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Is Multiculturalism Dangerous?

Multiculturalism might sound like a good idea in theory, but it doesn’t work in practice.

The modern Western world lives with an unprecedented degree of freedom in the context of human history. Virtually every Western nation has freedom of speech, the freedom to petition one’s government, and reside in relatively peaceful and stable democracies. This is the culmination of centuries of values, philosophy, and culture that have combined to produce this marvelous civilization.

What many citizens of the West fail to realize, or perhaps willfully ignore, is that much of the world lives with norms and values that we would regard as draconian and regressive.

In Morocco, a 2004 Pew study found that some 40% of Muslims in the country believe suicide bombing attacks that target civilians are “often or sometimes” justified. Pew also found that over 90% of Muslims in Morocco, Tunisia, and Iraq (all three countries have populations that are almost completely Islamic) believe that women must always obey their husbands. Moreover, 84% of Pakistani Muslims believe that Sharia law should be the supreme law of the land, and among Muslims in African nations, this idea polls at greater than ⅔ in nearly every case.

Gay marriage is something that is largely accepted, or at least tolerated, throughout the West. What about in other parts of the world? With the exception of a few countries, homosexuality is completely illegal across Africa and the Middle East, and is punishable by death in Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, Iran, Afghanistan, and Nigeria.

Even though not every person from these countries agrees with this punishment, it certainly gives us a good idea of where the Overton window lies on some of these issues.

These alarming figures only serve to underscore that the secular, humanist values that make our lives in the Western world safe and enjoyable, are in no way the global consensus. Our lifestyle is the exception, not the rule.

It should surprise no one, that when immigrants from these third-world nations are not required to assimilate to Western society, these backwards attitudes linger.

A survey from the Czech Republic-based European Values think tank shows that nearly 75% of French Muslims believe Sharia Law should be the main or only source of law in France. According to the Gatestone Institute, only 34% of British Muslims would contact authorities if somebody they knew was becoming involved with jihadists, and according to Pew Research, 42% of Muslims aged 18-29 in France find suicide bombings “always” justified. Equally as troubling, research from the University of Amsterdam finds that 11% of Muslims in the Netherlands support the use of violence in the name of Islam. That is 100,000 people in a country of seventeen million.

Whether or not immigrants from these cultures can properly integrate into a Western democracy is an entirely different debate, but we most certainly should not, through multiculturalism, be actively fostering these sentiments in our own country.

Lack of assimilation manifests itself in more than just statistics. Recall the gruesome November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, in which 130 civilians were massacred. Five of the nine perpetrators (including the mastermind behind the attack) were born on the European continent, though grew up in Islamic enclaves of European cities. As a result, they never actually fit into their home countries, and were so disenchanted and filled with hate that they carried out this horrific attack on innocent civilians.

Moreover, two of the suspects fled the scene of the attacks, triggering a months-long manhunt across Europe. One of them was eventually captured after 126 days on the run in Molenbeek, Belgium – suburb of Brussels that has become largely Islamic. There, as the most wanted fugitive in Europe, he walked openly in the streets (some even say his identity was known to passersby), and when he was finally arrested, The Daily Mail reported that an angry mob accosted the police forces on scene and attacked journalists.

How many lives are we willing to sacrifice on the altar of multiculturalism before this stops?

This stunning example does not account for the daily sexual assaults on innocent people. Remember what happened in 2015 on New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany? In one night, over a thousand women were sexually assaulted at various public New Year’s celebrations, and according to police, virtually all of the suspects were North African or Middle Eastern men posing as refugees. These types of attacks are now relatively commonplace across European villages and cities.

I am not saying that Western cultures do not normally have rapes and assaults. But why on earth would we recklessly exacerbate this problem, and put Western women in unnecessary danger in their own countries?

It is the lifestyle of the country to which an immigrant is moving that created the desirable incentives for such a journey in the first place. It is apparent that certain cultures are incompatible, and people immigrating to a free and tolerant society should either respect and adhere to those values, or not be able to come.

There are undoubtedly unique and intriguing aspects of different cultures, such as different music, foods, and celebrations. However, none of those things pose an existential threat to liberal societies. We must ask ourselves this: Is exposure to different customs worth the myriad of other ramifications that will invariably come with a deluge of third-world immigration, free of requests that these newcomers respect and conform to our way of life?

Africa’s population is expected to reach as high as four billion by the end of the century, and surveys showing as many as ⅓ of Africans would like to migrate permanently, with Europe and the United States listed as their primary destinations. We must not succumb to political correctness if we wish to be a free and prosperous people, for many of the values from other parts of the world are cancerous. We cannot sacrifice our cherished norms for the sake of being permissive and “avant-garde,” for it is every citizen’s right to live in a society where they feel safe and comfortable. Most importantly, we should not be afraid to fiercely defend the merits of the civilization which our ancestors built and perfected with centuries of work, and which has afforded us unprecedented freedom, safety, opportunity, wealth, and quality of life.