An Interview with Aaron Spring The Right Aaron Spring, the Fordham student asked to leave a university coffee shop for wearing a “Make America Great Again Hat” answers whether businesses should be allowed to discriminate against people they disagree with politically and whether he would consider returning to the coffee shop. Erich J. Prince 12/15/2017
ActBlue: Remaking Political Fundraising The Center One organization you have probably never heard of has raised billions for progressive campaigns. Henri Mattila 12/11/2017
Is Ayn Rand Affecting Trump’s America? An Interview with Steve Simpson The Right “When people say things like “Trump is the Ayn Rand presidency,” that’s nonsense. She’s influenced the political right, but there’s a big gap between Objectivism and what many conservatives believe.” Alex Baltzegar 12/10/2017
Can Polarization Be a Good Thing? The Center A final positive consequence of polarization is that it slows down the government. Eddie Ferrara 12/7/2017
Forever in Vogue: Corruption in the Capitol The Center From the Abscam days to the present, political corruption in America appears to be all but inescapable. It is a societal problem in need of correction. However, it must be solved on an individual level. Nicholas Tibollo 11/25/2017
I’m Disabled, and I Despise Cultural Victimhood The Right As it currently stands, university campuses across the Western world are being eaten from the inside out – this is just an undeniable reality. Henry George 11/25/2017
Trump’s America: Anything But a Banana Republic The Center Political repression is commonplace across the developing world. To maintain power, authoritarian rulers intimidate and imprison their competitors. Comparing Donald Trump to someone like Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe is inaccurate and unwarranted. Nicholas Tibollo 11/19/2017
You’re Probably Not Actually a Libertarian The Left Most college students claiming to be libertarians are actually just traditional conservatives misidentifying themselves. It’s because universities still take libertarian arguments seriously. Erich J. Prince 11/18/2017
Correcting the Johnson Amendment Through Tax Reform The Right Congressman Jody Hice: “We need a permanent, legislative remedy that codifies broad corrections to the tax code by adhering to our Constitution and putting an end to the violation of these basic rights.” Rep. Jody Hice 11/18/2017
Reasons to Be Skeptical of UBI The Center While the idea has attracted fervent support from across the political spectrum, practical constraints keep it from being anything other than a utopian pipe dream. Eddie Ferrara 11/17/2017