Five in a Flash – September 11, 2017

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In today’s news: Hurricane Irma, Steve Bannon, U.N. sanctions, the NFL, Miss America, and Antarctic caves.


Millions waking up without power as Hurricane Irma belts Florida (CNN) – “Millions of people from coast to coast in Florida are waking up without power Monday as Hurricane Irma rumbles north, spurring slashing gusts of wind, pounding rain and perilous storm surge. . . . The storm left more than 5.7 million customers without power and littered the state with downed trees, downed power lines and standing water. Emergency crews made rescues throughout the night. The storm is plowing into Georgia and others parts of the Deep South – Alabama, Tennessee and the Carolinas – bringing the danger of life-threatening storm surge and hazardous winds.”

Breitbart’s Bannon declares war on the GOP (CBS News) – A 60 Minutes interview with the former Trump administration staffer. “‘In the 48 hours after we won, there’s a fundamental decision that was made. You might call it the original sin of the administration. We embraced the establishment. I mean, we totally embraced the establishment. I think in President Trump’s mind, or President-elect Trump’s mind, in Jared’s mind, in the family’s mind, I actually agreed with the decision. ‘Cause ya had to staff a government.'”

U.N. Security Council to vote Monday on weakened North Korea sanctions (Reuters) – “The U.N. Security Council is set to vote on Monday on a watered-down U.S.-drafted resolution to impose new sanctions on North Korea over its latest nuclear test, diplomats said, but it was unclear whether China and Russia would support it. North Korea warned the United States that it would pay a ‘due price’ for spearheading efforts for fresh sanctions for this month’s nuclear test, which followed a series of test missile launches, all in defiance of U.N. sanctions.”

NFL: Raiders get an ‘A’ for unusual win, Bengals a ‘D’ for Dalton (CBS Sports) – “Signing a 27-year-old kicker – who’s never played in a regular season game – less than 24 hours before your regular opener isn’t something that usually works out for you, but it definitely worked out for the Raiders on Sunday. New kicker Giorgio Tavecchio, who spent time in six NFL training camps over the past five seasons before finally getting a shot to play this week, was the star of the game for Oakland. The former Cal kicker went 4 for 4 on the day, hitting field goals from 20, 52, 52 and 43 yards in the win.”

Miss North Dakota wins the Miss America pageant for the first time in history (Washington Post) – “Continuing the year of surprise conclusions during live TV events, Miss North Dakota, Cara Mund, won the Miss America pageant Sunday night, the first time in the show’s nearly 100-year history that the state has claimed the prize. Mund, a 23-year-old Brown University graduate whose dream is to be the first female governor of North Dakota, reminded the audience about her state’s lack of pageant victories. By the time she advanced to the Q&A portion and was asked about the No. 1 item on her bucket list, Mund reiterated it once again. ‘Honestly? It was to get to Miss America and make it past the Top 10,’ Mund said.”


Is there life beneath the ice? Antarctica’s mysterious caves (NZ Herald) – “Hidden beneath the surface of the coldest, driest, windiest continent lie mysterious caves – some so warm, you could comfortably wear a T-shirt within them. Now, a team of scientists has revealed evidence that animals and plants might exist in these extensive cave systems that have been hollowed out around Mt Erebus on Antarctica’s Ross Island, the home of New Zealand’s Scott Base.”


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