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Five Reasons to Boycott Ben & Jerry’s

David M. Warren/The Philadelphia Inquirer

From supporting cop killers to bankrolling abortion providers, buying Ben & Jerry’s should disturb your conscience.

Generally speaking, boycotting businesses over their political views is silly and ineffective, and I shrug at friends demanding boycotts for companies based on their investments or business practices. However, there are some businesses who hold views so startling that a boycott is a moral imperative. As someone who values life and human freedom, I find Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream to be so out of step with my values that I encourage others to avoid sending any money their way. Here are five reasons why you should not buy their ice cream:

5. Ben & Jerry’s was one of the main financial donors to the Occupy Wall Street movement. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield helped create the Movement Resource Group, which pledged $300,000 to the cause and planned to collect $1.5 million more. Occupy Wall Street, if you remember, was a campaign against “income inequality.” It was not, however, a peaceful campaign. One protester was arrested for breaking an EMT’s leg. They were notorious for committing crimes, allowing their protesters to commit up to three before reporting them to the police. Internally, there were so many allegations of rape and sexual assaults against OWS protesters that organizers were forced to set up female-only tents. Occupy Wall Street was a degenerate movement, and it was funded in part by your buying “chocolate milk & cookies.”

4. Ben and Jerry are avowed socialists. The ice cream company campaigned heavily against Hillary Clinton during the 2016 primary season. However, this was not because Mrs. Clinton was a terrible candidate; it was because she was not progressive enough. Ben & Jerry’s dedicated their company to supporting Bernie Sanders, the “democratic” socialist. Socialism, of course, is a philosophy that has killed around 100 million people. This is ironic coming from a pair whose company sold for $326 million back in 2000, an event that only transpired because of free market capitalism.

3. Ben and Jerry are a couple of hypocrites. For years, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream has railed against money in politics. “Keep the Dough In Ice Cream, Take it Out of Democracy” – their website slogan goes. Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield were arrested in 2016 for “unlawful demonstration activities,” while protesting with Democracy Spring, a group dedicated to fighting “big money” in politics. With all of this emphasis on the issue, you would think Ben and Jerry would not be pouring money into politics, right? Wrong. Ben and Jerry have donated a combined $51,550 to Democratic politicians, PACs, and the Democratic Party.

Ben & Jerry’s has also been heavily opposed to GMOs. Forget the fact that this is an anti-scientific stance, and that there is no evidence that GMOs have adverse effects on consumers. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream only recently rid themselves of GMOs in 2014, well after they began their public anti-GMO campaign. They were also sued in 2012 for falsely labeling their products “All Natural.”

2. Ben & Jerry’s donates heavily to abortion providers like Planned Parenthood. Ben & Jerry’s parent company, Unilever, is listed as a company that matches donations to Planned Parenthood, an organization that provided 323,999 abortions in 2014. Unilever is  also “a corporate partner of Population Services International (PSI), a worldwide organization that promotes and provides abortions,” according to 2ndVote. Unilever donates to several other pro-abortion outlets, including Girls Inc. If you want to help subsidize abortion providers, buy Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

1. Ben & Jerry’s supports convicted murderer Mumia Abu-Jamal, who was sentenced to death for killing Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner in cold blood. Daniel “Danny” Faulkner, a 25 year old Philadelphia police officer and U.S. Army veterans, was shot dead by Abu-Jamal, a militant Black Panther. The young officer, who was working towards a degree in criminal justice at the time and a five year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department, left behind a young wife, Maureen.

Nevertheless, Ben & Jerry’s, a few misguided celebrities, and even a small number of members of the U.S. Congress believe that this cop killer got an unfair trial and support the release of this deranged person who murdered a young Philadelphia police officer. Fortunately, other police officers such as Philadelphia cop Al Kukler have led an effort to boycott the ice cream outfit, and the City of Philadelphia has honored Officer Faulkner by renaming a stretch of Roosevelt Boulevard, one of the major thoroughfares of the City, in his honor.

Alex Baltzegar is a contributor at Merion West, where he writes about American politics. His columns generally address issues of particular interest to Merion West’s more conservative readers. Originally from California, Alex now lives in North Carolina.

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