From Theater Major to NYC Council: An Interview with Jumaane Williams The Left - “I changed my major from theater to film because, in many of my auditions, I was typecast as a drug dealer or a murderer, and that changed my perception of what people thought a black man was.” Erich J. Prince 4/23/2018
Public Schools Need Not Crash The Left - We may need to tap into music, sports, video games and even some street talents to reach some students. Steve Young 4/2/2018
The Important Role of States in Young Adults’ Mental Health The Left - Too many young adults take their own lives. The government needs to take responsibility for providing more resources instead of stripping them away. Adam Seltzer 3/26/2018
Senator Rand Paul Is Right to Criticize President Trump’s Appointees, But Is It Enough? The Left - He recently denounced high-profile nominees for supporting certain torture methods. Henry Glitz 3/20/2018
Senator Sam Nunn: Ensuring We Continue to Avoid Nuclear War The Left - Sam Nunn, Des Browne, Wolfgang Ischinger, and Igor Ivanov make their pitch for ensuring security in the Post–Cold War world. Senator Sam Nunn 3/14/2018
DA Larry Krasner’s Move to Not Require Cash Bail for Misdemeanors Is a Step In the Right Direction The Left - Wealth should not determine whether someone accused of a minor crime is free while they await their due process. Cassie Kuhn 3/10/2018
The Importance of Transgender Representation in Politics The Left - The election of transgender politicians to public office can effectively mobilize transgender individuals to become more politically active and engaged in the political process. Adam Seltzer 2/23/2018
In Defense of the Term “Resistance” The Left - “Far from being a detriment to democracy, resistance to a dictator-lite like President Trump is essential to saving it.” Henry Glitz 2/21/2018
Conservative Reactions to Professor’s Autism Comments Are Hypocritical The Left - Conservative students display the very immaturity they accuse liberal students of. Duke University conservatives, the same people frequently advocating on behalf of “free speech,” demand a professor be punished for using language they find offensive. Henry Glitz 2/19/2018
Harvard Economist: The Stunning Cost of the War on Drugs The Left - Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron argues that prohibition is among the worst policies for curbing “irrational” drug use. Jeffrey Miron 2/15/2018
Tough Schools or Tough Families? The Left - How do we fix our schools, particularly those in low-income neighborhoods?   Cassie Kuhn 2/11/2018
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