Planned Parenthood Is Not a “Healthcare Organization” The Right Does Planned Parenthood provide women services other than abortion? Sure. But don’t let this mislead you; the company is an abortion mill. Jonathan Reed 7/22/2017
The Final Word on Abortion The Right Can a new thought experiment involving hypothetically joining the National Guard shed light on the abortion debate? Alex Baltzegar 7/19/2017
Seminary Student: The Death Penalty Is Merciful The Right More and more death row inmates are opting to “volunteer” for execution rather than spend their lives in prison. Matthew Jacobs 7/18/2017
The Solution to the Student Debt Crisis The Right Marco Rubio may have figured out how to solve the student loan crisis during his 2016 presidential campaign. Joel Gillison 7/18/2017
Merion West Interview: Head of “Gays for Trump” The Right Peter Boykin, president of Gays for Trump, discusses his decision to support Mr. Trump and why he believes the GOP is more gay-friendly than the Democratic Party. Staff 7/14/2017
The CNN Blackmail Case The Right CNN has had quite a year, including engaging in near criminal activity. Nikhil Sridhar 7/13/2017
Fishing Regulations Are Trouble The Right Licensing is when the government takes your right to do something and sells it back to you. Anson Knowles 7/13/2017
Merion West Interview: Austin Petersen The Right Missouri Senate candidate and libertarian activist Austin Petersen joins Merion West to discuss trade, immigration and his decision to run for Senate as a Republican. Staff 7/10/2017
The Effects of an Import Tax The Right How would consumers be affected by a Border Adjustment Tax? Jeff Tarte 7/10/2017
Journalists Are Eroding Their Own Credibility The Right Journalism is supposed to be about reporting facts not writing misleading stories about those one disagrees with politically. Tyler Olson 7/10/2017
Trump Poses a Dilemma for Real Conservatives The Right Mr. Trump must be seen as an ally for religious Americans, even if he is not himself the epitome of the Christian ideal. Matthew Jacobs 7/9/2017
Repeal the Seventeenth Amendment The Right The House and Senate were always intended to serve different functions. Connor Mighell 7/8/2017
20 Years Later, Will SCOTUS Help Terror Victims? The Right What does the Supreme Court have to say about suing nations hostile to the United States? Tyler Olson 7/6/2017
Valuing Animals over Human Life The Right How can you shed tears over an abused animal but not for the hundred of thousands of unborn babies killed each year? Mark Hinds 7/6/2017
President Trump Must Aggressively Oppose U.N. Gun Control Agenda The Right Is it time for the United States to walk away from the United Nations’ anti-firearm agenda? Congressman Bob Barr 7/4/2017
The Supreme Court Fails on Property Rights The Right Will arbitrary state laws take precedent over a family’s right to do as they wish with its land? Arin Gerald 7/2/2017
Don’t Give the Government Our Children’s Data The Right Giving the government data regarding our children, even for educational purposes, raises some concerning questions. Anson Knowles 7/1/2017
Former Florida Congressional Candidate: His State’s New Approach to Marijuana The Right What does Florida’s latest bill mean for the marijuana debate? Nick Wukoson 6/30/2017
The War on Religion The Right Was yesterday’s destruction of a statue of the Ten Commandments just one example of the growing animosity towards religion? Matthew Jacobs 6/29/2017
I’m a Millennial, and I support President Trump The Right Young people have every reason to support President Trump and his policies. Nikhil Sridhar 6/28/2017
Open Borders Are Bad News The Right Stalin resettled Russians in Estonia for the purpose of destroying Baltic culture. Libertarians need to wake up to the perils of open borders. Dylan Thomas 6/28/2017
Baking Cakes and Religious Liberty The Right Would you force Muslim bakers to make cakes trashing the Koran or a black baker to make a cake promoting white supremacy? Tyler Olson 6/27/2017
Two Years Later, Obergefell v. Hodges Is Still the Wrong Decision The Right Until very recently, no society in human history has equated same-sex marriage with traditional marriage. Matthew Jacobs 6/27/2017
Are Republicans Becoming Progressives? The Right If Republicans don’t start to stand up for conservative principles, the United States is going to have two major political parties, and both will be progressive. Alex Baltzegar 6/27/2017
President Trump’s Cuba Policy 101 The Right Here are the basics of the President’s new approach to Cuba. Nick Wukoson 6/22/2017
What Do We Do About Guns? The Right From Steve Scalise to Philando Castile, guns are the cause of much heartache.  The gun issue is a tough dilemma, but there are solutions. Anson Knowles 6/22/2017
The Polarization Crisis Is Not Yet Beyond Repair The Right Our republic cannot be saved with dialogue alone. Christian Aponte 6/22/2017
North Korea: Has the Time for Action Come? The Right The death of one man, Otto Warmbier, reminds us that millions of North Koreans are also treated despicably by Kim Jong Un’s regime. Tyler Olson 6/21/2017
An Interview with an Ex-Muslim The Right Alex Smith, a former Muslim and the leader of anti-Sharia Law marches in North Carolina, discusses what life is like under Sharia Law. Staff 6/21/2017
Why Is America Still So Free? Maybe the Second Amendment Has Something to Do with It The Right Critics of gun rights seem to forget that guns are not, first and foremost, for hunting or preventing a burglary but rather to ensure that governments don’t get out of control. Huan Tri Nguyen 6/21/2017
Why Ontario Plans to Seize Certain Children from their Parents The Right “Bill 89 gives the government a type of police power to bust down your door and seize your biological children if you are known to oppose LGBT ideology.” Arin Gerald 6/20/2017
The Shocking Trial of Michelle Carter The Right This Massachusetts verdict sets us on a dangerous path where words are equated with deeds. Arin Gerald 6/19/2017
Make Deep Space Great Again The Right President Trump doubles down on NASA’s original mission of space exploration and departs from President Obama’s use of the agency for investigating global warming. Nick Wukoson 6/17/2017
Knowles: My Take on the Alabama Senate Race The Right Alabama Radio Host Anson Knowles endorses Rep. Mo Brooks for U.S. Senate: “We need more people in the US Senate who actually know how the economy works.” Anson Knowles 6/14/2017
What Comes After Dodd-Frank? The Right What did the Republicans actually do when they “killed” Dodd-Frank? Tyler Olson 6/13/2017
The Federal Government Is Using Drug Policy to Erode the 2nd Amendment The Right Is the ATF trying to ensure that no marijuana “user” can purchase a firearm from a licensed dealer? Congressman Bob Barr 6/9/2017
California’s Government-Run Healthcare Plan is Bad News The Right The shortcomings of government-run healthcare in other countries should be a stern warning in light of the State of California’s new plan. Anson Knowles 6/8/2017
A Look at the Vice President’s First 150 Days The Right The Vice President’s birthday makes for an excellent opportunity to look back on his five biggest achievements thus far in office. Nikhil Sridhar 6/7/2017
Ontario’s New $15 minimum Wage Will Hurt Young People The Right The biggest victims of a minimum wage hike are always young people. In Canada, 58.4% of workers earning minimum wage are in the 15-24 age demographic. And besides, if you don’t want a minimum wage, build skills that are worth more to employers. Tyler Olson 6/7/2017
Ivanka Trump’s Parental Leave Policy is Bad News for Business The Right If the federal government requires companies to pay for parental leave, expect them to simply avoid hiring people who are likely to get pregnant. Joel Gillison 6/4/2017
Termination of Employment Is the Correct Response to Reckless Speech The Right The First Amendment may protect us from prosecution stemming from our speech, but it does not provide a blank check against termination of employment from the statements we make. Mark Hinds 6/3/2017
Another Budget Ignorant of Ballooning National Debt The Right The new budget is akin to a family making their financial planning assuming each member will just keep getting raises at their jobs. Forget about being frugal or putting anything away for a rainy day. Anson Knowles 6/2/2017
Orange Is the New Socialism The Right As the world cries authoritarianism on Trump, they would be wise to look instead to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Parasuram Venkatesh 6/2/2017
An Interview with Ben Shapiro: Where Conservatism Stands Today The Right Ben Shapiro, the conservative commentator and editor-in-chief of The Daily Wire, joins Merion West to discuss whether conservatism is on the rise, the legacy of William F. Buckley, and the importance of personal responsibility. Staff 6/1/2017
Is this the Solution to Polarized Presidential Politics? The Right Is the solution to polarization and widespread discontent with presidential politics letting states and municipalities decide policy for themselves? Connor Mighell 5/29/2017
Perhaps We Should Let Crime Victims Choose How Perpetrators Are Punished The Right The government spends too much taxpayer money on incarceration and carrying out death sentences. And sometimes crime victims would prefer reparations rather than footing the bill for long prison stays. Anson Knowles 5/25/2017
We Should All Support the Death Penalty, from Libertarians on Down The Right If you take the life of another, you forfeit your right to continue living. Nikhil Sridhar 5/24/2017
Is This Nebraska Doctor Pioneering the Future of Healthcare? The Right Has this Nebraska doctor figured out a better healthcare payment strategy than the healthcare wonks on Capitol Hill? Arin Gerald 5/23/2017
Gary Johnson Was a Much Better Governor Than He Seems The Right Gary Johnson has become synonymous with embarrassing gaffes on the campaign trail. But his record as Governor tells a different story. Alex Baltzegar 5/21/2017