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Iowa Voice: Don’t Misunderstand Middle America

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The majority of people in the Midwest and South are not the bigots the mainstream media has made them out to be.

On the night of the 2016 Election, after it was announced that Donald Trump had won the presidency, CNN commentator Van Jones remarked that Trump’s win was a “whitelash” against a “changing country.”

Jones blamed the apparent scores of racist Americans, all of whom are white in his mind, and inadvertently showed why the most unpopular GOP candidate of American political history had won the office of the most powerful nation on earth.

The mainstream media’s open season on anyone supporting candidate Trump became an extended mission once it was clear that an inexperienced politician with a candid way of speaking had been chosen over the mainstream media’s choice, Hillary Clinton.

However, Donald Trump didn’t win because of white, racist Americans; he won because the overlooked “flyover states” had enough of establishment politicians talking at them—not to them.

The media elites, which include Hollywood actors and actresses tweeting about their despair for America in electing someone they deem racist, sexist, and homophobic despite having no solid evidence whatsoever, falls completely flat for people in the Midwest and South.

For middle America, Trump’s speeches about building a wall and holding a travel ban against Muslim majority countries were not controversial; it was a common sense proposal in order to protect the country from illegal immigration and possible terrorism. These folks from the “flyover states” see reports from Europe of what has really happened after taking in thousands of refugees; they don’t want America to face the same consequences of cultural clashes and terrorism.

Are there racist, sexist, and homophobic people in these states? Of course, just as there are in every state in this country. It is an unfortunate and unavoidable fact of life, but to put these labels on all people in flyover states is not only despicable but completely wrong. There are people with discriminatory beliefs on the East and West coast, but the media doesn’t fault the rest of the good, hardworking people with guilt by association.

The general public of the flyover states does not feel sympathy for those at the top of the social class pyramid; they do not care about who is on TV reading the news or who will star in the next round of Hollywood movies. They care about jobs, defense, and healthcare.

Hillary Clinton lost and suddenly the liberal elites of Hollywood and the mainstream media want to remove the Electoral College, when her loss actually had nothing to do with America’s voting system and all to do with language.

Andrew Breitbart, creator of Breitbart media and a prominent speaker at Tea Party rallies, often called out the mainstream media during the Obama years for shifting the narrative and labeling any dissenting voices as racist.

When the Midwest and South are angry about how the country is being run by Washington D.C., they are made out to be the worst of society.

Keith Olbermann, who in multiple segments of his GQ show The Resistance, claims in his monologues that all Trump voters are ignorant white people who hate everyone that are different from them.

Olbermann, among other liberal elites in the media, repeats over and over that “Make America Great Again” translates to “Make America White Again,” despite the fact that Donald Trump had more minorities voting for him than any other Republican candidate for president in history.

His campaign slogan does not mean repeat the past cruelties of racial and gender inequality, but to bring back the patriotic past the goal of a livable income, a house, a family, a safe environment and include everyone this time around: the way it should be for all people to believe in the American Dream once again.

This election was not a “whitelash,” but a buildup of average, hardworking, blue collar voters that were mocked in the media if they did not agree with the Democrats, and given empty promises by establishment Republicans.

President Trump is not well-spoken or always the most professional, but the people of the Midwest and South don’t care about those things; they just want a leader that can talk to them as if they matter, and that is what Donald Trump did during his time as a candidate. However, the media preferred to focus solely on his comedic mannerisms and labeled him as a dangerous candidate.

As Trump said in his West Virginia rally on August 3, 2017:

“We can do anything, we can build anything and we can dream anything. We share one home and one glorious destiny. Whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood. We all salute that same great American flag. And we are all made by the same almighty God. As long as we remember these truths, as long as we remember who we are and what we are fighting for, we will never fail.”

Hillary Clinton called his supporters the “basket of deplorables,” but would truly deplorable people cheer on a president that talks about an America for people of all backgrounds?

The crowd cheered throughout this speech, and that’s because the majority of people in the Midwest and South are not the bigots the mainstream media has made them out to be for years. They are average people that care about America’s safety and want to provide for citizens of this nation first, rather than illegal immigrants and others who break the law.

Now that the Midwest and South have proved that their voices matter, perhaps the media can do more listening rather than labeling entire groups of people based on their geographic location and differing political views from that of the mainstream.

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