Tony Bennett Turns 91

Image via Billboard

Tony Bennett, known for his crooning, mellow voice, turns 91 today. 

Anthony Dominick Benedetto, as he was named at birth, has had a long successful career. He even performed with Lady Gaga in 2014 for their, “Cheek to Cheek Live” and reached number one on the billboard. He has performed at the Rose Theater, and even the Grand Palace of Brussels in Belgium. Benedetto has won nineteen Grammy Awards, and even founded an academy for the arts which he named after his inspiration, Frank Sinatra. 

However, things were not always rosy for him, as he struggled with a cocaine addiction in the mid-1960s to the late 1970s. His son, however, discovered he had a mind for business and became his father’s manager. Fortunately, in the early nineties he reached audiences no one ever imagined he would appeal to – young adults (rave and disco music were becoming popular). The young people of the nineties had great taste. Kudos to Tony Bennett on his birthday.

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