Senator Sam Nunn: Ensuring We Continue to Avoid Nuclear War The Left - Sam Nunn, Des Browne, Wolfgang Ischinger, and Igor Ivanov make their pitch for ensuring security in the Post–Cold War world. Senator Sam Nunn 3/14/2018
DA Larry Krasner’s Move to Not Require Cash Bail for Misdemeanors Is a Step In the Right Direction The Left - Wealth should not determine whether someone accused of a minor crime is free while they await their due process. Cassie Kuhn 3/10/2018
You’re Probably Not Actually a Libertarian The Left - Most college students claiming to be libertarians are actually just traditional conservatives misidentifying themselves. It’s because universities still take libertarian arguments seriously. Erich J. Prince 3/1/2018
The Importance of Transgender Representation in Politics The Left - The election of transgender politicians to public office can effectively mobilize transgender individuals to become more politically active and engaged in the political process. Adam Seltzer 2/23/2018
In Defense of the Term “Resistance” The Left - “Far from being a detriment to democracy, resistance to a dictator-lite like President Trump is essential to saving it.” Henry Glitz 2/21/2018
Conservative Reactions to Professor’s Autism Comments Are Hypocritical The Left - Conservative students display the very immaturity they accuse liberal students of. Duke University conservatives, the same people frequently advocating on behalf of “free speech,” demand a professor be punished for using language they find offensive. Henry Glitz 2/19/2018
The Pay Gap Is Real, but Blame Gender Roles The Left - Maybe the wage gap is not about sexism in the workplace. It probably has more to do with our society’s different expectations for men and women when it comes to childcare. Ashley Wang 2/17/2018
Harvard Economist: The Stunning Cost of the War on Drugs The Left - Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron argues that prohibition is among the worst policies for curbing “irrational” drug use. Jeffrey Miron 2/15/2018
Tough Schools or Tough Families? The Left - How do we fix our schools, particularly those in low-income neighborhoods?   Cassie Kuhn 2/11/2018
Left-Leaning Voice: Trump Is Right About VA Reform The Left - President Trump may be wrong on many things, but he is absolutely correct about reforming the Department of Veteran’s Affairs. Here’s why. Adam Seltzer 2/2/2018
Campus Reform’s Peddling of Misleading Claims Hurts Political Compromise The Left - Watchdog sites matter, but when they work to incite anger and remain unconcerned with reporting truthfully, they do more harm than good. Cassie Kuhn 1/28/2018
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