Five in a Flash: October 5, 2017 Flash In today’s news: Marilou Danley, Trump visits Las Vegas, Niger, Rex Tillerson, Google, and Santa Claus. Connor Mighell 10/5/2017
The Current Economic State of Africa Business Africa is seeing growth without development. Parthav Shergill 10/5/2017
Five in a Flash: October 4, 2017 Flash In today’s news: bump stocks, Trump’s Puerto Rico visit, abortion, Catalonia, the Yahoo hack, and the MLB playoffs. Connor Mighell 10/4/2017
A Scientific Defense of Libertarianism The Right Libertarians should pride themselves as harboring the most consistent political philosophy. Adam Barsouk 10/3/2017
Five in a Flash: October 3, 2017 Flash In today’s news: Stephen Paddock, Kurdistan, the FDA, electric cars, Monday Night Football, and Egypt’s arms deal with North Korea. Connor Mighell 10/3/2017
Five in a Flash: October 2, 2017 Flash In today’s news: Las Vegas shootings, Puerto Rico, Catalonian independence, French terror attacks, the NFL, and the iPhone. Connor Mighell 10/2/2017
Mighell: Require Constitutional Study in Public Schools The Center The Constitution is still relevant today. We should expose more people to it, so they can make up their minds how they want it to be applied, rather than addressing government with minimal knowledge of how it works. Connor Mighell 10/1/2017
Five in a Flash – September 29, 2017 Flash In today’s news: Tom Price, Myanmar, sanctuary cities, the Whole Foods hack, Adam Silver, and college football. Connor Mighell 9/29/2017
Reasons to Be Skeptical of UBI The Center While the idea has attracted fervent support from across the political spectrum, practical constraints keep it from being anything other than a utopian pipe dream. Eddie Ferrara 9/28/2017
The Myth of Financial Deregulation in the U.S. Business Is it time to rethink some common assumptions about financial regulation? Levi Russell 9/28/2017
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