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An Interview with Geoff Duncan: Pitcher, Businessman, and Now Candidate for Lt. Governor The Right - “I want to create a culture in Georgia as Lieutenant Governor that rewards good policy over good politics.” Henri Mattila 1/11/2018
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Monopoly Miseducation The Right - In my class, I often see students equate large firms with monopolies based solely on their size or perceived “dominance” of an industry. Levi Russell 1/5/2018
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No, You Are Not the #Resistance The Right - The final point is this, and it is something that the “resistance” needs to hear. You are not heroes. Aidan Mattis 1/2/2018
Student Loan Forgiveness in Exchange for Delayed Social Security The Right - A new Republican proposal would allow young people to choose a reprieve on student debt in exchange for delaying the age when they can collect social security. Peter Finocchio 12/30/2017
Economist: Tax Bill a Good First Step The Right - Giving us more of our own income back will boost economic growth and will allow us to bolster voluntary alternatives to some of the federal government’s biggest agencies. Levi Russell 12/29/2017
Rep. Barr: Intelligence in the Age of Trump The Right - This is a president who openly and personally attacks the leaders and employees of the agencies in the Intelligence Community. In turn, some of them respond by attacking him, and on it goes. Congressman Bob Barr 12/21/2017
The Next Step for #MeToo The Right - While the U.S. Capitol grapples with sexual harassment allegations, less than a mile away, thousands of travelers take for granted the wall-size posters of lingerie-clad models at the Victoria’s Secret in Union Station. Nicole Ault 12/17/2017
The Media’s Nostalgia for the Bush Years Is Ridiculous The Right - This is the President, after all, who did everything that the modern Left supposedly despises; this is the man who sent thousands of young Americans to their deaths in Iraq. Henry George 12/17/2017
An Interview with Aaron Spring The Right - Aaron Spring, the Fordham student asked to leave a university coffee shop for wearing a “Make America Great Again Hat” answers whether businesses should be allowed to discriminate against people they disagree with politically and whether he would consider returning to the coffee shop. Erich J. Prince 12/15/2017
Is Ayn Rand Affecting Trump’s America? An Interview with Steve Simpson The Right - “When people say things like “Trump is the Ayn Rand presidency,” that’s nonsense. She’s influenced the political right, but there’s a big gap between Objectivism and what many conservatives believe.” Alex Baltzegar 12/10/2017
I’m Disabled, and I Despise Cultural Victimhood The Right - As it currently stands, university campuses across the Western world are being eaten from the inside out – this is just an undeniable reality. Henry George 11/25/2017
Reminder: White Nationalists and the Alt-Right are not Conservative The Right - White supremacists have a mindset that America is a land of finite opportunity, and gains by others come at the expense of their own. But they are wrong. Tyler Grant 10/28/2017
Ukrainian-American: Democrats Are Turning Us Into Russia The Right - My relatives in Ukraine live in a perpetual state of fear of war with Russia, a country that has oppressed Jews, Ukrainians, and defenders of freedom alike for centuries. Adam Barsouk 10/13/2017
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The Myth of Institutional Racism The Right - Progressives often blame difference of outcome on “institutional racism.” However, it’s always up to the individual. Josh Park 8/19/2017
Charlottesville: Violence, Death, and a Rusty Old Statue The Right - “With malice toward none; with charity for all … let us strive to achieve a just and a lasting peace among ourselves.” – Abraham Lincoln Adam Barsouk 8/14/2017
The Lost War Over Health Care The Right - Despite the Republican Party’s tremendous electoral success, pseudo-conservatives have chosen to ignore basic economics in favor of their constituents. Adam Barsouk 8/13/2017
Mighell: Don’t Confuse “Alt-Right” with Conservatism The Right - This idolatry of racial origin as definitive of a person’s worth runs directly counter to the foundational principles of the American Right. Connor Mighell 8/12/2017
A 10-Step Guide to Fixing Health Care The Right - If Americans can rally behind these common sense health care reforms, we can finally fix our broken system. Dominic Gregorio 8/10/2017
The Real Problem with the Mainstream Media The Right - Public perception of the mainstream media is so low that President Trump’s petty fights with CNN might actually be helping him. Sabin Sidney 8/9/2017
How the GOP Can Still Repeal Obamacare, and Why it Hasn’t Happened Yet The Right - Despite the GOP’s failure to repeal Obamacare, there is still hope for market-based healthcare reform. Mitchell Siegel 8/9/2017
I’m a Gay Republican and I Hate Identity Politics The Right - People should be judged based on the content of their character, not their identity traits. Frankie Messina 8/8/2017
Immigration is Going Down Under, Unless We Follow Australia The Right - President Trump’s RAISE Act is far from the disaster the mainstream media has made it out to be. Tony Black 8/7/2017
Opinion: “Racist Police” and Crime Statistics The Right - Statistics combined with context will tell a different story than your college professor might have you believe. Josh Park 8/7/2017
Scandinavia’s War on Babies with Down Syndrome The Right - In Iceland, every single baby diagnosed with Down Syndrome is aborted. Tyler Olson 8/6/2017
Is Multiculturalism Dangerous? The Right - Multiculturalism might sound like a good idea in theory, but it doesn’t work in practice. Pieter Sittler 8/4/2017
The Labour Party and Accusations of Anti-Semitism The Right - Are accusations of anti-Semitism against the British left justified? Yes and No. William Mann 8/2/2017
Parole Is Not the Solution The Right - 59.2 percent of parolees are back in prison within two years. Joel Gillison 8/2/2017
The War on Meritocracy The Right - Instead of blaming problems on centuries-old events, encourage young people to work hard. Matthew Reade 8/1/2017
A Defense of the Transgender Military Ban The Right - It’s not bigotry. It’s just business. Tyler Olson 7/27/2017
Net Neutrality: The Solution to a Nonexistent Problem The Right - Like most government regulations, it’s unnecessary and counterproductive. Tyler Olson 7/25/2017
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Journalists Are Eroding Their Own Credibility The Right - Journalism is supposed to be about reporting facts not writing misleading stories about those one disagrees with politically. Tyler Olson 7/10/2017
Repeal the Seventeenth Amendment The Right - The House and Senate were always intended to serve different functions. Connor Mighell 7/8/2017