Confederate Memorials Must Come Down The Left There is no reason to celebrate those who fought to preserve slavery. Cassie Kuhn 9/18/2017
Ending DACA is a Harmful Decision The Left   Is it right to endanger the well-being of 800,000 young adults? Adarsh Venkataraman 9/10/2017
The Hypocrisy of Conservatives Opposing the Dreamers The Left For Christian Trump voters, the decision must be at least a little awkward, as faith leaders across the country came out strongly against the decision to rescind DACA protections. Henry Glitz 9/7/2017
Mr. President, Talk Less The Left   Why a less-is-more approach might be best for the President. Connor Mighell 8/31/2017
Conservatives Have a Responsibility to Free Speech Also The Left Conservatives are as much of a threat to free speech as radical progressives. Henry Glitz 8/25/2017
The Truth about the Google Memo The Left James Damore’s memo is far from what the mainstream media has made it out to be. That said, alternative media sources are not necessarily right about it either. Joshua Trebuchon 8/23/2017
Opinion: Obama Earned His Own Holiday The Left Obama Day is far from the outrage conservatives have made it out to be (regardless of one’s stance on his politics). Adarsh Venkataraman 8/14/2017
Republicans are Setting a Dangerous Precedent in the Senate The Left Through the use of budget reconciliation, Senate Republicans are destroying traditional Senate standards, and it will come back to bite them. Amanda Wilcox 8/10/2017
The Limits of Legislating Morality The Left Yes, it is acceptable to legislate morality. But simply passing a law is not the end of the story.  Henry Glitz 8/7/2017
Are Trump’s Global Pro-Life Policies Causing More Harm than Good? The Left Is the Trump Administration putting millions of lives in danger in the name of being “pro-life”? Elisa Moore 8/1/2017
Bring Parole Back to Federal Prisons The Left Federal Prisons have not granted parole since 1987. It’s time to bring parole back. Cassie Kuhn 7/28/2017
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