases and applications widely talked about will constitute only a part of what 5G will make possible. Just as in the early days of the Internet in the 1990s, few foresaw the rise of useful platforms like or entertainment websites like Netflix. The same will surely be true of 5G.

5. 5G Will Be Here Soon

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All the major telecom providers in the U.S. and in the industrialized world have begun providing 5G services in select locations. For the most part, these early 5G networks represent the low-end of the 5G speed spectrum. As industry and government ramp up investment, major urban areas will be the first to experience the full benefits of 5G in the near future, with the broad expectation being as early as 2021. As has typically happened with major new technology roll outs, the last places to get 5G network functionality will be rural and other low-population density areas throughout the country, unless proposed government actions take place.

BONUS: No, 5G Does Not Cause Coronavirus

In recent weeks, a number of rumors have been circulating around the Internet about 5G causing coronavirus or other illnesses. There is no evidence to support these conspiracy theories, even as some Hollywood celebrities have helped to perpetuate them. Simply put, claims that 5G networks will cause coronavirus or any other illness are not based in scientific evidence. Interestingly, similar rumors had been spread about other communications networks, such as 4G and the older 3G network.

Whether or not 5G is one or  five years away from mainstream adoption, the technology will undoubtedly have a transformational effect on society when it does arrive.

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