Incentivizing Sick People to Come to Work Spreads Illness The Left People should support labor policies such as paid time off based on nothing but concern for their own health and well-being. Vaughn Campbell 1/18/2018
Public Policy Expert: Political Engagement Is Key to “Climate Justice” The Left “Engaging with domestic politics is crucial to our collective response to global environmental change and other social justice issues.” Prakash Kashwan 1/9/2018
In Defense of the Term “Resistance” The Left “Far from being a detriment to democracy, resistance to a dictator-lite like President Trump is essential to saving it.” Henry Glitz 1/2/2018
Gov. Walker is Wrong on Mandatory Drug Testing The Left Requiring drug testing for welfare recipients may seem like a good idea on the surface, but in reality it is deeply immoral. Cassie Kuhn 12/23/2017
Bring Parole Back to Federal Prisons The Left Federal Prisons have not granted parole since 1987. It’s time to bring parole back. Cassie Kuhn 12/19/2017
What Is the Difference between ISIS and al-Qaeda? The Left Must ISIS be treated differently from the terrorist organizations of the past? Vaughn Campbell 12/18/2017
You’re Probably Not Actually a Libertarian The Left Most college students claiming to be libertarians are actually just traditional conservatives misidentifying themselves. It’s because universities still take libertarian arguments seriously. Erich J. Prince 11/18/2017
In the War on Poverty, Human Mobility is a Key Weapon The Left Some enthusiasts speculate that eliminating immigration restrictions could double global GDP. Eddie Ferrara 11/5/2017
The Limits of Legislating Morality The Left Yes, it is acceptable to legislate morality. But simply passing a law is not the end of the story.  Henry Glitz 10/20/2017
Tough Schools or Tough Families? The Left How do we fix our schools, particularly those in low-income neighborhoods?   Cassie Kuhn 10/15/2017
Senator Sam Nunn: Ensuring We Continue to Avoid Nuclear War The Left Sam Nunn, Des Browne, Wolfgang Ischinger, and Igor Ivanov make their pitch for ensuring security in the Post–Cold War world. Senator Sam Nunn 10/12/2017
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