Editor’s Choice: The Top Five Merion West Articles of 2017 The Center - A look back on our editor’s choices for their favorite Merion West articles of 2017. Staff 12/30/2017
Want to Help Disabled People? Treat Them as Individuals The Center - Our human nature, something that is capable of cruelty or goodness, is something we all have in common, whether able or disabled. Henry George 12/29/2017
The Speech That Would Have Been Read If the Moon Landing Failed The Center - Did you know the Nixon Administration prepared a speech that would have been delivered if Apollo 11 had ended in disaster? Erich J. Prince 12/28/2017
2016 Presidential Candidate: Why Are We Not Investing in Anti-Aging? The Center - We have a healthcare system that does not believe that the normal human lifespan can or should be extended. Erich J. Prince 12/25/2017
ActBlue: Remaking Political Fundraising The Center - One organization you have probably never heard of has raised billions for progressive campaigns. Henri Mattila 12/11/2017
Can Polarization Be a Good Thing? The Center - A final positive consequence of polarization is that it slows down the government. Eddie Ferrara 12/7/2017
Forever in Vogue: Corruption in the Capitol The Center - From the Abscam days to the present, political corruption in America appears to be all but inescapable. It is a societal problem in need of correction. However, it must be solved on an individual level. Nicholas Tibollo 11/25/2017
Trump’s America: Anything But a Banana Republic The Center - Political repression is commonplace across the developing world. To maintain power, authoritarian rulers intimidate and imprison their competitors. Comparing Donald Trump to someone like Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe is inaccurate and unwarranted. Nicholas Tibollo 11/19/2017
Reasons to Be Skeptical of UBI The Center - While the idea has attracted fervent support from across the political spectrum, practical constraints keep it from being anything other than a utopian pipe dream. Eddie Ferrara 11/17/2017
From Crisis to Conspiracy: The 1979 Iran Hostage Situation The Center - The Iran Hostage Crisis introduced America to political Islam and helped usher in a new era of conservatism, but the lasting legacy of the ordeal remains linked to a fictitious scheme and human fallibility. Nicholas Tibollo 11/10/2017
Pepe the Frog: The Roots of a Symbol The Center - Opinion: This frog is the banner of the forgotten young male, with no place in the world. Alexander Blum 11/5/2017
Crickets on the Catwalk The Center - Former model discusses why fashion models have remained silent on the subject of sexual harassment. Bailey Ward 11/1/2017
It’s Time to End the Epidemic of Sexual Crime by Men in Power The Center - Ailes is dead. Weinstein is in rehab. Yet, the culture they thrived in remains intact. Aubrey Strobel 10/26/2017
We Need More Humane Prisons The Center - If the mark of a society is how it treats its most marginal, we need to do something about our prisons. Erich J. Prince 10/8/2017
Mighell: Require Constitutional Study in Public Schools The Center - The Constitution is still relevant today. We should expose more people to it, so they can make up their minds how they want it to be applied, rather than addressing government with minimal knowledge of how it works. Connor Mighell 10/1/2017
The Myth of Financial Deregulation in the U.S. The Center - Is it time to rethink some common assumptions about financial regulation? Levi Russell 9/28/2017
The Unintended Consequences of Regulation The Center -   Why the cost of regulation might offset the benefits. Levi Russell 9/15/2017
A Conservative and A Liberal Agree on Ending DACA The Center - Might ending DACA be a first step toward immigration reform? Connor Mighell and Andrew Smith 9/10/2017
Is the Media Honest (with Examples)? The Center - A nonpartisan look at a few stories peddled by the mainstream media. Mitchell Nemeth 9/4/2017
Rethinking Vocational Education The Center - Why a vocational education might be worth it Nicole Ault 9/1/2017
Censoring Spencer Only Makes Him Louder The Center - As an increasing number of universities take a stand against alt-right figures, perhaps it’s the wrong approach. Adam Barsouk 8/23/2017
Confederate Memorials Endorse Treason And Racism The Center - “Remember, we are all one country now. Dismiss from your mind all sectional feeling, and bring them up to be Americans.” Tony Black 8/21/2017
Is it Fair To Call Antifa ‘The Real Fascists’? The Center - They hope to attach to Antifa the same stigma as is attached to fascism. William Mann 8/19/2017
The Danger of Donating Clothes The Center - While charity is often considered the highest virtue, donating used clothes has the power to destroy the economies of developing nations. Rohan Batlanki 8/18/2017
The Pundits and Politicians Are Wrong About Healthcare The Center - Opinion: A change in perspective is necessary if we wish to get a handle on America’s healthcare problems. Zach Milne 8/16/2017
In Defense of Free Speech The Center - “Private sector freedom of speech has limits, nevertheless, the spirit of the First Amendment remains essential to a flourishing, free society.” Mitchell Nemeth 8/16/2017
Is Foreign Aid Actually Effective? The Center - Foreign aid has lifted millions of people out of poverty and tremendously improved diplomatic relations around the world. Elisa Moore 8/13/2017
The United States is No Longer a Government “Of the People” The Center - Businessmen, career politicians, and lawyers are incapable of effectively representing the interests of all Americans. Adam Barsouk 8/11/2017
The Solution To Health Care That Nobody Is Talking About The Center - Subsidizing preventative medicine would be more cost effective than what politicians are proposing. Mitchell Nemeth 8/11/2017
Merion West Interviews Zoltan Istvan, Candidate for Governor of CA The Center - Transhumanist and libertarian, Zoltan Istvan, discusses his vision for the state of California and why he believes he should be its governor. Erich J. Prince 8/7/2017
We Can (And Should) Legislate Morality The Center - We can legislate morality. We do it all the time. Connor Mighell 7/27/2017
Conservatives Should Oppose Trump’s Transgender Ban The Center - To deny someone the right to serve their country in this capacity is downright despicable. Joel Gillison 7/27/2017
Keep Money in Politics  The Center - Despite its critics, money in politics is a good thing. Campaign ads, especially negative ones, help voters make better-informed decisions. Connor Mighell 7/19/2017
Yes, Mr. President, Foreign Intelligence Is Different The Center - Former Congressman Bob Barr’s take on our current intelligence climate. Congressman Bob Barr 7/15/2017
North Korea: The Iron Curtain of Our Generation The Center - Can we do anything about the horrific human rights violations in North Korea? Alexa Boncimino 7/13/2017
The Truth about Opioids The Center - Combating an opioid epidemic of this scale is no small task, but there are solutions. Huan Tri Nguyen 7/12/2017
Michelle Carter Deserved Her Sentence The Center - The only so-called “freedom” an American citizen will lose from this verdict is the previously-unchallenged freedom to try your hardest to make those who love you die. Cassie Kuhn 6/22/2017
Did You Know Jefferson Davis Has a “Presidential Library” in Mississippi? The Center - Every President since Herbert Hoover has received an official, federally-funded presidential library. The only President of the Confederacy now has one too. But it’s supported by the State of Mississippi instead. Staff 6/21/2017
Decorum Is a Thing of the Past, Even in the Senate The Center - Nowadays even senators are stooping to freely using profanity. Joel Gillison 6/20/2017
What Do The UK Election Results Mean For Brexit and America? The Center - Will the results of the UK’s recent election trigger havoc for the American economy or will it foster more cooperation between two of the largest democracies in the world? Pranav Prakash 6/18/2017
Analysis: The Qatar Imbroglio The Center - Is there more to the situation in Qatar than immediately meets the eye? Pranav Prakash 6/10/2017
Harvard Memes Incident Is a Lesson for All of Us The Center - To loosely quote Babe Ruth from the movie The Sandlot, “Heroes get remembered, but screenshots never die.” Tyler Olson 6/8/2017
What is the Most Dangerous Global Hotspot? North Korea or the South China Sea? The Center - Analysis: Where is the likelihood of a nuclear confrontation greater? North Korea or the South China Sea? Pranav Prakash 6/7/2017
Centrist Former Member of Congress: We Need More Moderate Voters to Reduce Polarization The Center - Centrist Democrat Jason Altmire (D-Pa) outlines his vision for a less polarized future in which moderate voters participate more in primaries to ensure that fewer hardliners make it to Congress. Congressman Jason Altmire 6/6/2017
Terrorism Cannot Become an Excuse for Creating a Police State The Center - As scary as terrorism is, a war on civil liberties in the name of catching terrorists is not the answer. Tyler Olson 6/5/2017
Is India Really the “Rape Capital of the World”? The Center - Sexual assault is indeed a problem in India, but is rape actually more common in India than in the West? Social pressures, however, are a big factor in whether or not rapes are reported. Pranav Prakash 5/28/2017
An Interview with Dave Rubin: We need to Listen to One Another The Center - Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report discusses the left’s opposition to free speech, polarization, third party candidates, and finding common ground in an interview with Merion West. Erich J. Prince 5/25/2017
Why Won’t the United States Recognize the “Armenian Genocide”? Blame Geopolitics The Center - Both the United States and Israel refuse to say the words “Armenian Genocide.” Is this because they doubt whether the killings constitute a “genocide” or because of deference to Turkey, a crucial ally in the Middle East? Pranav Prakash 5/22/2017
This Yale Startup Is Changing the Job Recruitment Game The Center - Job-matching sites Internships.com and WayUp have a new competitor. Henri Mattila 5/12/2017
Why Are there No Skyscrapers between Midtown and the Financial District? The Center - Is there a better explanation than the traditional answer of bedrock? Some experts claim the origin of the gap in the skyline actually is more related to demographics and discrimination. Erich J. Prince 5/11/2017
Does the TSA Go too Far? The Center - Has the federal government not yet overstepped its boundaries when it uses radiation to strip-search its citizens each time they fly and frisks them as they go to football games? Erich J. Prince 5/10/2017
“The Quiltmaker’s Gift” and Living with Cerebral Palsy The Center - I live in a facility for people with disabilities called Inglis House in Philadelphia. Many young people visit my nursing home. To them, spending a day with me probably does not seem like a very big deal, but to me, it means everything. Thomas Nordeman 5/9/2017
The Power in Choosing Not to Run for Re-Election The Center - Members of Congress rarely decline to run for re-election. But might there be a special power in doing just that? Nikhil Kesarla 5/4/2017
The Power in Photographing Tragedy The Center - People often want to help others in the abstract but never quite get around to it. Can we use photography to encourage them to start helping? Erich J. Prince 4/29/2017
Enough with Knee-Jerk Evaluations of History The Center - If you ask someone for his favorite president, odds are he’ll tell you Lincoln or FDR. These are reasonable answer of course. But American history is interesting and complicated, and we should make an effort to look beyond the obvious. Staff 4/15/2017
The Loss of Intellectual Humility The Center - It’s amazing how unwilling people are to reconsider their beliefs, even in light of persuasive new evidence to the contrary. Here’s one answer of why. Erich J. Prince 4/14/2017
The Liberal Case for Markets The Center -   If liberals actually care about making poor people better off, then there is no better system for accomplishing this than the free market. Life expectancy in capitalist countries is much higher than in socialist or communist ones. James Paron 4/8/2017
Billy Joel is Right. Stop Telling Fans How to Think The Center - Fans are tired of celebrities assuming they can’t make informed political decisions for themselves. Staff 4/7/2017
It’s Easier than Ever to Buy Stocks—But That Doesn’t Mean You Should The Center - One Cornell business student explained: “All my friends love using Snapchat to communicate, and because I can’t see myself switching to any other app I think it’s a good investment.” I asked him what the company’s projected earnings are. He shrugged. Henri Mattila 3/30/2017
Language Tricks and the Term “Social Justice” The Center - One particularly effective strategy of using language for these purposes is to equate a policy with what is moral. Protesters in North Carolina, who opposed the policies of former Governor Pat McCrory referred to their demonstrations in the state capital as “Moral Mondays.” Proponents of abortion have labeled their position “Reproductive Rights.” Claiming that one’s […] Erich J. Prince 3/6/2017