A Limited Central Government Is Compatible with Community Living The Center A limited federal government does not preclude active local governments and close-knit communities. Deborah Wiseman 7/1/2017
Here’s What Senate Republicans Want to Do with Healthcare The Center Can Republican leadership get both the Senate’s conservative and moderate wings behind its new healthcare plan? Joel Gillison 6/23/2017
Singapore: A Great Economy But No Free Speech The Center Does Singapore’s lack of civil liberties have a relationship to its economic success? Avneesh Moghe 6/23/2017
Michelle Carter Deserved Her Sentence The Center The only so-called “freedom” an American citizen will lose from this verdict is the previously-unchallenged freedom to try your hardest to make those who love you die. Cassie Kuhn 6/22/2017
South Carolina’s Newcomer to Congress The Center Here’s what you need to know about Ralph Norman, the winner of the June 20th special election in South Carolina. Andrew Paul 6/22/2017
Decorum Is a Thing of the Past, Even in the Senate The Center Nowadays even senators are stooping to freely using profanity. Joel Gillison 6/20/2017
Let’s Return to Split-Ticket Voting and Divided Government The Center Maybe obstructionism and gridlock aren’t as bad as you think. Connor Mighell 6/19/2017
What Do The UK Election Results Mean For Brexit and America? The Center Will the results of the UK’s recent election trigger havoc for the American economy or will it foster more cooperation between two of the largest democracies in the world? Pranav Prakash 6/18/2017
ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi Is Reported to Have Been Killed The Center Russia reports that the leader of ISIS has been killed, although there is good reason to be suspicious of this claim. Nikhil Sridhar 6/16/2017
GOP Rep. Steve Scalise Shot at Baseball Game The Center What happened to Steve Scalise, House Majority Whip earlier this week? Sarah Smith 6/14/2017
Otto Is Coming Home The Center More than one year later, Otto Warmbier is freed from North Korea. But has he been in a coma the entire time? Alex Baltzegar 6/14/2017
Education Is Lagging in America. Is It Because of Bad Schools or Bad Kids? The Center Who’s to blame for America’s struggling education system? Is it the schools or the students themselves? Joel Gillison 6/13/2017
Analysis: The Qatar Imbroglio The Center Is there more to the situation in Qatar than immediately meets the eye? Pranav Prakash 6/10/2017
Recap: Mr. Comey’s June 8th Testimony The Center Did former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony earlier today put the Russia issue to rest? Alex Baltzegar 6/8/2017
Harvard Memes Incident Is a Lesson for All of Us The Center To loosely quote Babe Ruth from the movie The Sandlot, “Heroes get remembered, but screenshots never die.” Tyler Olson 6/8/2017
A Brief History of Christopher Wray The Center What’s most important to know about the President’s nominee for FBI Director? Dev Pant 6/8/2017
What is the Most Dangerous Global Hotspot? North Korea or the South China Sea? The Center Analysis: Where is the likelihood of a nuclear confrontation greater? North Korea or the South China Sea? Pranav Prakash 6/7/2017
Centrist Former Member of Congress: We Need More Moderate Voters to Reduce Polarization The Center Centrist Democrat Jason Altmire (D-Pa) outlines his vision for a less polarized future in which moderate voters participate more in primaries to ensure that fewer hardliners make it to Congress. Congressman Jason Altmire 6/6/2017
Doubling Down on Infrastructure: President Trump and Air Traffic Control The Center What can we expect from the President’s plan to privatize air traffic control? Alex Baltzegar 6/6/2017
Terrorism Cannot Become an Excuse for Creating a Police State The Center As scary as terrorism is, a war on civil liberties in the name of catching terrorists is not the answer. Tyler Olson 6/5/2017
Al Gore Condemns Trump’s Withdrawal from Paris Agreement The Center The former Vice President and environmental activist has harsh words for President Trump. Dev Pant 6/4/2017
A Plea for Solidarity in a Polarized, Divided America The Center Look no further than the vastly different television shows Americans watch in the Heartland vs. the Northeast to see how culturally divided the United States has become. America has been divided before, but can we build unity now in the age of Trump? Christian Aponte 5/30/2017
An Interview with Dave Rubin: We need to Listen to One Another The Center Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report discusses the left’s opposition to free speech, polarization, third party candidates, and finding common ground in an interview with Merion West. Staff 5/25/2017
Hillary Clinton, G. K. Butterfield, and the Estate Tax The Center Former chair of the Congressional Black Caucus G.K. Butterfield makes his pitch for the estate tax. Alex Baltzegar 5/22/2017
Why Won’t the United States Recognize the “Armenian Genocide”? Blame Geopolitics The Center Both the United States and Israel refuse to say the words “Armenian Genocide.” Is this because they doubt whether the killings constitute a “genocide” or because of deference to Turkey, a crucial ally in the Middle East? Pranav Prakash 5/22/2017
In North Carolina, Teachers Have to Take Second Jobs Just to Make Ends Meet The Center Teachers in North Carolina can’t support their families on their current wages. The Republican-controlled legislature and new Democratic Governor need to strike a deal to fix this. Christian Aponte 5/21/2017
Mr. Comey, You’re Fired The Center James Comey’s firing is not nearly as important as it’s been portrayed. It’s just another example of partisan politics.  Anson Knowles 5/17/2017
Winners and Losers of the Budget Deal The Center The mark of a good deal is both sides feeling mildly dissatisfied. Alex Baltzegar 5/6/2017
The Power in Choosing Not to Run for Re-Election The Center Members of Congress rarely decline to run for re-election. But might there be a special power in doing just that? Nikhil Kesarla 5/4/2017
Is Social Security Finally at the Brink of Crisis? The Center What can we do to make sure future generations have the same benefits when they retire as their parents and grandparents did? Christian Aponte 5/1/2017
Demonetizing India: Good Intentions, But Poorly Implemented The Center Going all digital in a cash-based society of 1.3 billion people wasn’t going to be easy, but some preparation would have helped. Parthav Shergill 4/26/2017
National Debt Problems Are as Old as the Constitution The Center Bellyaching about the national debt is nothing new. It was happening way back in 1789. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a major problem right now. Christian Aponte 4/20/2017
Opinion: Why India Remains Strangely Absent The Center When we discuss international crises such as the one taking place in Syria, we talk about China’s stance, the American position, the EU’s response. Why is India never on the scene? Parthav Shergill 4/15/2017
Enough with Knee-Jerk Evaluations of History The Center If you ask someone for his favorite president, odds are he’ll tell you Lincoln or FDR. These are reasonable answer of course. But American history is interesting and complicated, and we should make an effort to look beyond the obvious. Staff 4/15/2017
The Loss of Intellectual Humility The Center It’s amazing how unwilling people are to reconsider their beliefs, even in light of persuasive new evidence to the contrary. Here’s one answer of why. Erich J. Prince 4/14/2017
The Liberal Case for Markets The Center   If liberals actually care about making poor people better off, then there is no better system for accomplishing this than the free market. Life expectancy in capitalist countries is much higher than in socialist or communist ones. James Paron 4/8/2017
Billy Joel is Right. Stop Telling Fans How to Think The Center Fans are tired of celebrities assuming they can’t make informed political decisions for themselves. Staff 4/7/2017
Was Harry Truman Correct to Fear the CIA? The Center In a 1963 opinion piece for The Washington Post, President Truman wrote: “For some time I have been disturbed by the way CIA has been diverted from its original assignment. It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the Government.”   Proponents of such invasive surveillance programs often make the claim […] Nikhil Kesarla 3/20/2017
Is President Trump Responsible for the Dow’s Surge? The Center Confidence that Mr. Trump’s new policies will recharge corporate earnings has contributed to the rise of the S&P 500 by more than 8% and helped the Dow Jones Industrial Average to hit the much-anticipated 20,000 point threshold. Many economists and strategists for Wall Street banks are divided on the causes of the recent rally. The […] Elif Korkmaz 3/17/2017
Returning to a Less Fragmented America The Center What is fascinating about the phrasing in the advertisement is that it takes the social fragmentation as a given and proposes that an activist government can meet the American people halfway and patch together America’s social fabric. Even a competent government that is stacked and overflowing with experts cannot raise children better than healthy families […] Addison Merryman 3/17/2017
Remembering Kenneth Arrow The Center Perhaps in this new era of politics, where the arbitrary and the confused abound, Arrow and his wisdom are needed more than ever. Too bad he won’t be here to share it in person. On Tuesday, February 21, renowned economist and Nobel laureate Kenneth Arrow died at his home in Palo Alto. He was 95. Kenneth Arrow […] Hans Riess 3/3/2017
Forgiving Murderers The Center One of the most fundamental aspects of Christianity is a belief in the power of forgiveness, and it is time for all of us to realize this extends even to those who have committed horrible crimes. That is what Christianity is about: offering forgiveness even to those who seem like they could never be deserving […] Thomas Nordeman 2/22/2017
The Dangers of Yale Renaming Its History The Center People of Irish heritage might insist that the Seychelles rename its capital, Victoria, because its namesake queen reigned over the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland during the Irish famine, which resulted in the deaths of an estimated 1million people and was caused, in large part, by British grain import practices. History, by definition, […] Erich J. Prince 2/19/2017
EDITORIAL: #Deleteuber and Free Discourse News, The Center On February 13, the man behind the now-famous #DeleteUber Twitter movement, Dan O’Sullivan, was contacted by Merion West columnist Hans Riess requesting a comment for an article slated to come out on Friday. Mr. Riess’ article will focus on the 200,000 Uber accounts that were deleted in response to the #DeleteUber movement. Mr. O’Sullivan did not respond to […] Staff 2/15/2017
The Trump-Trudeau Sit-down News, The Center A once intimate President-PM relationship now sits more precariously than ever. With repellent taxes and anti-investment policies like these, who would choose Canada for their next business venture? Unless he can manage to at once defy his principles and please the Liberal base, Trudeau’s favourability is on track to deteriorate within the next three years. […] James Paron 2/10/2017
I’m a liberal, and I want Milo Yiannopoulos on my campus The Center In an era of severe distrust permeating campuses nationwide, one self-proclaimed liberal student calls for exchanges of respectful dialogue, not insults. Just last week, Breitbart News editor and public speaker Milo Yiannopoulos saw one of his speaking engagements canceled when a protest against him at UC Berkeley turned into a violent riot. Rioters broke windows […] Matt Teitelbaum 2/7/2017
Political hypersensitivity can be counterproductive The Center A columnist from Brown University shares his opinion on political hypersensitivity: The fear of being perceived as politically incorrect can make us hyper-aware of the ways in which we are different from those around us. Not only that, but our hesitancy to ask questions about people’s experiences and unreservedly interact with each other can make […] Eli Silvert 1/12/2017
Mr. Bush, Please Stop Charging $100,000 to Speak to Vets The Center For a former President who has promised to devote his retirement to helping veterans, Mr. Bush’s decision to charge $100,000 to deliver a speech to Helping a Hero charity and an additional $20,000 for a private jet is truly alarming. Another example of former politicians profiting while nominally “serving the people.” President Barack Obama when […] Staff 1/9/2017
Power Corrupts: The Case for Term Limits The Center Interestingly enough, a number of members of Congress who supported the 1995 term limit proposals remain in office today. Term limits may prove useful in disrupting the tendency to think in partisan lockstep, a phenomenon that results in the curious reality that nearly all Congressional Democrats should be convinced that climate change is the greatest […] Lucas Elek 1/4/2017
Editorial: Once Again, It’s Easy to Be Generous with Other People’s Money The Center How could someone say no to giving Mother Teresa a medal? Not a single member of the House, all of whom had voted to spend the taxpayers’ money to fund this award was willing to personally contribute $100 dollars of his own money. I oppose the Gold Medal for Mother Teresa Act because appropriating $30,000 […] Staff 12/22/2016
History and Its Ugly but Important Legacy The Center It is very important to honor the other more positive facets of Wilson’s legacy, and there is ideological and educational value in remembering his historical wrongs. Martin Luther King, Jr. — idealized as the quintessential civil rights activist — also once called a boy’s same-sex desires a “problem” that he had “to deal with” and […] James Flynn 12/22/2016
Yale Columnist: Beyond the Establishment The Center Trump represented a shift away from the incestuous incompetence that has plagued our government, media and universities for the last two decades. The establishment said that he will be a bad president. I’ve gotten used to betting against the establishment. The establishment has been beaten. And it feels good. Our University’s administrators, professors and students […] Karl Notturno 11/28/2016
Enough with the Name-calling The Center Through electing Donald Trump, I see the American people as having rejected the formerly popular strategy of using insults as a form of argument. It’s been a couple of weeks since the results of the Presidential Election were revealed. I, like many Americans, was shocked to hear that Donald Trump, the controversial and loud-mouthed political […] Hunter Michielson 11/23/2016
Coming Together Post-election The Center “We’re actually all on one team—this is an intramural scrimmage.” We may have been thousands of miles away from our homeland but we were united with our fellow Americans: awaiting the results of the election Tuesday night; in a small living room in some college kids’ apartment in Madrid, a group of about 40 students […] Katherine Berko 11/17/2016
Reflections at the End of Election Season The Center This note was sent today to our contributors, and we would like to share it with our readers as well. Dear friends, “In a revolutionary epoch, sometimes men taste every novelty, sicken of them all, and return to ancient principles so long disused that they seem refreshingly hearty when they are rediscovered.” At least that’s […] Staff 11/12/2016
Big Decisions. Only a Few Are Doing the Deciding. The Center Only 9% of United States citizens voted for either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the presidential primary, and only approximately 30% of residents of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. The remarkable thing about these numbers is that both of these decisions are incredibly impactful to virtually every single citizen of […] Hans Riess 10/19/2016
Reminder: Why the Economy Matters Business, The Center During this election cycle, it has become clear that Americans are more divided than at any other time in recent memory. Those who identify as Democrats are moving increasingly further to the left, as demonstrated by the unprecedented rise of a self-described socialist in the Democratic Party primaries. The Republicans are growing divided among themselves, as […] Henri Mattila 8/24/2016