Five in a Flash – September 27, 2017

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In today’s news: Roy Moore, health insurance reform, the DEA, Puerto Rico, Equifax, and Twitter.


Roy Moore wins Alabama Senate GOP primary runoff (CNN) – “Moore’s win is sending shockwaves through the GOP establishment – including at the White House, where President Donald Trump had poured his own political capital into helping Strange survive. . . . ‘We have to return the knowledge of God and the Constitution of the United States to the United States Congress,’ Moore said. ‘I believe we can make America great, but we must make America good,’ he said. ‘And we cannot make America good without acknowledging the sovereign source of that goodness . . . which is almighty God.'”

Senate GOP abandons latest effort to unwind the Affordable Care Act (Washington Post) – “Senate Republican leaders on Tuesday abandoned their latest campaign to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, conceding that their plan lacked key support. But they showed little interest in moving swiftly to shore up the seven-year-old law with the crucial funding it needs. . . . The Senate leaders said they would turn their attention to their next major legislative undertaking. ‘Where we go from here is tax reform,’ Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told reporters after holding a closed-door policy lunch with members of his caucus.”

Acting DEA chief Chuck Rosenberg to step down; Rick Fuentes under consideration (USA Today) – “Rosenberg, a long-time Justice Department official who also served as a two-time U.S. attorney and a chief of staff to former FBI Director James Comey, was appointed slightly more than two years following a series of scandals that forced the ouster of embattled administrator Michele Leonhart. . . . A holdover from the Obama administration, Rosenberg’s departure was not unexpected.”

Trump says he will visit Puerto Rico next Tuesday, promises to help (Reuters) – “‘Puerto Rico needs a lot of money,’ Trump told reporters at the White House. ‘We’ve worked very, very hard in Puerto Rico. It’s very tough because it’s an island. . . . We’re doing a really good job. We have shipped massive amounts of food and water and supplies to Puerto Rico and we are continuing to do it on an hourly basis.'”

Equifax CEO departs, forgoes bonus after massive data breach (US News / Reuters) – “[Equifax CEO Richard] Smith’s departure is the latest development following Equifax’s Sept. 7 disclosure of the breach, which has prompted investigations by multiple federal and state agencies, including a criminal probe by the U.S. Department of Justice. Some observers said the move was a positive first step, though several U.S. senators looking into the cyber attack said the departure failed to remedy damage to the up to 143 million Americans whose data was compromised.”


Twitter to let some break 140-character limit in tweet test (Bloomberg) – “The test announced Tuesday will let users send tweets with as many as 280 characters. Lengthening the character limit may result in more engaging conversation on the platform, helping its bid to turn itself into a destination for live events and discussion. It includes all languages except Japanese, Korean and Chinese.”


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Connor Mighell is a third-year law student at the University of Alabama School of Law with an undergraduate degree in Political Philosophy from Baylor University. He is a contributor at Merion West and the curator of "Five in a Flash," a weekday newsletter. His work has been featured at The Federalist, SB Nation, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Hill, The Dallas Morning News, and The New Americana.

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