Five in a Flash: October 3, 2017

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In today’s news: Stephen Paddock, Kurdistan, the FDA, electric cars, Monday Night Football, and Egypt’s arms deal with North Korea.


A profile of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock (CNN) – “The last time Eric Paddock heard from his brother, Stephen Paddock had texted to find out how their 90-year-old mother was doing. It was mid-September and Hurricane Irma had cut power in the Orlando, Florida, neighborhood where she lived. Stephen Paddock, who lived in Nevada, followed up with a call to their mother. Later, he sent her a walker to help her get around, Eric Paddock said. About two weeks after the text, 64-year-old Stephen Paddock would be dead of a self-inflicted gun shot after police say he opened fire on a country music festival in Las Vegas.”

Iran sends tanks to border with Iraq’s Kurdish region (Reuters) – “Iran deployed a dozen tanks supported by artillery at its border with Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region on Monday, a Kurdish official said, adding that the move was a dangerous escalation in the crisis triggered by Iraqi Kurdistan’s independence vote. . . . Iraq’s Kurds overwhelmingly voted for independence in a referendum held one week ago, defying the central government in Baghdad as well as neighboring Turkey and Iran, which fear Kurdish separatism within their own borders.”

FDA acts to encourage generic competition for complex drugs (Denver Post / AP) – “Complex drugs and drug-device combinations generally are very expensive and some are widely used. Often, they don’t get generic competition right after their patent expires, as happens routinely with pills. Difficulty in creating copies or near-copies of such drugs and getting them approved may deter generic companies from even trying, FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb wrote in a blog post. That means patients don’t get access to cheaper versions of those drugs and the brand-name medicine makers continue to rake in money, often billions of dollars a year per drug. To get more generic versions of complex drugs on the market, the FDA will begin giving companies guidance on how to win approvals, including offering meetings with agency staff early on, to shorten the time for development and approval.”

GM plans 20 all-electric models by 2023 (Bloomberg) – “The largest U.S. automaker, which generates most of its profit with large sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks, plans to have a lineup of both battery-powered cars and hydrogen fuel-cell autos, which also run on electricity. Two new EVs will debut in the next 18 months to follow the Chevrolet Bolt that’s been on sale for less than a year. . . . China, GM’s largest market globally, is moving to cap carbon emissions by 2030, which means automakers will need battery-powered vehicles for the market.”

Butker’s field goals send Chiefs to 29-20 win over Redskins (ESPN / AP) – “Butker responded to his first-half miss Monday night by drilling three field goals in the second half, the last a go-ahead 43-yarder with 8 seconds remaining that helped Kansas City beat the Washington Redskins 29-20 and remain the only unbeaten team in the NFL. . . . The last time there was only one unbeaten team through the first four weeks of the season was 2010, when the Chiefs were the final team standing. They went on to win the AFC West.”


Egypt ordered 30,000 weapons from North Korea (Washington Post) – “[Customs agents] swarmed the vessel and discovered, concealed under bins of iron ore, a cache of more than 30,000 rocket-propelled grenades. It was, as a United Nations report later concluded, the ‘largest seizure of ammunition in the history of sanctions against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.’ But who were the rockets for? The Jie Shun’s final secret would take months to resolve and would yield perhaps the biggest surprise of all: The buyers were the Egyptians themselves.”

RIP: rock legend Tom Petty, dead at 66 (Rolling Stone)

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