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I’m a College Student, and I Support President Trump

Here’s why young people have every reason to support President Trump and his policies.

It is nearly impossible to turn on your television set without seeing President Trump’s face flash across the screen with some manufactured scandal running across the ticker. However, as a Trump voter, I am more than satisfied with my vote.

Immigration. There were plenty of reasons to vote like I did, but one of the more prominent ones was immigration. When looking at illegal immigration, the numbers speak for themselves. Illegal crossings have plummeted since President Trump took office, with a 63% drop in apprehensions from March 2016 to March 2017. U.S. Border Patrol Acting Chief Carla Provost called the drop a “historic decline.” Why this affects college students: illegal immigration hurts young people by making them less competitive in the workforce. Plus, illegal immigrants specifically hurt African-Americans about to enter the labor force.

Refugees. In addition, we’ve seen the President work to drastically reduce the numbers of refugees entering our borders, to help ensure our security. Un-vetted refugees from war-torn nations led by radical Islamists could lead to terrorist attacks and tremendous crime waves, as in Western Europe. More importantly, these refugees could spread their radical ideologies to American citizens, again like is happening in Western Europe, where Europeans have been radicalized and joined the fight against freedom alongside Al-Qaeda or ISIS in the Middle East. Unlike older generations, young people will have to deal with the consequences of living in fear—in their own country—for the rest of their lives.

The President won a huge victory in court allowing for travel restrictions on countries where terrorism to the United States is a serious threat. I’ve discussed here why this ban is not only Constitutional, but necessary for the protection of the American people in an era where radical Islam is on the rise.

Deregulation. To paraphrase the President, the winning doesn’t stop there. Unemployment is at a 10-year low, as businesses reap the benefits of deregulation and highly anticipated tax cuts. When Trump said that he was going to put the coal miners back to work, he wasn’t kidding. In addition, his orders to build the DAPL and the Keystone XL Pipeline will put people to work, actually the environment and provide an huge boost to the economy on which specifically young people are dependent. 

Constitutional rights. The Second Amendment has also seen huge victories in the short span that Trump has been in office. With a conservative Supreme Court, and an even more conservative Attorney General, it is clear that gun owners have found a valuable ally in the President. President Trump’s Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke is also a committed defendant of the Second Amendment; he repealed former President Obama’s ban on lead ammo on federal property the first day of his term.

President Trump also signed into law a bill that reversed an Obama-era regulation that would have allowed unelected bureaucrats to declare someone “mentally ill” and hence decide whether someone should be allowed to exercise their Constitutional rights.

Shrinking government. President Trump has also proposed a budget that would shrink the government and unleash the American economy. By slashing government spending, the budget would allow for greater growth in the private sector and put more money in the hands of Americans. It also features tremendous across the board tax cuts which would incentivize greater expansion of businesses, which falls in line with the President’s jobs agenda. The budget also included a 10% increase in defense spending, which means a stronger military and better care for our troops.

Security. In President Trump we have also found a true Commander-in-Chief for the first time in nearly a decade. He’s shown America’s enemies, be it North Korea, Iran or Cuba, that we will not stand for their dangerous ideologies and accompanying behavior, and that we will not compromise when freedom is at stake.

He has demonstrated his strength when meeting foreign leaders by asking NATO members to meet their defense commitments on a public stage, and he’s negotiated deals that would benefit the United States with powerful countries like England and Japan.

He has also taken a strong stance in the Middle East, by condemning radical Islamic terror on a trip to Saudi Arabia and he was the first President to visit Israel on a first overseas trip, signaling a presidency that would work to secure peace and democracy in a region dripping with war.

Education. President Trump’s appointment of Betsy DeVos also shows that he is dedicated to providing high quality education to all students. Secretary DeVos has a long history of pushing for school choice, an extremely popular policy that has gotten nowhere in Congress.

Under the leadership of Secretary DeVos, we will see Washington bureaucrats get off the backs of American parents who want the best for their children. President Trump’s budget also cuts many broken educational programs, such as the 21st Century Community Learning Centers program (before and after school programs) that have done little to help students meet State academic standards and have hurt student behavior. 

Rule of law. Trump’s victory is also a victory for the rule of law. President Trump’s commitment to the men and women who serve in law enforcement is, not just commendable, but an absolute necessity. As a result of widespread anti-police rhetoric, proactive policing has significantly reduced the growth of violent crime. Young people, the age demographic are most likely to live in urban areas prone to violence, will see immensely benefit.

President Trump’s devotion to the rule of law is also clearly demonstrated in the appointment of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Throughout his career AG Sessions has stood up for law and order time and time again. In addition, Sessions is a Civil Rights hero. Thirty five years ago, AG Sessions stopped at nothing to break the back of the Alabama KKK, by diligently pursuing the death penalty for the head of the Alabama Klan who murdered an innocent 19 year old African American. 

Bottom line: This is not to say President Trump is perfect. As a conservative, I’ve had many qualms with the President’s policy positions on trade and healthcare. But, as a whole, President Trump is working to secure a safer and more prosperous America for future generations. I doubt that will change, no matter how hard the mainstream media tries to delegitimize the President. His presidency is still young, but college-aged Americans should be hopeful of an even stronger, safer, and more prosperous America.

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